Common internet broadband complaint & Solution

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Common internet broadband complaint & Solution

Common internet broadband complaint & Solution

You are having so bad online experience and you are confused about the internet broadband complaint. Don’t worry, the article today will disclose to you some useful information about it which help you understand more as well as know common issues which not only you have got. So, what are they? Let’s find out.

Common internet broadband complaints

In general, service issues are the main reason for internet broadband complaints. Look at the picture below to see clearly common complaints. Then after finding the reason, we can tackle problems easily. 

internet broadband complaints

Common internet broadband complaints

Faulty connections

Among connection problems, a faulty connection/ completely dead broadband line becomes the most popular broadband complaint. Almost people complain about their slow internet speed, interrupted or even unconnected.

However, this fault can be derived from many different problems such as a widespread network problem, in the electronic household wiring line, or your router. Therefore, it becomes tough to diagnose, and maybe the issue does not belong to the provider's direct control and responsibility. If you want to learn more, you can find and read our articles mentioning reasons for internet problems like Speed check vehicle online: Reasons for slow extraordinarily network; Unexpected reasons for poor speed check Wifi result

internet broadband complaints

Loose connection wire

Whatever the core reason for the service loss, the service provider still has a responsibility to make sure to provide stable service as well as tell the customer what course of action they are taking and the deadline their actions are completed.

Repairs and installation delays

Taking the 3rd position of the list of common internet broadband complaints is repairs and installation delays. 

internet broadband complaints

Repairs and installation delays in repair

According to the Automatic Compensation Scheme, customers from BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, and Zen Internet can get compensation when ISP (internet service provider):

  • Delayed repairs after a loss of service

  • Missed appointments for repairs or provision

  • Delays to the start of a new broadband service

Details compensation in the table below :


Broadband/landline customers are entitled to compensation if...

Amount of compensation

Delayed repair following the loss of service

Their service has not worked and does not fully fix after two working days.

The compensation fee is £8 for each calendar day that the service problem is still not fixed

Missed appointments

An engineer does not turn up for a scheduled appointment, or it is canceled with less than 24 hours' notice.

£25 per missed appointment

Delays to provide the start of a new service

Their provider promises to provide a new service instead but does not conduct 

Compensate £5 for each calendar day of delay, containing the missed start date


Many people also made internet broadband complaints about mis-spelling. In detail, mis-spelling, or misleading can occur in one of two situations below:

  • The trader (ISP - internet service provider) make the consumers believe the product they can be given but in fact, there is no product provided here 

  • The trader ignores or obscures/hide key information that makes the customers misunderstanding or making an incorrect decision. 

Put simply, if your provider gave a lack of information or concealed some of the noticeable details, and this led to you purchasing a broadband contract, they were in the wrong.

internet broadband complaints

Choosing the right broadband package

In fact, when making this type of complaint, then, customers must be clear about what they were promised and by whom and detail things they do not receive as a signed contract.

Mis-selling is common enough that many complaints are successful: in December 2011 for example, Ofcom made an ISP compensate any customer who'd complained about how their package had been sold to them during a set period, and who had wanted to cancel but faced charges.

It's worth noting that customers who feel they've been mis-sold but have only just started their broadband contract - usually within a couple of weeks - may be entitled to cancel under distance selling regulations.

Billing problems

There is no surprise when one of the common internet broadband complaints is billing problems. As usual, customers and providers often have some dispute about the fairness of bills and fees.

Broadband billing problems

Broadband billing problems

Common sources of billing issues include:

  • Unexpectedly large bills (main causes can be user error or inaccurate billing)

  • Backdated bills

  • Early termination charges (ETC)

Last year, early termination charges attracted a huge notice when EE and Virgin Media were fined with a combined fine of £13.3m. Ofcom determined these providers had been overcharging customers wanting to cut off their contracts early.

Backdated bills, sometimes there are some errors of provider, can include a maximum of four months' charges for broadband usage.

This was illustrated in September 2019, when hundreds of Plusnet customers received backdated bills after the drawn-out disaster of their billing system switch.

Broadband usage limits

Broadband usage limits

Step-by-step make an internet broadband complaint

After determining the internet problem you are experiencing, you are advised to make an internet broadband complaint. Whenever you signed up for a connection contract with an internet provider, you are entitled to get the service that you were promised and which you contracted for. 

  1. Contact your broadband provider

If your network connection is not as fast as the speeds promised, your ISP may be in breach of contract. Let’s use MySpeed - speed check online to check your current internet speed to make sure that.


Let’s use MySpeed - speed check online to check your current internet speed

Slow internet speed causes you some annoyment like disruption or laggy that stops you from getting things done. As a result, you will need to make any broadband service complaints to your carrier. 

When you communicate with your ISP to make a complaint, tell them you consider this annoyment as a breach of contract and require them to solve it if they do not want to compensate. At the same time, let them send them a report of the interruptions if possible and the time each interruption lasted. Nowadays, many speed checks online provide the feature of observing testing history, you can use it to get a full report. 

After that, you can give your provider a deadline for a solution. The time they can investigate causes as well as fix them could be up to 14 days.  Moreover, there are a lot of customers as well as internet problems, sometimes, you should be patient and give your provider time to deal with your internet broadband complaint

  1. Is it your router?

However, not always the causes of internet problems originate from the ISP, it can be due to your router. If the interruptions to your broadband service occur regularly, let’s check the router, the way you set up your broadband or a problem with your phone line.

internet broadband complaints

However, not always the causes of internet problems originate from the ISP, it can be due to your router

Some common causes making your router work ineffective, you can find in the article Speed test online: 7 places you will regret placing a router

If the interruptions become not to be due to your broadband provider, you should be ready for the hook for the engineer's call out charge.

  1. Make a formal complaint

After contacting your provider, check your router and if you do not get a satisfactory solution, let’s consider conducting its formal complaints procedure. 

internet broadband complaints

After contacting your provider, check your router and if you do not get a satisfactory solution, let’s consider conducting its formal complaints procedure

Keep records of all verbal or written communication between you and your provider because this proof can help your case if you need to take it further.

  1. Alternative Dispute Resolution

All broadband providers must participate in an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme. There are two schemes your provider will be signed up is a scheme of CISAS or Ombudsman Services: Communications.

With this ADR scheme, benefits of both customers and ISP are guaranteed when having internet broadband complaints. If your broadband provider does not solve your internet problem in time, after eight weeks you can send your complaint to the relevant ADR scheme.

internet broadband complaints

With this ADR scheme, the benefit of both customers and ISP are guaranteed when having internet broadband complaint

Both schemes have a form that you must complete to start the process. This will enable you to set out your issue and outline the remedy you're looking for.


Above are common internet broadband complaints as well as guide you step by step to make a complaint. If internet interruptions happen regularly and you do not receive a satisfactory answer from ISP, you can consider making broadband complaints. 

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