What to do if your speed test result is not good?

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Running speed tests is a must when you want to see if your internet connection is sufficient for your needs. But what if the results you have are not good? What if the download and upload speed are too low for you to engage in online activities? Check out this article to know what to do if your speed test result is not good.


Well, you are going to make an online HD video call, or join a multiplayer online game, or watch streaming video, and you run a speed test to make sure your internet connection is fast and strong enough to engage in one of these online activities. Sadly, the results that the speed test produces are pretty low that is insufficient for you to do those online things. Does this situation sound common to you? In fact, it’s so common that many of us once experienced. So, what should you do if this case happens? Here are some quick suggestions for you!


What should you do if your speed test result is so poor?

Check if you run your speed test in the right way

When you get a poor speed test result that might be very low download speed and download speed or very high ping rate, the first thing you should do is to check the way you run the test. There are many factors affecting the accuracy of the test such as your devices, browsers, the testing sites, the testing servers, … Basically, following are a few things you should do to ensure higher accuracy for your test result:

  • Close any unnecessary programs running on your device while performing the test. Extra programs or applications like online storage applications, automatic updates, etc, could be using your network connection while the test is being run. This might result in an impact on the accuracy of the test.

  • Ensure that your connection is not under heavy use when you are running the test. That means there are just only your devices using the network during the test.

  • Should not use too old devices to run the test. Running the test on an older device often produces lower results due to the device’s hardware.

Well, if you ran your first test without these basic steps, please run the test again. In case you ran it with all of these basic things done and still received a low-speed test result, it’s time to run multiple tests. 


Running multiple tests is a good way to ensure the accuracy of its result

Run the test again and run multiple tests

Running multiple tests is a good way to ensure the accuracy of its result. We all know that the outcome of an internet speed test depends on different factors. Who knows what factors affect your test when you perform it? So, running the test multiple times can help you get more accurate numbers of your result. Here’s how you should run your multiple tests:

  • Run the test on at least 3 different reliable testing sites and choose the testing servers near you. Because the farther you are to a testing server, the slower your speeds will be and vice versa.

  • Running the test both over the wired and wireless connection. Wireless connection is transmitted through the air, so running the test over this wireless network might output lower results than running the test over an Ethernet cord.

  • Running the test on other different devices to see if there are any differences in the results. You should do that because different devices (such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc) might have very different cellular radio and different Wi-Fi capabilities as well. So, performing the test on different devices to see if the test outcomes are different or not. If you find them different, the low results are likely inaccurate.

  • Running the tests at different hours of the day. Your Internet Service Provider might work great during off-peak hours but it might be slower at peak hours of the day. Performing the speed test over the course of the day may let you know if there’s any difference between test results produced at different times of the day.

  • Testing your Wi-Fi speed in different rooms. Your Wi-Fi signal strength will be weaker when you get further away from the router (or sometimes referred as to modem). So, try testing your speed connection in the room placing your router as well as in other rooms further away from this equipment.

All of these steps sound quite complicated, don’t they? But doing these helps reduce the impacts of factors affecting the accuracy of the test results. So, running multiple tests is necessary to help you have more accurate speed test results. 


The outcome of an internet speed test depends on different factors

General recommendations on how to improve your speed test results

Well, even if you implement all the suggestions above and your internet speed test results are still so low, it’s time for you to try some small tips below here.

- Reboot the router. Turning it off then turning it back on is a good step you should do. After turning it back on, you run the test again to check the speed. In fact, some ISPs recommend rebooting the router periodically.

- Make sure that there is no clutter. In case there’s something blocking your router or modem, it may not be able to fully transmit the signal that makes it weaker. Hence, clear any clutter to ensure the router or modem has open space around it.

- Double-check who is accessing your internet connection. There is a possibility that a neighbor is accessing your network without your permission. If you suspect this is the case or you are able to monitor access and see authorized devices on an app, then change your password and review all of the security settings.

After you have gone to all these steps and you still find your internet speed sluggish, it’s time to contact your ISP and ask for their support.


That’s all for our today’s article. After all, you should always bear in mind that several factors are affecting the results of your speed test. When you run a test and receive poor results, then spend some minutes checking if you run the test rightly and trying some recommendations above. If they don’t help, it’s time for you to contact your ISP. 

Rating:4.0 - 58Votes



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