Apple Will Make Switching from iPhone to Android Simpler by 2025

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As part of its implementation of the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple claims that switching from an iPhone to an Android smartphone will be easier in the upcoming year.

Although most users still find the process difficult, it may already be facilitated by Google software, as Apple has so far refused to assist with the porting of specific data types.

By the third quarter of 2025, Apple revealed last week, that a new choice would be accessible.

"Apple plans to create a solution that helps mobile operating system providers develop more user-friendly solutions for transferring data from an iPhone to a non-Apple phone," the business said without mentioning Android.

Apple to make it easier to switch from iPhone to Android

Apple to make it easier to switch from iPhone to Android

Additionally, the business hopes to enable data transfers between web browsers on the same device by the end of this year or early in the next. 

For example, it would be easier to go from Apple's Safari browser to Google Chrome as a result.

The EU's new law aims to level the playing field for competing web browsers and promote fair competition. 

The DMA is intended to prevent businesses from giving preference to their own services over rivals' offerings.

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Rating:4.9 - 50Votes
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