How to reduce your ping for gamers? What is ping ms?

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How to improve ping speed?

How to improve ping rate for gaming?

How to get better ping in games?

How to improve ping on PC?

In online games, ping speed plays an important role to decide the win-loss. Therefore, gamers often run the website test ping to check ping before playing games. So what is ping? What can cause high ping in games? How to get a good ping? The answers will be disclosed clearly in the article. 

How to improve ping in games?How to improve ping in games?

What is ping on speed test?

What is ping ms?

Ping can be tested by a unique ping test online or a general speed test. For internet speed tests, apart from download and upload speed, the ping result is also shown. 

In general, a ping (Packet Internet Groper) is a signal sent to a host that requests a response. It serves two primary purposes: to check if the host is available and to measure how long the response takes. The ping command is commonly used to check for network errors, check if two devices on a certain network are connected, or simply to communicate with each other.

Ping is measured in ms (millisecond). It tells you how long it takes for a data packet sent from your computer to an internet server and turned back.

Is ping the same as latency?

While ping is a signal sent from one computer to another on the same network, latency is the amount of time (in milliseconds) it takes for the ping to return to the computer. Latency, on the other hand, is a measurement of the whole round trip of that signal, whereas ping is only one way.

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Ping in online gaming

In games online, ping or latency is known as the time they can send a command to the game and have the game (or its server) display what happened. The ping time, measured in milliseconds, is the round trip time for the packet which leaves your computer to reach the host and return to the sender.

Those with a high ping will almost certainly encounter delays (or lags) while playing the game, which will have an impact on the game's outcome. In fact, at even greater rates, many FPS games' servers will instantly disconnect those players. Many online games will show your ping time as well as the ping rates of other players or servers.

The ping test online shows the ping speedThe ping test online shows the ping speed

Ping test online: What is a good ping?

The lower the ping is, the better speed the internet connection has. Lower your ping or lower latency is always better because it promotes faster communication between you and the game server. 

This applies to everything you do online whether you're playing a game or just opening some basic applications like Facebook,  safari, or Instagram. 

Also, ping has a huge influence on online games. To be more detailed, for example, if you're playing a game with a 20ms ping, you'll have very low latency. The actions you perform seem to happen instantly in the game. 

If you have a higher ping speed like 200ms, the actions you perform will be significantly delayed and you may not be able to keep up with other gamers. Therefore, it is absolutely easily understood that you will lose.

What is a good ping test result?What is a good ping test result?

This is why some multiplayer online games show you how much your ping is or running the ping test online to check the current ping. It helps you understand how fast your connection is and what kind of action you can expect to do on the server.

Pubg has become the most popular online game which attracts a lot of players. Are you a big fan of this online game? Have you ever wonder which good ping for Pubg?  Let’s use the ping test online free and compare it to the intervals below to see if your internet connection has a good ping or not. Which ping is the best for playing games? 

  • < 30 ms: excellent ping, smoothly and fast speed,  ideal for online gaming

  • 30 to 50 ms: average ping; still good enough for online gaming

  • 50 to 100 ms: somehow slow ping time; not too noticeable for web browsing but may affect game playing

  • 100 ms to 500 ms: slow ping, web browsing still smoothly, but noticeable lag in online gaming

  • > 500 ms: bad ping, cause a noticeable delay to all requests

What is a good ping ms speed?What is a good ping ms speed?

How to reduce your ping?

After checking the ping test online and comparing, it is realized that the current ping is not what you expect. So, how to improve ping speed to have an enjoyable gameplay moment? 

How to improve my ping?

How to reduce high ping?

How to reduce ping in games?

How to improve ping in games?

After checking the ping test online and comparing, it is realized that the current ping is not what you expect. So, you must wonder lots of questions relating to having an enjoyable gameplay moment.

1. Check website test ping/app: 

Most online games will be able to measure and display your exact ping to the server you’re playing on.

Check out MySpeed, a free service maintained by a network performance site, to see if you're getting enough bandwidth. You may use it to check your current ping, download speed, and upload speed. If you are not obtaining the speeds that your ISP promised, you can contact them and request that the speeds be optimized.

There are many other speed checks online, speed tests bing which is available and worth for you to use such as Speedtest, FAST. Besides, on CH Play, Appstore, you are free to download any reliable ping test app.

Run the website test ping to check the current ping speedRun the website test ping to check the current ping speed

2. Turn off any unnecessary programs: 

How to improve ping on PC? There are several things competing for our computer's attention, one of which is programs and apps running.

By shutting down them, your device will pay attention exclusively to what matters: your game. You're also reducing your internet bandwidth because there are fewer apps and applications relying on it. If not live-streaming yourself, maybe you should consider closing typical programs such as Spotify, Zoom, Netflix, and even Twitch.

3. Consider changing your connection to a wired one: 

In general, a wired connection is faster, more stable than a wireless one. Wifi uses airwaves to connect you so that there are some factors influencing the internet broadcast transferring like electronic devices, walls, glass. 

As a result, using a wired connection is the best choice for gamers. Run the internet speed test and compare between 2 types of connection, you will see the difference. If Wi-Fi is your only choice, make sure you're on a 5GHz network rather than a 2.4GHz network.

Is wired connection better than wireless?Is wired connection better than wireless?

4. Place near the router: 

When using a wireless connection, place your computer is not too far from the router, or consider using a Wifi range extender to improve the strength of the connection. 

The closer to the router, the better speed. This way eliminates potential influencing factors and improves internet speed.

5. Try a powerline adaptor: 

It uses your home's electrical wiring to move your internet signal around your home without the same speed degradation as Wi-Fi. 

Plug one in near your router and connect it with an Ethernet cable, then plug the second one in near your gaming setup and wire it to your devices, you'll enjoy speeds and latency that are almost as fast as what you'd get from a direct, wired connection.  

Netgear Powerline AC1200 has been a favorite powerline adaptor recently. 

Are powerline adapters good for gaming?Are powerline adapters good for gaming?

6. Avoid rush hour of your network connection

The ping test online is free also helps you check the current internet speed. Check it regularly to know what your rush hour of connection is and avoid playing online games in that time. 

In rush hours when everyone in your house connects to the network at the same time, this can lead to congestion or slow internet. 

Moreover, If anyone else is on the same network as you, and if he is using a ‘web heavy’ service like streaming platforms YouTube, Netflix, or Twitch, the best thing you should do is that to play online games at other times to have a good ping and have smooth internet speed. 

7. Upgrade the gaming router: 

A fancy gaming router can definitely help guarantee that your home's connection is optimized for gaming.

However, prices for modern routers are quite high which typically ranges from around $175 to as high as $400 or even $500. That's a lot to pay for a bit less ping and it is spent for die-hard gamers mostly. 

Gaming router wifi 6

Gaming router wifi 6

8. Select the closest game server: 

The distance between you and the server can impact the time it takes to transfer data. Imagine how long you take to communicate with someone sitting next to you with another in another country. 

The good news is that certain games let you select which gaming servers your device interacts with. If this is the case for your game, choose the gamer server that is nearest to your actual location.

How to change server in Valorant?How to change server in Valorant?

9. Call your ISP: 

If you've done everything in this guide and you're still dissatisfied with your ping, give your ISP a call and let them know about your issues.

It's worth a call to your ISP to see if they have a solution to your problem. Your Internet provider can guide you on some improvements through the call. 

Otherwise, there is a technician coming and fixing your internet problem if necessary.

ISP call centerISP call center

The bottom line

Are you going to have an intense match with teammates? Let’s run the ping test online to make sure that your latency speed is good enough or not. If not, don’t forget to apply the 7 useful tips “How to improve ping rate for gaming?” above. They will work better, give perfect game-playing moments when applied at the same time.