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Google Chrome Privacy Plan Faces U.K Investigation

MOW claimed to the CMA that the purpose of Google's plan is commerce, not relating to privacy as announced. In the claim, James Rosewell, Director of MOW said that If Google released that technology, they would effectively own the means by which media companies, advertisers,

India lost $2.8 billion due to record internet shutdowns in 2020

According to the recent report from Top10VPN, due to the internet shutdowns, India bears the biggest loss of $2.8 billion, 8,927 hours lost, affecting 10.3 million users in total in 2020.

Twitch hit a record of 17 billion hours watched in 2020

The reason behind the massive growth in viewership traffic on Twitch or Facebook Gaming was largely due to the Covid-19 pandemic keeping people at home. That’s why it’s said that the pandemic gave live-streaming the best year ever, according to

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger Collect Much More User Data

These two apps owned by Facebook collect usage data and location details which are the cases with other apps. Conversely, Signal seems not to collect any user data and comes as the most private messaging app. This feature of the app is highlighted on the App Store

Which The Tech Will Invade Our Lives in 2021?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced our lives in all aspects, the innovative techs which are often mentioned are smartphones, TV, smart speakers, etc. It can be denied that thanks to this pandemic, we realize some useful technology that was often overlooked.

CES 2021: What’s Tech Trends Expected?

CES 2021 will start on Wednesday, January 11, and continue through Saturday, January 14. Unlike the last year’s show in the Las Vegas Conventional Center, this year's CES will be going fully online as a virtual event where around 1,000 vendors will pitch their latest and greatest innovations

Twitter and Facebook Lock Trump's Account following Capitol Hill Riot

Facebook and Twitter have blocked the President of the United States from posting on its platform, following the removal of the video in which President Trump praised a violent group of his supporters to protest the election.

Future of Connectivity: 5G Could be Sent from the Sky by 2024

The antenna array has 4,000 radios working together. The aircraft’s processing system is immense enough to steer and direct the beams toward the ground even when the aircraft is shifting around. The cooling system that works at high altitude minimizes drag and keeps the weight manageable.

Apple is Reportedly on its Path to Make Foldable iPhone

One is thought to be similar to Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip with a vertically-folding design while the other is a dual-screen phone featuring a new and patented hinge design. This seems pretty clear that Apple has not given up on the concept of a dual-screen smartphone.

Can Apple’s search engine ever Rival Google’s?

Apple has a unique position with iPhone and iOS and the ability to collect data and learn from user behavior at a large scale. Even so, it’s extremely difficult and costly to develop a search engine. Whereas, Google’s enormous advantage comes from scale and resources.