Why is my discord ping so high? Find Causes & Fixes Discord ping issue

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It’s frustrating when you often see a lag while playing games online with your friends? Why is my discord ping so high? What main causes behind the high ping? And can you fix this problem yourself? The answer will be disclosed in this post.

My Discord ping is so high

My Discord ping is so high

Reasons for Discord ping so high

Discord ping or rainbow six siege why is my ping so high, maybe they are reasons you don’t notice. Here are common causes.

  1. Discord outage

  2. Poor Internet network

  3. improper Discord server 

  4. Apps running in the background

  5. Discord Hardware acceleration

  6. Change Discord priority

  7. Number of connected devices

#1. Discord outage

A few months ago, a large number of Discord servers fell down, resulting in a partial outage. There may be catastrophic or technical faults that affect the entire network or only a few individual discord servers.

Outages in Discord that disrupt communications are frequently due to critical APIs such as Gateways, which are how Discord ensures real-time communications across secure WebSockets.

Discord outrage situations

Discord outrage situations

Needless to say, the only thing you can do regarding outages is waiting for the firm to resolve them.

#2. Poor Internet network

A poor internet connection can cause high ping in discord and your gaming. Internet connections are disrupted for a variety of causes, ranging from bad weather to broken modems and overburdened networks.

On rainy days, internet signals can be impacted and not transferred quickly as they are used. Besides, an outdated router is not able to perform all its features as a new one. Therefore, How to improve ping? Let’s replace a new one if you are using the router for 3-5 years.

Moreover, if you are using dial-up, you can consider switching to a cable or fiber connection that provides faster and stable internet.

#3. Improper Discord server 

The lower the ping, the closer your physical location is to the discord server. When you create a Discord server, it will automatically choose the nearest server location for optimal ping and performance.

High ping can cause discord latency, and you can manually move the discord server location to the nearest place in Discord.

#4. Apps running in the background

Using too many programs at once may explain why your Discord freezes; it's not the server, it's you.

This can also happen if you have many browser tabs open, but you shouldn't be concerned. 

Open too many browser tabs

Open too many browser tabs

Too many apps will consume more memory, space, and bandwidth, slowing down your device and causing it to share resources.

It’s simple to fix it. Close all unnecessary applications or apps that are not presently in use from Windows and the browser task manager.

#5. Discord Hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration is utilized to improve device performance, however, it is important to note that this only works when the device hardware is of high quality.

If your device's hardware isn't up to par, you should switch it off or it will cause several problems.

What you can do is turn on discord hardware acceleration if it's turned off, and if it's currently on, turn it off.

Turn on Discord acceleration

Turn on Discord acceleration

#6. Change Discord priority

The higher the position of any software in Windows, the more preferences it receives from Windows resources in order to provide the greatest performance.

Follow the steps below to boost the importance of Discord.

  • By hitting CTRL + SHIFT + Esc, you may access the task manager.

  • Click the Details tab in the task manager.

  • Look for all discord.exe files and right-click on them. Set the priority => Set to the highest setting

Do this for all discord.exe files and check for the ping again or after some time to see whether it made a change.

Set Discord in higher priority

Set Discord in higher priority

#7. Number of connected devices

Too many devices connected to the same network connection will share a lot of bandwidth, which might create a high ping in Discord.

Other devices, such as cell phones, continue to consume bandwidth even when they are not in use, such as when apps are updated.

Many connected devices make a high ping

Many connected devices make a high ping

How to fix high ping on wifi? Let’s try to disconnect all other devices and connect again. Do you see any positive change?

Final words

Above are the common causes of high ping in Discord. Besides, we also suggest some effective and easy fixes. Hopefully, you try them successfully and get a better virtual experience.