What is Ms in Ping & How to Check Your Ping Quickly

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A problematic ping will increase your chance of losing the competitive game. What is ms in ping? What is a good ping? How to check ping? You’ll find all answers in this post.

What is ms in ping?

Find the answer to “what does ms mean for ping?”

The ping is the reaction time of your connection–how fast you get a response after you've sent out a request. 

What is ping on wifi

What is ping on wifi

A fast ping means a more responsive connection, especially in applications where timing is everything (like video games). 

For those who may not know, “ms” is the abbreviation for milliseconds and is the unit of measurement in ping. 

For example, 30 milliseconds (30ms) is the time data travel from your computer to the server and back.

One of the key markers of network performance quality is ping. Most users want a faster, more responsive experience, and latency plays a significant role in this. High ping can frequently cause jerky gameplay in online games, persistent stream buffering, and lengthy website load times.

What should my ping is?

The lower ping means faster connection and a smoother gaming experience. That is a common rule. The average ping rate for most broadband connections is 100 milliseconds or less. So What is a fast ping speed? What is a good ping ms? What is a good ping speed for gaming? Let's look at what you should actually strive for in your gaming style.

Whats a good ping rate

Whats a good ping rate

Professional ping: 10ms 

For competitive gamers participating in battles and tournaments, the smallest error could mean the end of the game for you and your colleagues. You'll want the lowest possible ping to avoid losing points or shots due to slowness or errors.

Decent ping: Under 20ms 

If you want to stream your games on Twitch, aim for ping as low as under 20ms. You won’t probably experience lag or choppiness but enjoy swift activities.

Average ping: 20ms to 50ms

Under 50ms is good for practically all first-person shooter and racing games, whether you're swapping guns in Fortnite or playing Valorant.

Poor ping: 50ms to 100ms 

Depending on your game and settings, you can expect this range with the occasional slowness. Ping of 100ms or less is tolerable. However, if you're trailing by 80ms, you'll lose the illusion that you're playing in real-time.

Good ping for gaming

Good ping for gaming

If your ping is over 100ms, long delays are expected. In fact, some online games will refuse your connection if it is 170ms or above. Although massively multiplayer online games can be played with high ping, you should keep it under 250ms. For real-time player vs. player or strategy games, keep it around 150ms.

What is the cause of latency?

For most cases, latency is caused by your internet network hardware, the location and connectivity of your remote server, and the internet routers that are positioned between your server and your online gaming device, smartphone, tablet, or another internet device.

It’s worth noting that some internet connections, such as satellite internet connections, have significant latency. Internet servers that are located far away from your WiFi network can increase the likelihood of encountering high latency.

How to test your ping

After knowing what is a good ping speed, now it’s time to check your ping. We introduce two simple ways to check your ping: Checking ping in-games and using a ping test tool.

Use an online ping test tool

Pick online tools and run a ping speed test at different times. MySpeed is one of the most popular ones to measure the ping to servers all over the world.

  • Step 1: Go to the website Gospeedcheck.com

  • Step2: Click on the “Go” button. Wait for the test to display the result within a few seconds.

Ping test with MySpeed

Ping test with MySpeed

Check your ping in-game

To measure accurately your network connection, specific to the game and server you’re playing on, follow these steps:

  • Go to the game settings 

  • Switch on ‘Display performance stats’ or ‘Display network options. 

For the most accurate test result, you should first connect your computer or games console to your home network using an Ethernet cable to test your ping. Next, unplug your cable and retake the test at a different location in your house to see if there are changes in numbers. This will give you a good sense of your average ping and help you figure out what could be the potential cause of a slow connection.