Simple ways to fix wifi download speed slower than upload in seconds

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If you’ve experienced the issue of wifi download speed slower than upload and want to to fix it, then this article is for you.

How to fix wifi download speed slower than upload

Restart Your Computer

Restart your computer 

To begin, you can improve your download speed by rebooting your computer (or whichever device you are using the internet on). Specifically, it will turn off any running apps you are aware of. Although this is an old approach, it works for the vast majority of problems. 

Update internet speed 

Update internet speed

If rebooting the computer does not solve the problem, your internet connection could be the cause. you should contact your internet service provider and request an upgrade to your internet connection. It will boost internet speed, allowing for bigger data volumes to be handled by the connection.

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Reduce the number of programs

Reduce the number of programs 

If you have a slow download issue with your wifi connection, it's possible that you've started too many download programs. To fix wifi download speed slow upload normal, you should limit the number of programs or apps downloading. Once done, the performance issues should be rectified.

Close background apps

Background apps can eat up your bandwidth, thus making downloads sluggish. When using your computer's wifi connection, you'll want to keep the amount of apps running in the background to a minimum. So, If you aren't utilizing any apps or programs while the download programs are running, simply close them down. As a consequence, the issue with download speed will be resolved. 

Download one file at a time

Clean some files you don’t use them 

When you download many files at the same time, your download speed will suffer. This could be due to the device's inability to download huge files. As a result, it's recommended that you download one file at a time to keep the download speed stable.

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Update modem

Replace the modem with a high-quality model

Keep in mind that the modem's functionality might make a big impact when it comes to download speed. In most cases, internet service providers provide modems that aren't of the highest quality. In that situation, you should verify the modem's performance and make sure it's working properly. We recommend that you replace the modem with a high-quality model. Connect the ethernet wire once the modem has been changed, and you will be able to get excellent internet signals.