Speedtest Mobile and How to activate 4G on iPhone

2G technology was published in the 1990s and made telecommunication have a breakthrough when it allowed to make digital phone calls and send texts. Till 2003, 3G appeared and made it possible to browse web pages, make video calls and download music and video on the move.

Things to consider when choosing broadband Internet plans for home

It’s no doubt that there are lots of criteria and different factors to consider when it comes to choosing a broadband package. In addition to cost, data allowances, you also need to take into account things like the number of users, the types of online activities that you and other people will engage in, and more.

Speed test internet connection: Should you buy a Wifi extender?

Do you know with only a router, you can not use the strong Internet signal at your whole house? You run the speed test internet connection, you will see some places having good results, others not. Why? Because there are a lot of factors that impact your network signal, it can not transmit good signals to the whole house

Essential roles of a Tool Test Website. Compare some popular tools

A website plays an important role in the business job of an enterprise. To build a successful web, a lot of factors will need to be noticed, and checking web performances with a Tool test website is also a key factor. However, what is it? Let’s with MySpeed find out this tool as well as comparing some popular website test tools to get a suitable one

Test Internet Speed Download Like a Pro

Wondering if your Internet speed is good enough for streaming 4k videos? Running a speed to find out how fast your download speeds really are. Moreover, you can also use the results for your next internet plan. In this article, we will guide you on how to test Internet speed download like a pro, along with tips to improve your connection

How to Speed Test 64 bit?

There is a case after registering the internet packages for the first time, the speed of the Internet is very fast, but later on, the internet has a sign of slowness with unknown reasons. Accessing normal websites will not help you determine whether it is due to a transmission error or not without having to have a specific and detailed test method.

How to optimize images for website speed and SEO?

Do you know that images’ large file size is one of the most common reasons for poor website performance? Yep, that’s true! That’s the reason why in today’s article, we are going to share with you some handy tips on how to optimize images for website speed and SEO. Let’s check it out right now!

Bandwidth hogging: Top things eating up a lot of internet bandwidth

It’s always best to know what applications and activities can cause a bandwidth hog on your connection, right? Yep, that’s true because it will help ensure your smooth internet experience. Check out this article: “Bandwidth hogging: Top things taking up a lot of internet bandwidth” to know what can eat up your internet bandwidth.

How to Speed Test Without App?

Is your ISP delivering the speeds as promised? If you want to test the internet connection speed on your network, then there are dozens of ways to do that. This article gives a guide on how to speed test without the app on both mobile and windows. Read on!

Test upload speed: What upload speed do I need for live streaming?

Test upload speed is more and more appreciated, especially, it is often conducted before you upload live streaming. As we know, the streaming industry has been developed dramatically nowadays with a huge profit but massive competition. If the internet speed is not fast enough to live stream, your business will be affected a lot