Google Offers Tools for Android Apps to Improve Sleep Monitoring

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Google is offering new tools for Android apps to improve sleep monitoring.

There's no shortage of apps that monitor your sleeping habits, but not all of them do the job efficiently, especially Android has been caught lagging in the snooze-tracking department.

To change that, Google is making its low-power Sleep API available. This toolkit theoretically allows developers to upgrade existing services and create new Android apps that give more data while preserving battery life on your phone. How to Test Internet Speed on Phone

Google Offers Improved Sleep Monitoring Tools for Android Apps

Using the API, you'll be able to view a regular 10-minute "sleep confidence" report, as well as a broader sleep segment report after wakeup is detected. 

While many sensor signals used by activity tracking apps detrimentally affect your phone's battery, the Sleep API focus on detecting sleep process to boost performance, according to Google.

The software comes from a partnership with the Sleep as Android app, which also offers features like smart scores and ultrasound to track your sleep remotely. To keep things fresh, Google is constantly tinkering with its sleep and wellness suite, including Fit and Bedtime.

To stay up to date, Google has bent over backward to improve its health and sleep programs ( Fit and Bedtime included). However, the Sleep API expansion is aiming to increase (and hopefully improve) options in its Play Store. 

Sleep tracking is getting more and more useful, especially for people who wear a smartwatch, a ring or use a connected pad in their bed. Sleep-tracking apps now display nightly activity, sleep stages and allow you to set goals for your bedtime schedule. 

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Rating:4.6 - 50Votes



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