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Ping rate meaning & What causes high ping in speed check results?

Running some speed checks then you find that your ping rate is so high … Well, it must be so frustrating if you are going to take part in a fast-paced online game or any other online activities that require fast responsiveness of the network connection. Let’s see what makes the ping rate in your speed check results so high right below here!

How to check your ping with CMD?

In the process of using internet connection at home, many people always wonder how much internet speed is being used. Is it correct as stated by the network provider in its plan to use? To know this, we will share with you the easiest way to test the speed check network connection

Internet Explained: What is a good ping, download, and upload speed?

When it comes to a speed test result, download speed and upload speed are among important numbers showing how fast your internet speed is. But the question here is “what’s a good download and upload speed?”. Well, the answers to this question are right below here.

What is a good ping test result?

Ping is one of the primary results in an internet speed test. Together with upload and download speed, the ping rate plays an important role in the experience of internet users. So what is ping? How much ping is good? Why is it important? And how to improve the ping rate?…