Router Antenna Position to Improve WiFi Signal: 7 Must-Try Ways

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Are you having slow Internet speeds and wondering how best to choose a router antenna position? Think our device's antennas don't play that important role?

This guide will provide you with useful information about WiFi antennas. 

We will introduce the step-by-step process on how to position router antenna better.

Place the modem and router antenna on the side if you want vertical reach or boost horizontal efficiency.

Scroll down for details!

Choosing the right antenna position

Choosing the right wifi antenna position

Do the antennas on routers do anything?

A wireless router's antenna is more than a decoration. It usually has two main antennas: internal and external. 

An internal antenna is found on his Wi-Fi router and typically broadcasts a signal in all directions. 

Manufacturers have designed the location to optimize signal range, so you don't need to worry about that.

The antenna on routers broadcasts a signal in all directions

The antenna on routers broadcasts a signal in all directions

External antennas are portable antennas commonly found on routers. Manufacturers can design it to protrude from the back, sides, or entire router. 

These antennas broadcast Wi-Fi signals in a ring pattern on the sides of the antenna. 

So an antenna pointing straight up will transmit the signal sideways, expanding it in the process. Sideway antennas transmit one up and one down.

Does router antenna direction matter?

Today, many people do not understand how antennas operate. Some think it's best to point it out because the signal is higher than normal. 

On the other side of the spectrum, others think it's better to turn sideways to expand. 

There are several routers today with antennas built into the hardware. 

So you can put them in place by completely arranging and putting your device, such as a router if you are attempting to pick the best and most effective signal on your router or modem.

The router antenna position matter

The router antenna direction matter

How does the router antenna work?

Before going directly into the main part of how to set router antenna for best signal, it's important to understand how an antenna works. 

Does it work like a radio antenna? Or do they function differently? 

Antennas do the exact opposite of what you might imagine. 

They can transmit and radiate signals outward and vertically from the antenna.

Pointing antennas sideways

On the other side of the rope, pointing the antenna sideways improves the signal for the next and previous levels of the property. 

For instance, if your house is three stories high, you can put the router on the second floor and the antenna on the side. 

Both the first floor and her third floor will receive the same signal. Signals are transmitted vertically, so the ground receives equal signals.

These are the basics of how WiFi router antennas work.

Pointing antenna sideways

Pointing antenna sideways

Pointing antennas upward

With the antenna facing up, the signal is transmitted horizontally. It's not like you'd think the signal would spike. 

The signal is transmitted and travels through the antenna's body, transmitting the signal horizontally.

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How to find the best wifi antenna position?

The right wifi router antenna position will allow you to know how signals propagate and radiate via antennas. 

How should router antennas be positioned? How to position router antenna for best signal?

Below is the answer!

Finding the best location to place the router antenna

Finding the best antenna position for wifi

Place in a central position

What's the use of having the antennas correctly placed if the modem or router is poorly placed? 

So the first consideration is to place the router where it covers the entire area.

If your house includes two floors, the optimal placement for your router is a few inches higher than the second floor.

The signal goes down instead of up. Put it upstairs and make the most of it.

Determine the signal spread

Do you want the signal to move horizontally or vertically? 

If your house has multiple floors, the best antenna position for router is horizontal.

The signal will move down and up evenly.

Yet, if you want the signal to be strong on only one floor, place it normal or vertical. 

The signal transmitted by the antenna is stronger in the horizontal direction. A good trick is that the signal comes out of the antenna's body, not the tip.

Determine the signal spread

Determine the signal spread

Avoid electromagnetic appliances or objects

These items include doorbells, refrigerators, ovens, TV boxes, microwaves, and other electronic devices you may find in your office or house. 

Electromagnetic and high-power devices can block signals more powerfully and effectively than other device types. 

Thus, try to remove devices that are within the antenna's range. 

Avoid electromagnetic objects or appliances 

Avoid electromagnetic objects or appliances 

Avoid obstructions

Many of my friends have routers in their closets to keep things organized. However, placing it in a closet blocks the signal and weakens the overall signal. 

Additionally, the router location should not go through concrete walls and shield the router's signal very strongly. 

How should wifi antennas be positioned?

The closer your WiFi router is to these obstacles, the more complicated the interference and the poorer your connection.

Avoid obstructions

Avoid obstructions

Place at a certain height 

You should place your wireless router on a shelf or a table and hold it at a certain height to utilize the omnidirectional antenna's transmit power.

According to the actual case, it is recommended that the table height is about 1-1.5 feet so that the router's signal is on the same horizontal plane as the devices you normally use.

Put your router at a certain height

Put your router at a certain height

Sharing real test cases:

For our actual altitude test, you can put the router at a height of 6 feet.

Android when using the phone at normal height. On Android, when your phone is held up to 6 feet high.

If your device is at the same height as your router, it will pick a stronger WiFi signal.

Place at different angles 

Besides, you should also place your router at various angles to get the best wireless signals and network speed. 

Perform a WiFi speed test when you try to put your router at different angles to check if the wireless network speed is faster. 

Place your router at various angles

Place your router at various angles

Two antennas are pointing straight up, one is pointing straight up, and one is on the side. 

Three antennas: center up, outer antennas at a 45-degree angle.

Four antennas: two pointing straight up and two pointing at a 45-degree angle.

Avoid overexposed areas

How should I position my router antenna?

You should keep your device in a dry and cool place because prolonged exposure to the sun can damage your router and affect its network speed and stability.

Note: When hanging on the wall, be careful not to wobble or fade, as bumping may damage and prevent it from working properly.

Avoid overexposed areas

Avoid overexposed areas

How to boost the Wifi signal?

Apart from the proper wifi antenna direction, you also need to try the useful tips below to boost your wireless network signal:

Use external antenna

These are the most common choices for spreading the Wi-Fi signal further in your location.

A WLAN extender can effectively extend the range of your modem and router.

Obstacles such as walls and windows are almost negligible. With a WiFi extender, you don't have to worry about a weak WiFi signal.

Use external antenna

Use external antenna

Use Wifi extender

By terminology alone, you can understand what outdoor antennas are. You can use these antennas as an antenna extension built into the hardware. 

It can expand your network's range as effectively and easily as a WiFi extender

You can be amazed at the changes you experience when utilizing an external antenna.

Use WiFi extender

Use WiFi extender

Setting up a Wifi extender isn’t hard at all. You can check our instructions on how to connect Wifi extender to Verizon router for more details!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is the advantage of detachable antennas on a router?

You can replace Wi-Fi antennas on removable routers.

It is beneficial as you can replace the antenna with a stronger omnidirectional antenna, a high-gain directional one, or an external one to improve your router's performance.

How can you boost your Wi-Fi signal using an internal antenna?

There are different methods to boost your Wi-Fi signal. 

For instance, relocate your router to different places to prevent radio interference, physical obstructions, or changing Wi-Fi channels. 

Other options comprise wireless access points, adding amplifiers, or Wi-Fi extenders.

How high off the ground should your router be?

You should place the router 5 to 7 feet off the ground and have a clear line of sight. 

Routers emit radio waves that propagate downward from the source. Antenna position router far enough off the ground will improve signal range.


If you don't know how to position router antennas for the best signal, read the above article and give your problems the best solutions. There is no need to contact the technical staff unless you’re clear about where the best router antenna position is. Follow this complete guide diligently, and your connection will be better.

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  1. Paul

    There is some conflicting information about the Wi-Fi antenna and how to get the best signal. It says that the antenna broadcast its strongest signal downward and to raise your router up in the air for better signal. Then it goes on to say that if your router is 6 ft off the floor you should hold your cell phone at 6 ft off the floor and it will get the best signal.

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    1. MySpeed

      There is no conflict. For the best signal, you should place your router in as a high position as possible. If not, your device should be at least 6ft off the floor to get better signal

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