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WiFi 6E Explained: Why and how is it better than WiFi 6?

Have you heard the big news that WiFi 6E devices have been recently begun certifying by the WiFi Alliance? Yep, it’s true. For sure, this event is really significant since it does pave the way for all sorts of new devices taking advantage of the super-wide 6 GHz airwaves.

Top 5 best free website builders for 2021

It’s never been easier to build your very own site thanks to a lot of free website builders available on the internet these days. Do you want to create a website on your own this year? Which website builders should you try in 2021? Check out our top 5 best free website builders for 2021 to know now!

Handful Tips on How to Improve Ping on Pc You Should Know?

5 GHz and 2.4 GHz are 2 types of routers available in the market. A 5 GHz provides faster speeds at a shorter range, compared to a 2.4 GHz router. You can fix the high ping in Pubg pc by getting a new router.

Tips to Test My Network Connection

When you sign up for an internet plan, it clearly states the bandwidth speed you will receive. Under ideal conditions, the speed of the network you use will be close to the speed committed. If in some cases, when you test your connection and see the results are not as committed

Tips on How to Fix High Ping in Online Games & Reasons for High Ping

Online gaming has certainly made it loud with a huge number of players worldwide. However frequent lag issues make players annoyed and dissatisfied. To resolve this issue, we have rounded up here10 practical tips on how to fix high ping in online games.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Check Upload and Download Speed

In fact, there can be a significant difference between the download speed advertised by your ISP and what you get. When you're just browsing the web, it's hard to guess if you got what you paid for. That's why it’s important to run an internet upload and download speed test. But before doing this, you should check your local network first.

Here’s How I Test My Internet Connection Quality

Regular internet speed testing will help you know if your internet speed connection is fast and true to your provider’s claims and avoid any Interference and delays with the tasks you’re doing on the web. Being aware of how important a speed test is, I periodically

How I Check My Upload Speed and How to Speed Up My Connection.

I have been experiencing Internet drop and lag for no reason, so I decided to check my upload speed to diagnose the problem and just to see if I have good upload speeds. If you encounter the same problem, follow the guide to check connection quality, and learn some ways to troubleshoot the most common problems as well.

Here’s How I Speed Check My Internet Connection

No doubt, all those of us who have accessed the Internet experienced Internet slowdown, and I am not an exception. So I decided to test my internet connection quality to find the culprits before speeding up my WiFi performance.

Why my ping so high? How to improve ping in games? Reduce high ping

For each gamer, speed is one of the most important keys to decide the win-loss issue in games. That’s why the question “How to lower ping” is concerned a lot. How to get a good ping for Warzone, Fortnite, or Dota2 - hot recently online games? Today, the article will show you all the possible ways to lower your ping.