What is a good ping for online gaming without any lagging?

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It’s now so easy to check your ping using online ping test tools! When it comes to gaming online, low ping is one of the most crucial factors. High ping latency results in lags in games. And it’s sure that you can’t have the best gaming experiences without a good ping.

So, what is a good ping for online gaming? What is an ideal ping rate that allows you to best enjoy the game? What causes your ping to be high when gaming? Following are the answers to these questions; check out now!

Video games

Video games

What is a good ping for gaming?

Speaking of a good ping for gaming or any other activities, well, lower pings are always better than higher pings for sure. Lower pings mean it’ll take less time for data packets to move between your devices and the gaming servers. 

Ping is measured in milliseconds (ms), so the lower the ping ms value, the better the connection. But what ms ping is perfect for online gaming?

To be honest, it’s hard to have a definite answer to this question since “what is a good ping” depends on the games, the types of games, and the types of gaming consoles you play. 

According to hp.com, ping rates of 50ms - 100ms range from good to average ping, while ones higher than 150ms are considered high ping for gaming. Pings of 20 ms and less are low ping and, well, exceptional ping. 

In the next part of this post, MySpeed is going to share with you the internet requirements for some types of games and consoles, which, of course, include the required ping rates; let’s take a look.

High ping latency

High ping latency

Internet requirements for different types of games

FPS (First-person shooters) games, real-time strategy games, MMO (Massively multiplayer online) games, RPG (Role-playing games), each one of them require different ping rate, download and upload speeds. Following are the details.


  • Ping rate: 150 ms or less

  • Download speed: 1.5 Mbps or above

  • Upload speed: 1 Mbps or above

MMO games

  • Ping rate: 150 ms or less

  • Download speed: 3 Mbps or higher

  • Upload speed: 0.5 Mbps or higher

FPS games

  • Ping rate: 16 ms or less

  • Download speed: 30 Mbps or more

  • Upload speed: 1 Mbps or more 

Real-time strategy games

  • Ping rate: 150 ms or less

  • Download speed: 3 Mbps or faster

  • Upload speed: 0.5 Mbps or faster

Next, let’s check out the internet requirements for different gaming systems. 

Lower ping is better

Lower ping is better

Internet requirements for different gaming systems

Here are the minimum requirements for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.


PlayStation 4

Xbox One

Nintendo Switch

Maximum ping rate


150 ms


Minimum download speed

2 Mbps

3 Mbps

3 Mbps

Minimum upload speed

2 Mbps

0.5 Mbps

1 Mbps

Note that these are just minimum requirements. For consistent gaming experiences, it’s good to have lower ping rates and faster download and upload speeds. As per highspeedinternet.com, internet recommendations for playing games are 5+ Mbps for download speed, 3+ Mbps for upload, and 50ms - 100 ms for ping latency. 

If your ping is high, don’t worry, there are various tips on how to fix high ping in online games. MySpeed will share with you helpful tips in other posts.



Wrapping up

That's everything concerning ping for gaming that MySpeed wants to share with you via this post. In short, though different games require different ping rates, the lower the ping, the better the connection for smoother gaming experiences. You can check your ping using ping tester online tools whenever you want. About internet speeds for gaming, well, the faster, the better, though you don’t need a super-fast internet connection for gaming. In the end, MySpeed hopes you found this blog post helpful.