Why does the iPhone have slower cell data than Android?

Android and iOS are a huge rival of each other. There are tons of online comparisons between them about features, speed, etc on forums, group chat, or Youtube. However, many people do not notice the mobile data speed test of 2 of these operating systems. According to a recent study

Best Tools for Website Performance Test Free

The free website speed check lets you choose from 10 worldwide locations ( sign up and get access to 225 checkpoints ). We locate our checkpoints on the ground in or near the cities where your users live, so you get performance data that mirrors your users' experiences. You can spot latency problems affecting your users and fix them.

OMG! Here’s what to know about page load time and conversion rate

Not only does page load time affect SEO, user experience, customer satisfaction, … but it also plays an important role in improving conversion rates of a website or even a business. Check out this article “Here’s what to know about page load time and conversion rate” to know why it’s crucial to speed up your website.

What is WiFi 6 and how advanced is it?

The sixth generation of WiFi, WiFi 6, is getting more and more popular these days. By boasting advanced features, WiFi represents the new era of wireless access. WiFi 6, like any previous WiFi standard, does the basic thing of connecting users to the internet, but in a more efficient way in terms of speed, bandwidth, reliability, and more.

Do Not Go Past These 7 Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Home 2021

With everything going on in the world, it seems the cell phone signal becomes more and more important, especially in the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home. So cell phone signal boosters which increase signal are also more concerned. Cell phone signal boosters are divided into many different types

Easy ways to reduce data usage while watching videos on YouTube

Streaming videos on YouTube is so enjoyable but also consumes a lot of your data. Well, what should we do to save data usage while still enjoying favorite video content on this giant video streaming platform? Right below here are Easy ways to reduce data usage while watching videos on YouTube. Read along for more details!

[Info] How much Mbps is good Wifi all over the world?

According to a recent report in April 2020, Taiwan has the fastest average speed in the world. And if you think internet connection in the USA is the fastest, when you see the infographic below, you will change your mind. How much Mbps is good Wifi and does your area have good speed? Let’s check it out.


When smartphones have been developing dramatically with many impressive features, people also depend on cellphones more. Therefore, having a low cell phone signal can cause some troubles to users. According to a report, nearly 75% of Americans occasionally drop calls and get a low cell phone signal

15 possible ways to boost your mobile phone signal

When a large part of our everyday life relying on our cell phones, things like weak Wifi signal strength, dropped calls or slow data speeds are able to cause a major impact. The demand for running a mobile data speed test to measure the internet connection speed also raises up

A Comparison of 4g Speeds vs 5g Speeds

Trusted, safe, and uninterrupted in the same area. Overall, due to the new technologies, spectrum, and frequencies it uses, 5G has some benefits over 4G; Higher speed, less latency, capacity for a larger number of connected devices, less noise, and better efficiency.