Download speed is slower than upload speed? Here are possible causes

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Multiple factors affect the speed and quality of your download and upload speed . Transfer technology, your location, the number of people you share the connection with and the device you use are only some of these factors. To know why download speed is slower than upload speed, You should run a download speed test with detailed statistics. 

Testing Download Speed

Testing quality download speed 

Firstly, to know why would your download speed be slower than upload, you need to check what your download and upload speed is. You may test your connection's download speed using one of the many speed test websites available on the Internet, such as CNET's free online bandwidth meter test,, 

Why download speed is slower than upload speed 

Data transfer technology

Data transfer technology

The technology utilized for data transfer is the most important element impacting broadband speed in fixed networks. Traditional xDSL connections supplied over a telephone network have limited maximum transfer speeds, but fiber-optic and cable networks provide high-speed connections.Therefore, you can check if your family's network connection is a fiber optic network or a traditional xDSL network to solve the problem of internet download speed slower than upload


 The centralizer for the network's location

Obviously the centralizer for the network's location is important in your home. Because the distance between your terminal device and the network centralizer affects the speed of your connection. The farther you are from the operator's broadband centralizer, download speed is much slower than upload

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The number of devices 

Controlling the number of devices connected to the network


The large number of people and devices used in the house also make wifi download speed slower than upload. At home, most of us have many gadgets connected to the internet at the same time. If you utilize numerous services and aren't the only one on the network, your connection may degrade or stop working.

So, you should control the number of people and devices used. Turn off unused ones so that the network speed is more concentrated.

Computer Problems 

Computer problem

My download speed is slower than my upload speed, why? It could be that you have added virus protection software, browser or multimedia add-ons, or search bars to your toolbar. Besides that, If your computer is infected with a virus, it will slow down and your browser's access to internet websites will be limited, with the possibility of losing connectivity. When visiting unknown websites or opening unfamiliar emails, proceed with caution. 

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