Is 90 Mbps download speed high? What do you do with this speed?

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Is 90 Mbps download speed fast? This question is asked by many internet users daily. If you are among those, follow this post. We’ll give you a full answer to this question as well as other interesting information. Let’s jump right in!

Is 90 Mbps download speed high?

What is a good download speed?

Download speed refers to how fast your device (computer, smartphones, etc) gets digital data from the internet. It means that the faster the download speed, the better the online experience. 

There is no certain standard of a “good download speed” because it depends on several factors such as types of online activity, how many devices and users are on the same network, …

90 Mbps download speed is good but not always. It’s just enough for most users to do some basic activities such as stream videos, play online games, and call videos with minimal slowdowns. 

Take look at our suggested download speed for online activities below:


Download speed

Online activities

0–5 Mbps

Send emails, search Google, stream in HD on a single device.

5–40 Mbps

Stream HD content on a few devices, play online games with 1–2 smart devices.

40–100 Mbps

Stream 4K  videos on 2–4 devices, play multiplayer online games, download big files quickly (500 MB to 2 GB) on 3–5 smart devices.

100–500 Mbps

Stream 4K content on 5+ devices, download 2–30 GB files quickly, run 5+ smart devices.

500–1,000+ Mbps

Stream, download files, play online games at ligh speed without lag.

Data from

Check your current speed with a download speed test to know if it is fast enough to accomodate those kinds of activities above.

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Is 90 Mbps download speed fast enough for you? 

Is 30 Mbps download speed good or 90 Mbps good speed? Both of them can be yes. As mentioned above, the needed download speed can be determined by several factors:

  • How many users are on the same network?

  • How many devices are connecting to a single network?

  • What do you and other users do online?

Unspoken truth, the more users connecting to your network connection, the higher Mbps you need. Similarly, having many devices on the same network requires more bandwidth for better experiences. 

If you just send emails, browse the internet, listen to Spotify at basic demand, 10 Mbps download speed can be good enough. 90 Mbps will be more than sufficient to accommodate those tasks and be fast enough when you play LOL or stream 4K videos. But if there are multiple devices eating up your Internet at the same time, aim for faster speed for better experience.

Playing online games will require a faster download speed

In short, there is no good download speed for every user but keep in mind that faster speed, better experience. The most important thing is to find out your demand and register a proper internet plan.

Find a suitable internet plan

Now that you have a general understanding of who and what utilizes your internet and how they use it. Here is our recommended baseline speed per person and device.

According to the FCC, 25 Mbps download speed is a good rate for basic online demand. Besides, you may also allocate 10 Mbps to each device. Note that if you use a 4K device, 25 Mbps is required.

Choose a proper internet plan 

Thus, you are able to calculate how much Mbps of your home network do you need. Assume that there are 2 adults and 2 children using the internet in your house. 

  • People: 25 Mbps x 4 = 100 Mbps

  • Laptops for adults: 10 Mbps x 2 = 20 Mbps

  • Tablet for 2 children: 10 Mbps

  • Cell phones: 10 Mbps x 3 = 30 Mbps

  • Smart TV (4K): 25 Mbps x 2 = 50 Mbps

  • Xbox gaming console: 10 Mbps

  • Wi-Fi printer: 10 Mbps

  • Home security camera: 10 Mbps x 2 = 20 Mbps

  • Total: 250 Mbps

As a result, you need to register an internet plan of at least 250 Mbps. That seems too much but this number is based on the assumption that everyone and everything is online at the same time. Normally, an internet package of 100 to 150 Mbps may be good in this case. 

Even if it isn't a precise answer, adding up the speeds required for the individuals and devices connecting to your network offers you an approximation of what your internet speeds should be.