G3100 router yellow light: How to solve this connectivity issue?

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Have you ever found a G3100 router yellow light

Sometimes, your smart devices did not reach the Internet network. The bad news is that your modems fail the connection. 

However, the good news is that you could solve the problem on your own. 

Since you are aware of how to solve G3100 router yellow light, you will want to repair it instantaneously. 

 Follow ultimate guide on fix the G3100 router yellow light

Follow ultimate guide on fix the G3100 router yellow light

What does Verizon Fios router yellow light mean?

The Fios home router G3100 yellow light shows that your devices do not have an Internet connection. 

In other words, the yellow light is a signal that you have to check your Wireless promptly. 

You should check the Ethernet network and the broadband cables. 

At the same time, you reboot routers. 

If two of these solutions fail, you will need to contact the Fios support team to rebuild the connection. 

The yellow light also indicates the status of the connection in your coverage. 

If you add extenders with modems to improve the Internet area in your house or office, you will know how strong or weak the network is. 

Routers have yellow light meaning that they are disconnected

What color should the light be on my Verizon router?

As mentioned above, the light on your Verizon router displays the modem’s condition. 

The white light is the best status of your routers as everything is working well. 

The blue one indicates that routers are ready to pair extenders if the situation blinks. 

When your pairing is prosperous, you will see the solid blue light. 

Furthermore, the green light is that your connection does not have excessive traffic. 

If the traffic comes, it will be shining. Your routers have ideal conditions. 

If you see other colors in the router light, the red one, for instance, there is something wrong with your connection. 

You need to check the operation of the modems as soon as possible. 

Which color is your router light?

Why is my G3100 router yellow light?

Your Verizon router yellow light or an amber-colored LED indicating that your network (mostly your IP) has a problem. 

In other words, your house or office does not have Wireless.

Additionally, other conditions refer that your routers might get stuck with… 

Bad connection

The first trouble is that your modems have a poor connection. 

It could be the wirings in your configuration – power source, Wireless equipment, Internet network, etc. 

At that time, the yellow light on Verizon router is electrically turned on.

The bad Internet connection is also one of the main reasons causing EERO red light.

Poor network cannot connect all devices together 

Software problem

You did not update the firmware or the software of the provider. 

An out-of-date software or firmware might cause yellow light Verizon router. 

The yellow light tells you that you have to do your job without postponing. 


You could be surprised that the heating is a reason that your modems get a problem. 

However, most users said that overheating is the enemy of the Internet connection in your devices. 

The Internet network cannot “flow” smoothly as a result of overheating. 

Unpaid dues

Did you pay your Internet bills annually? 

Did you forget to settle the bill for the carrier? 

Sometimes, you do not renew your subscription and the ISP. 

So, your network in the routers could be removed. Then, the Verizon Fios home router G3100 yellow light appears. 

Do you pay the internet data bill for your carrier?

How to fix the G3100 router yellow light

There are different ways you can try to fix the Verizon g3100 yellow light. 

We provide you with some widespread methods and check each of them to find the best one for you. 

Discharge your Fios home router

Why should you discharge the Fios routers at your house or office? 

This may help you to boot any power fluctuations and repair other problems in your routers. 

On the other hand, it possibly solves the yellow light trouble that your modem could be going through.  

Observe your routers to find out proper ports and buttons

  • Step 1: Disconnect the power source of the Fios router from the outlet 

  • Step 2: Wait for a few minutes to ensure that the router does not contain any electricity supply 

  • Step 3: Attach the power adapter to the router 

  • Step 4: Your routers are automatically rebooted 

Reboot your router(s)

Restarting your modems is not a daunting task. Follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Turn your router off. Make sure that all routers will be shut down because some machines contain backup power sources. 

  • Step 2: Wait for 3 or 4 minutes to let the routers be totally turned off 

  • Step 3: Reboot the router and assure that the backup power is also connected. 

  • Step 4: Observe the light on the router. The white one will indicate the connection's presence. You have done the right operation. 

Reboot your router

Sometimes, you must check your routers and repair network problems to make sure the modems are full of Internet functionality again. 

If you encounter orange light on Netgear router, you can try this method as well.

Check the cables

If you realize that your smart devices have lost Internet connection suddenly and yellow light on router, it will be time to check all cables. 

Move the routers, and check the broadband and Ethernet cables in the router’s rear. 

Make sure that you find the exact cable to solve. 

Rodents might destroy these cables. 

Replace broken cables as soon as possible. 

Call the carrier or a technician to change the new wires and your Wireless will be back. 

Additionally, your routers might get wear-and-tear cables after a long time of use. 

These cables will be damaged. 

We should change new cables after two or three years of use. 

Make sure that all cables have good condition

Reconnect the Ethernet or your broadband wire

Typically, a router has two cables – the Ethernet and broadband wire. 

If the Ethernet or broadband wire is deficient, your network will be disconnected. 

So, you need to check them regularly and reconnect to find out about failure at some points. 

You even would discover and check the ones from your wall, which is called the Ethernet connection.  

If you find any visual damage in one of these cables, replace the new one. 

Then, do not forget to resume the routers again. 

In case those two cables still work well, the trouble comes from your routers. 

They are overburdened. 

You should turn them off and wait for 5 or 10 minutes. After that, turn them on. 

Turn off your router for a while

Turn off your router for a while

Prevent router overheating 

Overloading a router can cause an Internet outage, causing Verizon G3100 router yellow light to appear. 

Overheating prevents the routers from performing great. 

Before avoiding overheating in routers, make sure that your Internet network is still good in an hour. 

Then, head over some small tips. 

  • Check the area of your routers. Do they have a suitable place? Make sure that your modems are in a well-ventilated area

  • Remove all heat conductors around the routers 

  • Prevent the sunlight that can be affected the routers

  • Clean up your routers to diminish dust in ventilation openings, including extenders

  • Take the panel of the modems apart and remove dust inside with a dry cloth only

Find out malware

Malware on the Internet connection in router(s) is a rare situation, but it is possible. 

If you are a victim in this situation, calm down first. 

Then, you need to adjust your DHCP settings and make an effort of letting the web traffic move to the proper server. 

When it happens, the server of the hacker could receive all of your private details (your ID, your password, and other confidential materials). 

Malware might destroy your routers and other devices 

Find reliable antivirus software before doing the default settings in your router again. 

It will support you to prevent the malware and other unexpected accidents from the hacker attack. 

Use different Ethernet ports

Verizon Fios router has about 5 Ethernet ports. 

Each port contains a yellow light. 

White light is included in each router. 

Each Ethernet port is suitable for a cable. 

The white slot is suitable for the Ethernet cable coming through the wall. 

The difference between the yellow and the white slot is the source. 

  • The white slot will express the Internet network around your coverage. 

  • The yellow slots will share the connection directly to other devices. 

The Wireless, on the other hand, is a different thing. 

The connectivity status probably depends on how good or bad the Internet in the routers is. 

Thus, you need to recognize the proper place to put each cable to the router. 

If the yellow light is still open, you would reset the device again. 

Any poorly connected equipment on the back of routers will cause Internet issues. 

Connect to another LAN port

Reset your router

May the factory settings help your router come to the default settings? 

When a configuration in the router is accidentally disabled or enabled, rebooting the device is a great idea. 

If your modems use the wrong proxy address (not DHCP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), then you should reset them on a regular basis. 

Most of the routers have a reset button on the back or the bottom. 

You ought to use a small sharp object to catch these buttons. 

Keep the button firmly for 20 or 25 seconds to make sure that the router has been booted. 

Reset verizon router 

Everything in the gadget will come back to its factory defaults. 

Prepare your login information in advance because you have to fill them in again. This helps you finish the installation process. 

Rebooting your routers also supports removing cache data that you do not want. 

In some cases, it is a key to bypassing ongoing cyberattacks from hackers. 

Check the Internet status 

You might forget the subscription expiration and the yellow light on Fios router G3100 is a signal that you could not ignore. 

When the Wireless is cut off, it still turns on. 

However, your modems and other additional devices cannot gain any connection via the link from ISP. 

Check the internet status

Therefore, note down the due dates and pay your bill monthly or annually. 

Your Internet network will be connected again. 

If you make sure that your subscription is still available, contact the provider immediately to discuss your case. 

Contact the carrier 

If you cannot solve the trouble and your modems still have the yellow light, you should contact the service provider. 

Your cell phone and tablets might not receive Internet access temporarily if a repair takes a few days. 

Get in touch your service provider to help you out

Is Verizon down?

Yes, it could crop up. 

The Internet outage has occurred during maintenance when your ISP has something wrong inside. 

Power loss and network troubles make your routers go down. 

Check it through the information page of Verizon Service. 

Log in to your account and read the message about the issue with your routers. 

Visit other third parties via websites to recognize the problems that have been reported. 

By doing this, you will know what you should do next. 

Once you identify the reason for the Fios home router G3100 solid yellow light, you should be patient and find the solution. 

Perhaps, the trouble comes from the service provider. 

Wait for them to fix the issue. 

This is because you do not have to do further things in this situation. 

Nonetheless, you could ask them for the repair time. 

Verizon network is down

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How do I fix my Verizon Fios yellow light?

To repair the Verizon router G3100 yellow light, you could press and keep the front buttons of your routers for a couple of minutes. 

Find a pin and do it. Your modems will move to pair mode. You also try other solutions as mentioned earlier. 

Why is my Verizon router blinking?

Your Verizon Fios router has lost or interrupted the Internet connection. 

There are a variety of problems with the router. It can come from the service carrier, bad weather, and wear-and-tear cables. 

Will resetting my router mess up my Internet?

Yes, it could be. Please bear in mind that when you reset your modems, the current Internet connection will be lost. 

Thus, you need to set the ID name of the Wireless network and its password up. You even rename the Wi-Fi network for your extenders. 

Bottom line

You always contact the service provider to help you fix the failure, but waiting for them in a few days might make you feel rushed. How do you feel when you can control it by yourself? On top of that, it sounds wonderful when you repair such an issue on your own. Follow all methods in our guide - how to fix G3100 router yellow light probably gives you a great day. You have already attained a small achievement.

Rating:4.4 - 55Votes
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