Learn how to make WiFi faster on pc with simple solutions

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People are switching from Ethernet to WiFi in many places. Of course, WiFi is convenient, takes less space, and makes your office neater. However, its speed and stability are still not as good as Ethernet. How to make WiFi faster on PC?

WiFi for PC

WiFi for PC

How to optimize WiFi speed on a Desktop PC?

Your Desktop PC needs to have either a wireless card or a WiFi adapter to use a wireless connection. In this part, we will analyze the two options.

Your PC is connecting to the network via a WiFi adapter

If your PC connects to the network via a WiFi adapter, you should care about that device. For example, you should find the best possible USB port for your WiFi adapter.

Wifi adapter

Wifi adapter

The working principle of your WiFi adapter is similar to a WiFi router. Your router should be in an open space and avoid electrical devices, and so does your WiFi adapter. If you plug the device into the rear USB port, many cables will block WiFi signals, making your connection slower and more unstable. In contrast, plugging the WiFi adapter into the front USB port will perform better.

Buying an antenna for your WiFi adapter is also an excellent way to boost your internet speed. The price of the antenna may vary based on your WiFi adapter, from some bucks to hundreds of dollars.

Your PC is using a wireless card

In this case, the only thing you can do is adjust the wireless card’s antenna. If you cannot do that, the only option is to relocate your PC case. Instead of putting it under the table, you can try to put it on the table for a better speed. 

Adjust the antenna of the wireless card

Adjust the antenna of the wireless card

To find out which location is the most suitable for your PC case, you can use the internet speed test tools. Conduct one test before moving the device, then make another after that. You can consider the two options. If the difference is not big enough, you should place it back to the previous position.

The internet speed tests are available on both PC and mobile devices. They can be easily found on Play Store or App Store; just type “speed test” in the search bar.

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How to optimize WiFi speed on a Laptop PC?

Laptop PCs usually come with built-in wireless cards. Therefore, you don’t need to use WiFi adapters or similar devices. To optimize the WiFi connection, you can try those methods:

  • Move your laptop closer to the router.

  • Delete or forget the unused WiFi network.

  • Avoid using wireless keyboards, mouses, and printers if possible. Bluetooth can interfere with WiFi signals, which make your internet slower.

How to make WiFi faster in general?

To boost your internet performance, you also need to optimize your internet devices, such as modem and router. If those devices are not in the best condition, you cannot achieve a good internet speed.

Here is how to make my WiFi faster. I have used those methods for several years, and you should also try some of them.

Restart your internet device

Restart internet device regularly

Yes, it is the most straightforward method, but it is also the greatest. Regularly restarting your internet device can help them live longer, work more efficiently and give you a better internet speed.

If you are too lazy to do this once a week, you can set a schedule and make your router restart automatically. The time should be at night, so you will not encounter any disruption when using the internet.

Change WiFi frequency band to 5.0 GHz

In some cases, your router can run on the 2.4 GHz frequency band, even if it can run on the 5.0 GHz one. To fix it, you should change the default settings of your router.

To access the settings pages of your router, you should find the device’s IP address. It is usually, but the network admin can change it to another address. Once you find the IP address, type those numbers on your browser.

Switch to 5.0 GHz band

Switch to 5.0 GHz band

After that, type the ID and password to enter the router settings page. To find the default ID and password, please type the router’s name on search engines like Google or Bing. Typically, the default ID and password are “admin” and” 123456”.


In this article, we have shown you how to make WiFi faster on PC using the most simple methods. It is not that hard, even for a low-tech guy. If you want to read more internet tips and tricks, please visit our blog - MySpeed.

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