5 Awesome Tips About How To Reduce Ping In Minecraft You May Need

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Having a high ping in Minecraft will definitely take away the fun of your online gameplay. Fortunately, you can solve the problem easily by reading this post on how to reduce ping in Minecraft.

Why is my ping so high in Minecraft?

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  • Your connection is unstable.

  • Issues with the server network of Minecraft.

  • The firewalls’ configuration.

  • Multiple devices are connected to your network.

  • Your computer or your router is outdated.

Why is my ping so high all of a sudden

Why is my ping so high all of a sudden

With a better understanding of what causes high ping in Minecraft, you may figure out how to reduce ping time effectively.  

How to reduce ping in Minecraft?

How to improve my ping” is commonly questioned by gamers who experience lag.

These are useful tips on how to improve ping that will manage the most well-known causes when playing Minecraft.

1. Close other unnecessary programs

When playing Minecraft, guarantee that other unnecessary applications aren't running. As referenced above, a typical justification for high ping is insufficient resources. On the off chance that you have different projects running, it will deplete your data transfer capacity and make your game slower.

The most widely recognized program that can make your Minecraft lag are VoIP and video real-time applications. Something else to pay special mind to is Google Chrome since it's famous for hoarding bandwidth. Notwithstanding its prominence as a program, it isn't ideal when Minecraft is running.

How to improve ping on pc

How to improve ping on pc

2. Check the system requirements

How to fix high ping on wifi? Remember to check Minecraft’s system requirements and compare them with your PC’s specs before diving into the game. If there's a difference between the two, you're probably going to end up with lag issues. A decent method for fixing this is to update your RAM and designs card.

Take a look at the suggested requirements to play Minecraft without lag:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz or equivalent

  • RAM: 4GB or above

  • GPU GeForce 700 Series with OpenGL 4.5

  • HDD: 4GB (SSD for better performance)

Those requirements show that Minecraft isn't resource concentrated. In the event that your PC meets all those but still experiences high ping, it implies the issue isn't equipment explicit.

3. Disable updates

Another tip on how to improve ping is disabling updates.

Automatic updates can assist with upgrading your system. However, when they begin running highly involved with battling swarms of Zombies in Minecraft, it can become deadly. That is the reason when you're playing on the web Minecraft, incapacitate the programmed refreshes first.

How to stop ping spikes wifi

How to stop ping spikes wifi

To make the game run quicker, take a stab at incapacitating your firewall. Assuming you don't care for that thought, set Minecraft as an exemption for the firewall. This declines the idleness rate since your framework permits it to run, rather than examining it for more data.

4. Ditch Wi-Fi connection

Depending on a Wi-Fi connection frequently brings about an unsteady encounter. A wired connection, on the other hand, will skirt a stage in the process of data transfer. It likewise discredits any remote dead spots inside your home.

Best of all, connecting your PC to your network using an ethernet link will make the Minecraft gaming experience a lot quicker. You could also consider upgrading to a higher-quality router that is specially designed for gaming.

5. Check the game server’s ping

It’s not just your connection's problem that causes high ping, but the server of the game you're playing could be blamed. In case you know the game server's IP address, you can check this or you can visit destinations, for example, Game Server Ping that rundown famous computer games. In case the game server's ping is high, that could be an obvious sign of why your ping is likewise high while gaming. 

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