Must-know things to get the best upload speed for Twitch livestreaming

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Focusing on gaming and eSport streaming, Twitch has become one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world.

There are nearly 30 million daily active users on Twitch, according to its report.

This is a really good platform to broadcast your streams and earn donate. 

However, to broadcast a good stream, your upload speed must be fast enough. What is the best upload speed for Twitch? How to make your upload speed faster?

Keep reading the article.

Recommended upload speed for streaming on Twitch

Livestreaming on Twitch 

Download vs upload speed

To live stream on Twitch, you need a good upload speed. But what is a normal upload speed?

You will need to distinguish between download and upload speed first. 

Downloading dedicates to activities getting data from the Internet to your device while uploading means sending data from your device to the Internet.

Two online types of online activities have converse transferring way. 

Upload speeds matter in livestreaming

While you are livestreaming, you are taking uploading data.

Images/ videos which are broadcasting will be delivered from your home network to video servers elsewhere on the internet.  

Because most internet service providers (ISPs) don't show upload speeds as prominently as they do download speeds (your advertised internet speed refers to your download speed), it might be difficult to assess. 

The majority of online activities consume more downloading data than uploading. Just when you conduct video calls, live streams, broadcast facebook live,..., you need Mbps upload speed. 

Live streaming platforms require good upload speed for a stable stream

As a result, most internet connections have an average internet upload speed that is substantially slower than download speed.

Upload speed might also be various, take an upload speed test to measure it. 

That said, you need a good internet upload speed to have a good stream.

If you broadcast a stream and play an online game at the same time, make sure you also have enough download speed to get a seamless experience. 

Live Stream versus Stream


It’s an alternative to downloading that needs a specific streaming client and a special streaming server, both of which speak a particular streaming protocol.

When you stream video, the streaming client (HTML5 Video, Flash, VLC) connects to the streaming server (VideoLAN, Red5, Wowza.) over a streaming protocol (RTSP) and requests that the streaming begin. 

Stream is an alternative to downloading

The server will then send the media file (usually an MP4 or similar file) to the client over time.

The client may start playing the media file as it is downloading/streaming from the server, rather than having to wait for the entire file to download first.

However, with traditional streaming, the whole MP4 (or similar file) file is available to the media server before the client connects to it and requests a stream.


Streaming is somewhat similar, except that the MP4 file (or equivalent) is a "live" stream being captured in real-time.

Consider the use of a camera or streaming software. Or a website that broadcasts a live athletic event.

Or listen to a podcast. When the media server receives a request to stream an MP4, the MP4 is still being created.

Livestreaming is a "live" stream being captured in real-time

That’s the definition of a “live” stream and a stream. Basically, you are able to get the main difference between them as below:

  • Streaming: material is generated, edited, and kept on a server; when a client requests content, the server responds ( pre-recorded videos). That time Internet users take up downloading data.

  • Live Streaming: The server observes content and immediately (without any modification) transfers it to clients connected to that server. At that time, the majority of uploading data is consumed. 

Watch Stream vs Broadcast Livestream

What do I need to broadcast streams on Twitch?

It’s quite easy to Livestream on Twitch. Not only fast internet speeds but you also need to prepare some necessary equipment.

A solid computer/ smartphone

With some streaming services, a smartphone can be good assistance for you.

However, Twitch streaming is often playing-game stream so that streamers use gaming laptops or PC.

That time, they are able to stream on Twitch with a video game console.

Look at stream key points Twitch recommends:

  • Intel Core i5-4670 processor (or its AMD equivalent)

  • 8GB of RAM 

  • Windows 7 or newer or Mac

Stream key: a solid PC

This may appear difficult, but many of these are standard requirements for new desktop systems.

And if you have an older computer that doesn't satisfy these requirements, you may still broadcast on Twitch - the stream quality will just not be as smooth stream as it would be with a newer machine.

Most experts prefer broadcasting on Twitch from a desktop computer, however utilizing a recent laptop is also possible. 

Twitch account

Setting up your Twitch account allows you to exercise some of your creative muscles.

Simply go to to create a free account and begin customizing your profile with an avatar, banner, and special interests.

It's also an excellent opportunity to discover and add any Twitch friends.

Besides, you can follow some famous Twitch streamers that can be potential abundant idea resources for you. 

Create Twitch account

Fast internet connection

The quicker your internet connection, the better your Twitch streaming experience.

As mentioned above, Livestream on Twitch requires lots of upload bandwidth but download speed is also essential.

Looking at recommended upload speed in another part of the article.

Download streaming software

You may broadcast your games on Twitch using streaming software.

There are several alternatives available to you here. Fortunately, most of them are free.








OBS Project



Xsplit Gamecaster




Elgato Game Capture

Live Gamer Extreme

Light Stream


Data from


All of these firms provide a free version of their streaming software, with premium licenses available for optional features such as more inputs and greater video resolution.

We recommend trying out a few before committing, but the most popular option by far is OBS Project.

Microphone and camera

While you can take advantage of the microphone and camera integrated into your computer in most circumstances, professional streamers advise investing in extra equipment.

Consider using Samsung G-Track Pro microphone, Zalman Zm-Mic1.

Moreover, you should prepare an extra camera to get a more professional look with Logitech C920 HD Proas or Microsoft LifeCam for narrow finance. 

Prepare a microphone and camera for livestreaming

What is a good upload speed for Twitch?

What is a good upload speed? To stream good video quality on Twitch as well as other multiple platforms using modest settings, you'll need at least 3 - 6 Mbps (Megabits per second) average upload speed.

If your upload rate is slower, you may need to update your internet plan.

Most home internet connections — and even mobile — can satisfy that minimum internet speed requirement.

The average upload speed in the United States is 48.55 Mbps for fixed broadband or residential connections, and 10.90 Mbps for mobile, according to Speedtest’s report.

However, there are still factors affecting these upload speed requirements.

The number of devices connecting to the same connection can make slower connections.

If you want to start streaming with better quality, here is recommended minimum upload speed. 

Mbps upload speed

0.5 Mbps

2 Mbps

3 Mbps

8 Mbps

Ideal Bitrate

  • 250-400 bitrate for video

  • 96 bitrate for audio

  • 1100-1650 bitrate for video

  • 120 bitrate for audio

  • 1800-2600 bitrate for video

  • 160 bitrate for audio

  • 2800-6000 bitrate for video

  • 320 bitrate for audio

Resolution, fps

320p 30 FPS

480p 60 FPS

720p 30 FPS

720p 60 FPS

Potential issues

A quite stable internet connection 

Stutters, and severe Compression artifacts

Compression artifacts

Sometimes experience potential for hiccups 

Other info

Only one Internet user

There should be only one user

Several users

Multiple users

Data from 


  • The amount of video data transferred in a given time period is referred to as the video bitrate. Your high resolution and high frame rate video will not seem as well as it might if you don't have a high bitrate.

  • The frame rate is the frequency at which a sequence of frames or images may be shown on a display panel. This frequency is often expressed as frames per second (fps)

What is a good connection speed upload for PS4 or what is a good upload speed for streaming?

These recommended speeds are just estimated numbers.

It is better to get more and more internet bandwidth and higher bitrate to stream smoothly.

Moreover, the type of network connections also impacts the experience of Livestream. Which one is suitable for you?

Let’s move to the next interesting part. 

Best types of internet connection for live-streaming

Among plenty choices of network connection such as wired connection, fiber optic internet, satellite internet, or ethernet cable, which one is your current connection type? 

DSL and satellite connections are often too slow and unstable for streamers, so you'll need either cable or fiber internet.

Although cable and fiber have almost equal download speeds, they differ significantly in upload speeds.

Cable connections may reach upload rates ranging from 5 Mbps to 50 Mbps, the maximum cable plans can support HD streaming.

However, Cable tends to be slower during peak hours, so unless you stream late at night, you may prepare for the drop frames, interrupted streams.

Cable internet is fine to live stream but sometimes drop, interrupted connection

On the other hand, Fiber optics seem to be a great choice for you.

It provides symmetrical download and upload speed which means that if your network has 1Gbps speed, both specs will get the exact same rates. 

Also, Fiber is a good internet connection providing you a stable connection as well as less vulnerable.

Even you watch twitch streams or live Twitch stream, it is still ideal. 

Can use 3G to live stream on Twitch?

Of course, you are able to use 3G or mother mobile connection types to live stream on Twitch but there are some limitations.

Streaming is a bandwidth hog, that will digest lots of your data. It is also prone to packet loss and speed fluctuations over time, resulting in stuttering, buffering, frame dropouts, and corrupt frames.

Both 4G and 5 G having an upper limit than 3G can be less affected even though both easily get the same concerns

Let’s look at the table of mobile network connection types in ideal conditions, according to Lifewire’s data

Connection Type

Download Speed

Upload Speed

Rec. bitrate



7.2 Mbps

2 Mbps


480p 30 fps


42 Mbps

22 Mbps


720p 60 fps


150 Mbps

50 Mbps


720p 60fps

4G LTE Advanced

300 Mbps

150 Mbps


720p 60 fps

Of course, this table is the only thing small in the story.

Theoretical throughput will nearly never be met in practice.

Higher resolution requires more speed. As consequence, using multiple platforms simultaneously leads to impossible Livestream on Twitch by 3G in reality. 

How to check internet upload speed?

To start streaming, content creators should check whether the network is good or not.

There are many options for you to check your actual upload speed.

An easy and simple way is to use an upload speed test. 

MySpeed, for example, is one of the most reliable internet speed tests.

Not only measure your network connection but it also provides useful information about internet issues to users.

Thanks to a simple interface, everyone is able to use it easily the first time.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Click the “Go” button

Step 3: Get the results

MySpeed - reliable upload and download speed test

As you see, with just 3 simple steps, you can get the current speed of your network.

Furthermore, MySpeed shows results of ping rate, download, and upload speed.

It’s convenient if you want to check whether you are able to play an online video game and stream on Twitch or not. 

How to increase Wifi upload speed? 

Sometimes, your network is not good enough and then the best upload speed for streaming is impossible. How to make upload speed faster

Lower the video settings

For example, you are able to stream at a high-resolution 1080p while your upload speeds are just affordable for 720p at 60 fps.

Make upload speed faster is to change the highest settings. If you use OBS software, navigate to “setting” and click “video” to lower the current resolution.

Lower your video resolution to faster upload

Use a wired connection

As mentioned above, you should never broad stream on Twitch or whatever streaming platforms via a wi-fi connection.

The connection will become way too unstable as a result of this! Connect the ethernet cable.

If your router is too far away from your computer, you might look into other options, such as Powerline Adapters.

Using Powerline Adapters to speed up internet speed

Register a right internet plan

When you are broadcasting a stream, your family members can be doing online activities at the same time.

They may be using your available bandwidth and causing your stream connection to become unreliable.

Especially, who watch Netflix/ Youtube, play online games. 

You can ask them to stop doing that while you do a twitch stream, upgrade your internet plan or even opt for a separate.

Choosing the best choice for your situation.

Get the suitable internet package

Prepare a good hardware

Even your network satisfies a minimum internet speed or gets good upload speeds, your streaming on twitch still can be laggy. That might be hardware-related.

To stream successfully, you'll need a good GPU, CPU, and at least 16GB of RAM.

Some high recommendations of streaming PC are Motherboard Gigabyte B450M, CPU Ryzen 5 1600 AF, GPU RX580, RAM Team group T-Force DDR4 3000Mhz (2 x 8GB),...

The motherboard can be considered the main stream key to stream

Wrapping up

The quality of your Twitch stream is critical. After all, no one will stay if your stream is always slow. It's more preferable to broadcast at 720p and 30fps with no latency than to stream at 1080p with continual choppiness. How to make my upload speed faster? Whats a good connection speed upload for PS4? Let’s try some free recommended ways above to speed up upload bandwidth. 

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