YouTube to Roll out Short-form Video Clips

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YouTube has initiated testing clips to enable users to make a short segment from their videos and live streams, according to reports.

The new feature can be accessible to only a limited number of users as the test is being tested in beta. Moreover, it also initially available for desktop and Android users after its official launch.

Streaming video speed test

You Tube will  roll out short video platform 

According to a report, the Google-owned video platform will make it easier for users to share selected bits of a video. Google further shares Clips from the live streams on its video platform.

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Global Head of Gaming creators, Lester tweeted:

“Today we are launching an experimental version of Clips on YouTube. Check out videos on the Creator Insider channel and test it out yourself! Clips are 5-60 sec, shareable, segments of content (Live/VOD) that live on top of the original video.”

He also posted a video that shows how features of the short-video platform Clips work. 

Streaming video speed test

YouTube to Roll out Short-form Video Clips 

YouTube is going to let its users edit a 5-60 second segment of video uploads and streams,  save it or share it with others across platforms. If you're watching content from one of the channels in this test, you'll see a clip icon below the video that lets you choose your preferred part of them to record. The clip will then be played on the original video and repeated many times, explained YouTube. Users just need to drag the slider to adjust the length of the clip. 

Another development of YouTube is adding support HDR to Microsoft’s Xbox consoles. The company said that the HDR support is available on the existing Xbox One devices. Though the HDR videos are brighter and more colorful, it’s the console that decides the maximum resolution. The gaming services will soon be brought to PCs and iOS users, ac Streaming video speed test coding to Microsoft.

Rating:5.0 - 50Votes



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