The Worst Issue with Samsung Phones Is Solved by New AI

Nov 24, 2023 - Views: 324

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Innovative features are undoubtedly beneficial as years of feature development and software improvement have gone into creating them.

Although this is a problem shared by most smartphone makers, Samsung has long been the de facto leader in the sector.

Luckily, the business is aware of this and appears to be working on a solution, based on its pronouncements in recent weeks regarding AI. 

Take a look at the terminology used in this recent announcement on a new phone call translation feature that will probably make its debut with the Galaxy S24.

New Samsung AI solves the worst problem with its phones

New Samsung AI solves the worst problem with its phones

Users of the newest Galaxy AI phones will soon have access to a personal translator anytime they need it thanks to AI Live Translate Call. 

The inconvenience of needing to utilize separate applications is eliminated as it is incorporated into the built-in call capability as stated in the press release.

Samsung is making it very apparent that the new call tool is integrated into the phone app and won't be just another useless app wandering aimlessly in feature purgatory.

There are yet more indications. 

Samsung stated that it intends to "apply generative AI to core functions used by customers daily" during the launch of its new generative AI model, Gauss.

Adding AI "in all the places it matters most" is another point made in a Samsung news release.

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Rating:5.0 - 50Votes



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