Huawei Is Discontinuing Support for Android Apps with "HarmonyOS Next"

Nov 23, 2023 - Views: 332

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Huawei and Android have not had a good relationship since the trade restriction in 2019 that prevented the business from using Google apps. 

It appears like Huawei is getting ready to ditch Android completely with a new HarmonyOS release.

Before the US ban in 2019, Huawei was one of the world's biggest producers of Android smartphones, with a sizable customer base in China and across the world for its reasonably priced devices. 



That soon changed, though, when the Play Store was abruptly removed from new Huawei handsets.

It resulted in declining sales and forced the business to hastily develop replacement software and app stores for the new devices.

The debut of "HarmonyOS" in 2021 marked the culmination of Huawei's attempts to "replace" Android.

It is an Android-based platform that would make more significant modifications to the user experience while maintaining the collection of sideloadable apps present on Android.

Huawei is currently getting ready for the next leg of that journey.

Earlier this year, at a Huawei developer conference, "HarmonyOS Next" was unveiled.

Reports at the time from sites like Huawei Central claimed that "Next" will replace current versions of the platform and is "a pure version of the HarmonyOS operating system without Android libraries."

Although Huawei is clearly discontinuing support for Android apps, it's still difficult to believe that the operating system (AOSP) is being dropped completely. 

We'll simply have to wait and see on that one as further research can be done once "Next" hits the scene the following year.

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Rating:4.6 - 50Votes



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