How to check Blade and Soul ping? A full guide on checking ping [2022]

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What genre of game is "Blade and Soul"? 

Is ping important for the game? 

What is a good ping for Blade and Soul? 

How to check Blade and Soul ping?

Is it possible to view ping in the game? 

Yes, of course!

But before exploring how to check your ping in Blade and Soul, it’s good to learn some basic things about this game and good ping for it, right? 

Well, let’s do it right now!

How to check Blade and Soul ping?

How to check Blade and Soul ping?

Blade and Soul, what type of game is it?

Blade and Soul (Blade & Soul or BnS) is a 3D fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

It comes with real-time combat taking place in a martial arts setting. 

The game is created by NCSoft, which is also the developer of Lineage II. 

The Blade and Soul game has attractive character designs and beautiful landscapes. 

Other pros of the game include a well-paced storyline; fluid, action-oriented gameplay; and a simple, intuitive interface, according to

BnS gameplay

BnS gameplay

Is ping important for gaming Blade and Soul?

In an online gaming context, ping rate or latency measures how long it takes for packets of data to move from your gaming device to a game server.

It’ll in turn send back a response. 

In other words, it’s a measurement of the reaction time of an internet connection.

In addition, ping is measured in ms (milliseconds). 

The higher the ping time or latency, the more time it will take for communication between the player and the game server. 

Good ping speed

Ping is vital in online gaming


Ping is so important for online gaming. 

High ping can result in lag and severely affect your gaming experiences. 

That’s why low ping is always desired in online gaming and any other activities that require a fast reaction. 

Since Blade and Soul is also an online game, ping does matter to it, just like many other games. 

Without a good ping, your experiences when gaming Blade and Soul will be affected significantly. 

Lower pings mean less lag and fewer server glitches.

Try to get low ping as possible

Try to get low ping as possible

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How to check Blade and Soul ping?

First, we need to find out what a good Blade and Soul ping is.

Ping speed of less than 100ms is considered okay for MMORPGs. 

As previously mentioned, the lower, the better when it comes to ping for gaming.

Thus, try to aim for the lowest possible ms number so that you will have smoother gameplay, with fewer lags and errors. 

So, Blade and Soul how to check ping

How to know what your current ping is while playing the game? 

There are 2 easy ways to do that!


Well, while in combat: 

Ping ms is displayed as a tiny number at the top left corner of the screen (right next to the FPS counter when it’s visible). 

BnS ping is shown in-game

BnS ping is shown in-game

In this picture, you can see that the ping is 151 ms, which is quite high.

Note that the ping counter only shows up when in combat. 

That’s how to check ping in Blade and Soul. 

Isn’t it easy?

Use Task Manager

However, in case your Blade and Soul ping doesn’t appear for an unknown reason, you can still check it with Task Manager.

Follow our instructions:

Step 1: Start Task Manager may be opened by right-clicking anywhere on the Taskbar.

Start Task Manager

Step 1

Step 2: At the bottom of the window, under the performance tab, click Resource Monitor.

At the bottom of the window

Step 2

Step 3: You may get a list of the programs presently using your network connection by choosing the Network tab in the resource monitor window.

You may get a list of the programs presently

Step 3

Step 4: There, look for your game's executable, which for Blade and Soul should be Client.exe. 

The list of connections made by the application is available in the bottom portion of the screen once you tick the box to the left of the executable file.

The latency for the connection should be shown on the right side of the window.

which for Blade and Soul should be Client.exe

Step 4

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

By now, we have shown you how to test Blade and Soul ping.

Not only that but below are some frequently asked questions that BnS gamers are exceptionally interested in.

There is a lot of valuable information for you.

Check them out!

1. How do I lower my ping on BnS?

This question is for those who got a high ping result after checking.

In that case, you should try these tips. 

You can also apply these fixes to lower ping in other online games, such as Minecraft, Fortnite, Overwatch, etc:

  • Close unnecessary programs and applications

  • Find the nearest server

  • Turn off auto updates

  • Use ethernet cord

  • Limit the number of connected devices

2. Why is my ping so suddenly high in BnS?

Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to what causes your sudden high ping.

But here are several potential reasons:

  • Internet connection speed

  • Firewall configuration

  • Insufficient bandwidth

  • Number of devices connected to your network

  • Excessive heating of the system

3. Can VPN reduce high BnS ping?

You can definitely lower the ping in Blade and Soul or any online games with a VPN. 

In general, VPN packets travel a more direct path than an ISP packet would.

A top-notch VPN service should make it easier for data to travel from your computer to the gaming server you are playing.

Closing thoughts

"Blade and Soul" has been a widely popular MMORPG since the day it was launched. Like many other online games, it’s crucial to have a good ping to enjoy this MMORPG. 

And that’s all for this post “How to check Blade and Soul ping?” Don’t forget to check out other posts on MySpeed’s blog to know Warframe how to check ping and others.

Rating:4.6 - 51Votes
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