Oakland County Sheriff's Office Warns about Apple iPhone System Update

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With this year's update from Apple, you can now share and customize your contact cards, use standby mode to transform your phone into a clock, and check in to let someone know when you've reached your location.

Updates for already-existing services like FaceTime, autocorrect, voicemail, and AirDrop are, of course, numerous in the software update.

Apple also made it possible for users to send someone their contact information in the same way. It is known as NameDrop.

A new warning about Apple iPhone system update

A new warning about Apple iPhone system update

However, as a matter of privacy, law enforcement organizations—including the Oakland County Sheriff's Office—advise against using this feature.

Don't worry about inadvertently giving your personal information to a stranger—NameDrop requires the phones to be extremely, extremely near to one another in order to function.

But to turn off this configuration, take these following steps:

  • Navigate Settings

  • Select General

  • Select AirDop

  • Toggle Bringing Devices Together to off

According to an agency press release, "Don't forget to change these settings after the update on your children's phones as well."

This new request, according to Monroe County Sheriff Troy Goodnough, "can easily be mistaken or looked past by elderly, children, or other vulnerable individuals."

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Rating:5.0 - 50Votes



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