Why is PS4 WiFi so slow even when I had 200 Mbps internet speed?

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When playing online games on PS4, you want a fast and stable internet connection. On the other hand, your gaming experience will be horrible when the internet is slow and laggy, especially when playing on a Wireless connection. In this article, we will answer the question of why is PS4 WiFi so slow. Also, we will show you how to fix it.

PlayStation 4 WiFi problem

PlayStation 4 WiFi problem

Why is my PS4 WiFi so slow?

There are many reasons that cause the slow PS4 WiFi problem. The first one is low-quality wireless cards. The earlier batches of Standard PS4 have this problem, and you cannot do anything to fix it. The Slim and Pro versions have better quality network hardware; therefore, this problem no longer exists in those versions.

WiFi signals can not transfer through objects, such as building materials, wood, or metal. If you place your PS4 or router in a closed area, you can not get a good WiFi connection and fast internet speed.

Another common problem is network connection overload. Your bandwidth is limited to a certain number, and you can not exceed it. If there are too many devices transferring data simultaneously, your PS4 will only receive a small portion of bandwidth and have a slow internet connection.

There are many possible other reasons to make your PS4 WiFi speed slow, but these are the most encountered problems.

Fix the PS4 slow WiFI problems

Fix the PS4 slow WiFI problems

How to fix the PS4 WiFi slow problems?

As mentioned above, you can not do anything to fix a lousy PS4 WiFi card. The only way to achieve a faster internet speed is using an Ethernet connection. WiFi is convenient, but Ethernet is still the best option for gaming. Ethernet provides a faster and more stable connection, upgrading your gaming experience.

If your PS4 has a hardware problem, your WiFi speed will constantly slow. If your PS4 WiFi suddenly slow down, you can try these methods below to fix the problem and improve your internet speed.

Try to disable the Bluetooth headphone

Does Bluetooth slow down WiFi? Yes, Bluetooth and WiFi sometimes can cause conflicts, making your internet connection slump down. If your internet suddenly slows down after purchasing a new Bluetooth headphone, turn the headphone off and try to connect to the internet again. It may not fix the problem, but it is worth a try.

Disable Bluetooth Headphone

Disable Bluetooth Headphone

Bluetooth runs on the 2.4 Frequency band. Therefore, if your WiFi also runs on the same band, the two signals can conflict and make the internet unstable. If you still want to use Bluetooth headphones, try the following method.

Use a 5 GHz network

You can change the WiFi frequency band to 5 GHz to avoid interference. Sadly, only PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro support this option. You cannot change these settings when using a standard version of PS4.

Follow these steps to change from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz.

  • Go to Settings > Network

  • In the Network settings, find Setup Internet Connection > Use WiFi > Easy

  • After that, press the Options button and select WiFi Frequency Band. 

  • Change the option to 5 GHz from 2.4 GHz and press X.

Disable PS4 Remote Play

In some cases, you can fix connection issues by disabling the Remote Play feature. The reason for that problem is Remote Play creates a mini-network to connect to other devices. 

PS4 Remote Play

PS4 Remote Play

By disabling this feature, your PS4 can concentrate on the game you're playing. To fix the PS4 Pro WiFi slow problem, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings

  • Clear the Enable Remote Play check box.

Reboot your router

Rebooting your internet device can also fix a connectivity issue. The easiest way to restart your router is to unplug it and wait for a few seconds. After that, plug it back into the electrical socket and wait for it to turn on all lights. During this time, you should also restart your PS4 console to make a brand new internet connection.

You should restart your internet devices, such as the router, at least once a week to help them perform better. If you are too lazy or cannot remember to do it, make a restart schedule in the router's settings. Depending on your router, the way to set it is different, and you need to research google to perform it right.

Reboot your router

Reboot your router

Move your PS4 or WiFi router

If the WiFi signals are too weak, you can not have a solid internet connection. To fix this, you need to move either your PS4 or your WiFi router. The best scenario is to put your PS4 next to the router, but it is not always doable.

In general, you should put your router in a higher and open place. WiFi signals cannot travel through solid objects; therefore, big furniture can be an interference. Your electrical device can also interfere with the WiFi signals, making your internet slower.

Place your PS4 next to your router

Place your PS4 next to your router

If you are using Google WiFi, you need to make sure that the main device is in the center of the house. The other hubs should be placed strategically around the house to eliminate the slow WiFi speeds.

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Now you have the answer to the question of why is PS4 WiFi so slow. We also showed you how to fix this problem. If you want to read more internet tips and tricks, please visit our blog - MySpeed.

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