How to improve my ping? Here are easy tips to have a better ping!

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High ping time or latency can be a big problem seriously affecting your internet experiences, especially when it comes to activities that often need fast reaction speed like online gaming, for example. 

So, how to improve ping speed, making it faster? Are there any easy solutions that help us lower ping effectively? Well, if you want to explore simple fixes for high ping, this post is for you; keep reading to find out!

But first, why don’t we spend a minute learning what a good ping is?

high ping Very high ping 

What is a good ping?

Ping (latency) is measured in ms (milliseconds). The lower the ping ms, the better. For example, 20 ms ping is always better than 100ms ping. Low pings mean fast reaction time, while high ping can result in lag or other latency issues. 

To be honest, it’s so hard to tell what an ideal ping is for all internet users. “What is considered a good ping” should depend on the activities we do.

For instance, good pings for playing FPS games should be 20 ms or less, while things like browsing webs, checking emails, etc don’t require such a low ping speed. 

According to, ping times of 100 milliseconds or less are typical for most broadband connections. 

High ping vs. low ping

High ping vs. low ping

How to improve my ping: Some simple tips 

Certainly, understanding what causes your ping latency to be high is a must in order to find the best solutions for improving it. Various things can be the reasons behind a high ping. They may include inadequate bandwidth, slow internet connection, weak and unstable WiFi signals, router issues, outdated computers, internet congestion, and more. 

As long as you figure out the real cause for your low ping latency, well, lowering it can be so easy. So, how to improve ping???

Following are some simple suggestions for reducing ping speed; let’s check out!

Using an Ethernet connection

WiFi is so convenient but still not as consistent and reliable as Ethernet. Using wireless connections, in general, can result in latency issues, lag, and packet loss. 

So, it’s a good idea to connect your device directly (if possible) with an Ethernet cable. This way, your connection’s ping speed is likely to be improved right away.

Ethernet cable connection

Ethernet cable connection

Get closer to the router

If your device does not have an Ethernet cord or you prefer using WiFi, try moving closer to your router to see if the ping speed gets improved. 

Since WiFi signals are all transmitted through the air, they seem so prone to things like wireless interference, physical obstructions, and distance. Moving closer to the router will help minimize the effects of these factors. 

It is worth noting that the closer the distance between your device and the router, the stronger and faster the connection.

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Disconnect other devices from your network (if possible)

Multiple devices using the connection at once can also be the cause of high ping latency. The more devices or users use the network simultaneously, the more internet bandwidth is required. 

Inadequate bandwidth will impact the time it takes for data packets to be sent out and then back, leading to high ping (latency). Hence, if possible, try disconnecting other devices from your network to see whether the problem gets fixed.

Multiple devices using the WiFi connection

Multiple devices using the WiFi connection

Close background apps and programs

They also eat your bandwidth, especially speaking of things like Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, large downloads, and more. So, close any unnecessary programs running on the background of your device so that you will have more bandwidth to use. 

Restart your router

If this device has been running for a while without restarting, it’s now time for doing so. Restarting the router can help refresh your internet connection and improve the latency as well.

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Along with the above tips, there’re still, of course, various ways to improve the ping speed. Depending on the cause of the problem, other fixes like upgrading the router, picking the right game server and optimizing game settings (to improve ping in gaming), avoiding gaming during internet peak hours, calling your ISP, and more can help. 

Lower ping ms is always better

Lower ping ms is always better

How to improve internet ping: Closing thoughts

Recently, you have checked out some quick tips for reducing ping latency. As you can see, they are so simple and easy, right? But once again, please keep in mind the best way to fix your high ping needs to depend on what causes it to be high. And that’s all for this post; hope you found it helpful! 

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