Check Internet Outage: Tips for Better Internet Connection

Does your internet suddenly stop? Well, this can be frustrating, especially when you’re immersed in a battle game! To check internet outage, you should give your provider a call and consult their team for inquiries about your broadband connection. Alternatively, try some ways we’re going to mention to get comprehensive information.

Speed check network connection: Signs that you might need a new router

The router always has great importance for a good and stable internet connection. Without the good performance of your router, it’s hard for your devices to get the full speed of the internet. Having a new router, in many cases, can help speed up your internet a lot. So, when do you need a new router?

When to consider upgrading your internet connection?

If it feels like your internet connection speed is too low that is not enough for you to smoothly engage in your favorite online activities, you should do some speed check of internet to see how slow it really is. Well, after running enough speed tests, if your connection is actually insufficient for you

5 of The Best Free Speed Test Tools

A slow internet connection can be frustrating for a lot of users. To figure out the reasons behind the problem and troubleshoot it, it’s best to run a speed test. There are many free services that allow you to check how fast your network is, here I will introduce to you 5 of The Best Free Speed Test Tools.

Website testing: Connection between web performance & conversion rate

Often using website testing to check your website performance, do you know the relationship between website performance and conversion rate clearly? Recent studies are conducted to prove that connection and today, it will be disclosed in this article.

Importance of a website for businesses

It’s not a coincidence that there are more and more businesses, even small local ones, have their own websites. That is, of course, due to the tangible benefits of websites to businesses on a wide range of aspects. Check out this article “Importance of a website for businesses” to know what makes a good website

11 Different types of websites and their uses

Well, these websites, of course, belong to different categories. As there are so many, many different websites out there, it does make sense to sort them into many different types, right? In fact, when it comes to types of websites, we could make a list that goes on forever and forever

Speed test 5G WiFi: 5G WiFi versus 2.4G WiFi

Is your WiFi 5G? Or is it 2.4GHz? Do you want to switch to a 5G WiFi band? But the question here is how much you know about 5G WiFi or 5GHz WiFi? It’d be much better if you spend some minutes on this article learning important things about 5G WiFi. Check out today’s article “Speed test 5G WiFi: 5G WiFi versus 2.4G WiFi” now!

Test My Connection: Tips to Find Who Is on My WiFi?

If your connection is consistently slower than what you pay for, the chances are that someone is trying to access your WiFi. But don’t jump to a conclusion quickly as there are many factors causing an Internet slowdown such as a background update process or a router maintenance task.

5g Speed vs 4g Speed: Differences and Myths to Explore

You’ve heard a lot about 5g speed vs 4g speed, but not entirely sure how different they are? 5g is going to be the next generation of cellular connectivity that replace 4g LTE technology, as it’s more efficient, faster, and has better signal strength. Can 5g replace 4g? 5g linked to COVID-19? iPhone 12 5g speed test? In this article, we will cover all.