A New Fiber-Based Internet Network Is Underway

Nov 27, 2023 - Views: 284

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In order to give Kingston residents speedier connections, Archtop Fiber has begun construction on a new multi-gigabit Internet service that will be entirely fiber-based.

To fulfill the growing need for more reliable connectivity as data consumption and cloud adoption increase, Archtop Fiber will offer Internet speeds up to 10Gbps and symmetrical upload and download rates.

According to the firm, the new broadband network will enable video conferencing, e-commerce, more effective streaming, and a whole house full of Wi-Fi linked gadgets.

New fiber internet network underway

New fiber internet network underway

It is expected that this winter, internet access will become completely available, gradually expanding to each area.

Sullivan County is also receiving fiber cable installations from Archtop Fiber.

"Archtop Fiber will not only help us reach our goal of building a more sustainable community that values environmental stewardship. 

It will also empower the businesses and residents of the City of Kingston with more connectivity and tech jobs," stated Mayor Steven Noble. 

"With up to 12 times less energy used than traditional cable providers, fiber is one of the greenest types of broadband available."

Through the deployment of Archtop's new network, the city will be able to "significantly reduce the release of greenhouse gas emissions and protect our natural resources in this area," according to him.

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Rating:4.6 - 50Votes



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