What is ping on Wifi? Understand Ping in Wifi network speed test

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Most internet speed test Google display results of 3 parameters: ping speed, download speed and upload speed. However, ping result's often overlooked compared to download speed. So, What is ping on Wifi? Let’s find out its definition as well as its roles. At the same time, we are going to introduce you some easy ways to check it. Do not miss out!

Ping on speed testPing on speed test

What is ping in speed test? 

Ping refers to how long data takes to be delivered and returned from one computer’s location to another.

The term has its origins in World War II, when it was used as a technical name for the sonar signal that submarines would transmit to determine their distance from another vessel in the ocean. The onomatopoeia derives from the metallic, high-pitched "ping test" sound that was heard.

A ping test online will display this round trip time in milliseconds to tell users to know how long data makes a round trip across the Internet connection and then back to its origin.

The latency rate is 753ms

The latency rate’s 753ms

That’s why everyone wants to check network performance and reduce this rate. Lower result, better network connection. Ping so high which means that slow loading times, all online activities seem slower, choppy, or jerky videos. 

Each time a user hops to a website, requests are made and sent to a web server in a physical distance away. These requests are delivered in packet forms.

Server locations can be various, changed by company locations, local sites, or foreign sites. The time to visit a foreign site lasts longer than that of a local site. This's a negative effect of latency.

To limit this con of Ping connection, some features are pre-engineered. For example, video streaming services often design a buffer for the next segment of the video.

So that this parameter's also important, especially in games and real-time streaming when high latency can impact your online experience directly a lot. 

Different: Ping, latency, lag

Ping latency

The time between user action and the resulting response is also called latency. It is the amount of time required for a data packet to travel from its origin to its destination. As a result, there is a propagation delay, serialization, and packet buffering.


Lag is a term representing a slower response than expected from other devices such as laptops, computers, or smartphones. This situation most often happens in many online games, video conferences, or streaming. 

Lag meaning

Lag meaning

Ping/ latency/ Lag

The terms "ping" and "latency" are frequently used interchangeably. As a result, when you hear gamers use the words "low latency" and "high latency," they are frequently identical with "low ping" and "high ping." However, this is not entirely correct.

Besides, the easiest way to distinguish between ping/ latency and lag is its measurement. The round trip time is measured in ms while lag is not. It is a noun, a problem of internet network. 

Jittter speed

What is jitter speed test?

Moreover, you also need to know furthermore terms relating to internet connection speed, that's jitter. Many people make misunderstand between jitter and latency.

There is some speed check internet that measures jitter aside from latency, upload, and download speed.

Jitter is the fluctuation in latency and response time of packets conveying data, such as speech or video, through a communication channel. It is measured in milliseconds.

A healthy connection would always report the same latency. Slow or crowded networks, on the other hand, will exhibit significant amounts of jitter.

Jitter meaning

Jitter meaning

What is a good jitter speed?

Even though jitter is regarded as a block that causes delay, breach, or even loss of communication through the network, there are instances when there are abnormal oscillations that do not have a long-term effect. In many cases, jitter is not a major issue since there are acceptable amounts of jitter that may be tolerated.

So, what should jitter on speed test be? 

  • Jitter below 30ms

  • Packet loss less than 1% of data transfer

  • Overall network latency less than 150ms

Jitter must be kept under 20 milliseconds for optimal performance. If this value exceeds 30 milliseconds, it will have a visible effect to the quality of any real-time communication a user may have.

At this pace, the user will begin to suffer distortion, which will disrupt the discussion and make messages harder for other users to understand. The effect of jitter’s determined on the service that the user will be utilizing.

How to check internet speed?

How to check latency as well as how to run a speed test router Wi fi? Today, we are going to introduce to you easy ways to test internet connection with a desktop device.

  • Speed check wifi

  • Test internet CMD

MySpeed - online speed check of internet

There are tons of online internet speed check tools. They can be belonged to the internet service provider or not. Some popular names can be called such as Speed test by Ookla, MySpeed, FAST, Spectrum.

The way to check speed of the wireless connection and wired connection with MySpeed is so simple. Follow the guides below:

  • Visit the website: https://gospeedcheck.com/ or search “MySpeed” on Google

  •  On its homepage, click the “Go” button to start the test

  • After a few seconds, the results of the 3 main parameters are shown on the screen

Speed check of internetSpeed check of internet

This tool measures download speeds, upload speed, and ping. They are the current speeds of your connection. 

To have more exact results, it is recommended to turn off VPN, unnecessary programs. Moreover, you should take the average ping result after conducting the test many times a day. 

How to check speed in CMD?

  • For Windows users:

In the bottom-left corner, press the Windows Key or click the Windows Start Menu.

Typing "CMD”, enter

  • Mac OS X:

Select the Spotlight Icon from the drop-down menu.

In the search box, type "terminal."

Double-click the Terminal result to open it 

  • For Ubuntu Linux OS: 

Press key combination CRTL+ALT+T 

After opening the Command Prompt window, you type “ping + domain” and then enter. For example, you type “ping gospeedcheck.com”. The result is returned as below.

Check internet speed in CMDCheck internet speed in CMD

In this way, you will know the speed in 3 segments max, min, and average ping time. Besides, the number of data packets sent, received as well as packet loss are also displayed.

The abbreviation TTL in CMD stands for "time to live." It's a parameter on an ICMP packet that prohibits the packet from propagating indefinitely across hosts. The TTL is decremented by each router that touches the packet. The packet is dropped if the TTL ever hits zero. It also indicates how many hops the package traveled.

As the picture above, the minimum latency to visit the website gospeedcheck is 325ms while the max speed is 328ms. TTL is equal to 52 which means that the response packet was dispatched with an initial value of 63 and passed 11 network nodes on the way back. 

What is a good ping speed?

As mentioned before, the lower latency, the better connection. But which threshold for this rate? Which is the benchmark for a “is 18 ms ping good”?



  • < 20ms


  • 50 - 100 ms


  • > 100 ms

Low Ping


In general, latency speed often ranges from 50 to 100 ms. If your Wifi speed check result is about 20ms, congrats! You have excellent speed and this is a dream of most online users especially gamers.

In contrast, you should find possible ways to reduce ping and improve performance if the rate is so high. Gamers always want to reduce online gaming latency as much as possible.

In FPS (first-person shooter) games, real-time online games, racing games, and multiplayer games, low latency means that requests are made and conducted more quickly, faster manipulations, and ultimately smoother gameplay. 

Whilst, the high rate can break the gaming experience. In fact, players having high latency are often out of the match or lost because the servers of FPS games automatically disconnect them. 

Much online gaming display latency time on the screen while playing games online. You don’t need to do a quick internet check. It is a convenient and quick way to make sure your home network is good enough for the match.

Disconnect to server due to high latencyDisconnect to server due to high latency

The bottom line

With the information shared above, hope you understand the Ping term as well as distinguish familiar terms like latency, jitter, and lag. Besides, you can apply the 2 easiest ways to check internet speed which are the online gaming ping test and CMD. If your rate is good, lucky to you but if not, you should find reasons and ways to get a lower speed.