Is 6 Mbps Internet Speed Fast Enough? Is It Sufficient for You?

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Internet users all look for a good internet experience. Different activities need different speeds to download, upload, or just surf. Here is an article that would help you clarify “Is 6 Mbps internet speed fast enough” and some tips to upgrade your connection.

How much speed do you need?

How much speed do you need?

What exactly does 6 Mbps internet mean?

How fast is 6 Mbps internet speed? 1 Gigabyte is equal to 8,000 Mbps. A Gigabit can be downloaded in 1,333.33 seconds or approximately 22.22 minutes at an internet speed of 06 Mbps. It is substantially slower than the average speed of a fiber connection and would not be suitable for streaming or downloading huge files, but it is enough for browsing the internet or checking emails. Also, it may be fast enough to stream a 720p high-definition video. 

So, is 6 Mbps internet speed fast enough for Netflix? The answer might be “Yes” if you want to experience 720p HD video or lower quality on one device, and “No” if you would like to experience HD or full HD video quality.

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What is a good connection?

What is a good connection?

More or less than 6 Mbps depends on your needs

What do you do when you are online? Do you play video games? Do you watch Netflix, make video calls, and others? Or do you just use the internet for basic things like checking emails, surfing webs, social media, streaming music, etc? The answer to the question “What is fast Mbps internet speed” all depends on your needs and bandwidth consumption.

For example, if you are a single user who mainly uses the internet for basic activities, 6 Mbps is supposed to be good. You will never experience any delays while surfing the website. 

Internet speed depends on your needs

Internet speed depends on your needs

Nevertheless, if multiple devices are simultaneously sharing 6 Mbps bandwidth, sluggish speeds are likely to be expected for all. This speed can’t support multiple downloading/uploading needs.

Quick tips on improving your internet speeds

Nothing is more unpleasant than the internet moving at a snail's pace. Websites take an eternity to load, and games and streaming services lag. Following are a few tips for improving your speeds.

Tips to upgrade your connection

Tips to upgrade your connection

Reboot your router

For your internet network, rebooting the router offers great benefits. It helps clean out the device's short-term memory to speed things up and provide a stronger connection to your devices.

Manage your network's devices

Routers may become overworked and cause speed issues when multiple devices connect and use the connection at the same time. Therefore, do not forget to manage your network’s devices.

Change to a faster browser

Does the slowdown of your internet connection mostly take place when you use browser or open a large number of new tabs? If that’s the case, consider switching to a more minimal browser that only loads what is needed. 


Slow and disrupted internet experience is frustrating. Therefore, it is important for every Internet user to make sense of “What is a good internet speed” and how to improve your connection. How do you think about our guide “6 Mbps internet speed fast enough?” Do you have any other useful tips? Leave comments below to share with us.

Rating:5.0 - 50Votes
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