How to increase download speed on Android? Go over these ways

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When it comes to the phone operating system, we can't help but mention the extremely widely used and popular Android. However, it also suffers from some problems related to slow loading speed. So how to increase download speed on Android? In this article, we will give you some useful tips to try.

Why is my download speed on Android slow?

Android is a mobile operating system that is primarily developed for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones. It is built on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open-source software. Downloads occur when data is sent from another device or the internet to the local level on your device. For example, when you watch movies or listen to music, or download an e-book or software, etc. 

Android is a mobile operating system that is developed for mobile devices 

There are several reasons why your phone's data download speed is slower than usual or expected. Here are the most common ones:

  • There is excessive traffic on the tower or network.

  • Your internet bandwidth or speed has been throttled by your Internet service provider.

  • You've gone over your data limitation.

  • there are many individuals are attempting to access the internet at the same time

  • Your device is either overloaded or out of date.

  • Malware or Virus Activity

How to increase download speed on Android? 

In fact, there are many ways you can use to fix your problem. Now we will introduce to you some simple but effective tips to improve download speed on Android that have been successfully applied by most of the users. Let’s check out:

Delete cache

Clear cache is a simple way to increase download speed

One of the simplest methods for how to increase download speed is to clear the cache. Cache memory fills up with time, slowing down the gadget. Typically, removing search history also deletes cache memory. It is possible to do so using the Internet or the Settings icon on your phone.

Shut off any background apps.

If you have ten apps operating in the background, the capacity of your network is shared among these ten apps, slowing down your data speed. Close all applications while you're not actively using them to maintain optimal internet performance.

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Download the Internet Speed Booster App.

Applications assist in increasing Internet speed

There are several applications available to assist in increasing Internet speed. These apps keep the phone's Internet connection active without consuming any bandwidth. You may get any program with a high rating from the Google Play Store.

Choose the maximum data loading option

An excellent method for increasing the speed with which web pages load on the Internet.

All Android phones have an option to speed up the Internet connection. To boost Internet speed, go to the Wireless and Network settings umbrella of your phone and select GPRS to Data Prefer. This is also known as the Maximum Loading Data option, and it allows the phone to download the necessary quantity of data from all possible sites.

Select the fastest network type.

Select the Fastest Network Type

The phone network is constantly being improved. Recently, 3G was upgraded to 4G, and many places are in the process of being upgraded to 5G. Select the most recent desired network type from the cellular network connection settings. When the phone is within range of a better network, it will use that connection to accelerate Internet access.

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Now how to increase download speed on Android is absolutely a piece of cake if you apply our strategies listed above. Which one suits your situation most?