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Easy ways to reduce data usage while watching videos on YouTube

Streaming videos on YouTube is so enjoyable but also consumes a lot of your data. Well, what should we do to save data usage while still enjoying favorite video content on this giant video streaming platform? Right below here are Easy ways to reduce data usage while watching videos on YouTube. Read along for more details!

[Info] How much Mbps is good Wifi all over the world?

According to a recent report in April 2020, Taiwan has the fastest average speed in the world. And if you think internet connection in the USA is the fastest, when you see the infographic below, you will change your mind. How much Mbps is good Wifi and does your area have good speed? Let’s check it out.


When smartphones have been developing dramatically with many impressive features, people also depend on cellphones more. Therefore, having a low cell phone signal can cause some troubles to users. According to a report, nearly 75% of Americans occasionally drop calls and get a low cell phone signal

15 possible ways to boost your mobile phone signal

When a large part of our everyday life relying on our cell phones, things like weak Wifi signal strength, dropped calls or slow data speeds are able to cause a major impact. The demand for running a mobile data speed test to measure the internet connection speed also raises up

A Comparison of 4g Speeds vs 5g Speeds

Trusted, safe, and uninterrupted in the same area. Overall, due to the new technologies, spectrum, and frequencies it uses, 5G has some benefits over 4G; Higher speed, less latency, capacity for a larger number of connected devices, less noise, and better efficiency.

What's the Difference Between 5g vs 4g Speeds?

High-band frequencies are able to carry more data in populated areas and have limited penetration in buildings. Mid-band provides broader coverage than high-band is less affected by buildings. Low-band can travel farther than the other bands and can provide better coverage and signal both indoors and outdoors.

Does streaming music require a fast internet connection speed?

ike online gaming, video streaming, web surfing, … streaming music is a basic online activity that a large portion of internet users love to engage in every day. Does music streaming require a fast connection? Check out this post “Does streaming music require a fast internet connection speed?

Internet Speed vs Bandwidth: What’s the difference between them?

In the digital era, the internet is considered indispensable for many of us. Speaking of the internet, terms like speed and bandwidth are what internet users and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) always use to talk about how fast a connection is, no matter whether it is wired or wireless.

Needed-to-know things to become a Youtuber

Uploading your video on Youtube to start your Youtuber business, you will need a fast internet connection speed. How much Mbps is good Wifi? or more detailed, How many Mbps do I need for youtube? The highest internet plan is the best but sometimes, your data demands do not need too much like that and it wastes money

Which is the Best Website Performance Measure?

For every webmaster, web speed is always the top concern to bring the best experience to visitors as page speed is a measure of the speed at which the website's content is loaded until users visit the website.