A Leak of the iPhone 16 Pro's Battery Suggests Longer Battery Life

Nov 30, 2023 - Views: 263

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Apple could be attempting to increase the battery life of its 2024 iPhone series, according to an early leak of what looks to be an iPhone 16 Pro battery prototype. 

Famous Apple product leaker @KosutamiSan shared the leaked images on social media. 

They include a J-shaped lithium-ion battery with Apple insignia and a stated capacity of 3,355 mAh at 4.48V.

With a capacity of 3,274 mAh, the new iPhone 15 Pro battery has a little but significant capacity increase. 

Although the iPhone 16 Pro's battery capacity is still less than that of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which has a significantly bigger 4,422 mAh battery, the leaked update shows Apple is making efforts to extend battery life while still operating inside the smaller Pro model shell.

iPhone 16 Pro battery leak hints at improved battery life

iPhone 16 Pro battery leak hints at improved battery life

Even if the current iPhone 16 Pro battery leak doesn't promise details for 2024, it does show that Apple is still listening to customer requests for longer battery life.

It is such a crucial component that affects iPhone satisfaction and longevity over time. 

When it comes to powering the iPhone for daily chores, images, connection, and untethered entertainment, every milliampere-hour matters. 

We'll keep an eye out over the next few months as Apple's 2024 iPhone becomes more apparent.

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Rating:4.6 - 50Votes



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