Speed up your internet in Windows 10 in both upload & download speed

Your speed test result shows low download and upload speed. You checked and found that your slow connection is not due to Internet service. The reason can be due to your Windows 10. Sometimes, your Windows 10 PC limits your speeds for various reasons

Website test internet speed: Top 10 best Wifi extenders

Term of Wifi extender must be too strange for all internet users today. It is advised to install if the result of website test internet speed is not good and in order to speed up the network. What is it? Why is it so magical? Let’s find the top 10 best Wifi extenders to get the amazing benefits they bring.

Test Internet Speed Now within a Few Seconds

Measuring the speed of the Internet on a regular basis is essential because it helps you know whether the speed of the current network connection is the same as promised by your provider and know if someone is using your Internet!

9 easy steps to speed up your internet to watch smooth HD videos (P2)

Nowadays, more and more people have been forming a habit of watching videos instead of reading and it can be denied that this trend has been developing enormously. As a result, the demand to speed up your internet is raised to be able to watch smooth HD videos without interruption

9 easy steps to speed up your internet to watch smooth HD videos (P1)

There are many factors influencing wifi signal strength both visible and invisible ways. Watching streaming videos on Youtube, Netflix, or other streaming platforms at a fast speed without interruptions is a wish everyone wants to get. How to speed up your internet for free?

Are you finding a good gaming router? Do not ignore these best ones

Investing in a good gaming router is the best thing for gamers to play online games with a smoother, lag-free experience. Therefore, if possible, instead of purchasing more and more exciting peripherals that put together your gaming rig, maybe a specific gaming router is enough.

A general guide to get a good ping for DOTA 2

Dota 2 lag spikes have become a popular problem ever since the publishing of the game. Gamers mostly find ways to get a good ping for DOTA 2 to improve the playing game experience. Even though the game attracts a lot of users, there are still tons of reports of lag, disconnections, high ping, and other related issues.

How to get better ping in Fortnite? Let’s find out!

Called “an imitate '' of PUBG, Fortnite still took over the world rank with its scintillating visuals and mechanics. However, there are a few things players want they should have been taken care of by the developers, that is ping

WiFi 6E Explained: Why and how is it better than WiFi 6?

Have you heard the big news that WiFi 6E devices have been recently begun certifying by the WiFi Alliance? Yep, it’s true. For sure, this event is really significant since it does pave the way for all sorts of new devices taking advantage of the super-wide 6 GHz airwaves.

Top 5 best free website builders for 2021

It’s never been easier to build your very own site thanks to a lot of free website builders available on the internet these days. Do you want to create a website on your own this year? Which website builders should you try in 2021? Check out our top 5 best free website builders for 2021 to know now!