How Fast Is 900 Mbps Internet? Reasons Why Fast Speed Matters to Businesses

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It’s not exaggerated that the Internet is now one of the vital parts of almost every business. So, what is a good Internet speed for businesses? 

How beneficial is a high-speed Internet connection for your business? How fast is 940 Mbps Internet? 

Check out this article “How fast is 900 Mbps Internet? Why fast speeds matter to businesses” to know the answers to these questions now.

First of all, let’s spend a minute learning what’s considered a good Internet speed for business. Is 20 Mbps good Internet speed

Or do you need 250 Mbps Internet or even up to 940 Mbps Internet speed?

Fast Internet connection speeds

Fast Internet connection speeds

What’s considered a good Internet speed for businesses?

Well, it’s hard to firmly answer this question since a good Internet connection speed has to depend on the actual Internet needs of each business. 

And as you probably know, Internet needs wildly vary between businesses.

For example, if you have a small business with a few employees, and you mainly use the Internet to send emails, download files, and communicate with customers, it appears that you don’t need a very fast connection. 

However, if you operate a large business, you have more employees using the Internet at the same time.

They frequently engage in activities like sharing large files, video conferencing, heavy online backups, uploading media, and more, then a fast connection for both downloading and uploading data is a must.

So, does your business need up to 940 Mbps Internet or just 200 Mbps Internet speed? Or is 20 Mbps Internet service enough? Check out the table below to find out:

Internet speed (download)

No. of users/devices


5 Mbps

1 or 2

Email, online browsing, research

25 Mbps

3 - 5

Downloading large files, basic Wi-Fi, business communication

150 Mbps

10 - 15 

Video conferencing, frequent cloud computing, data backups

250 Mbps 

15 - 20 

Server hosting, seamless video conferencing and streaming

500 Mbps

20 - 30

Heavy online backups, multiple-server hosting, constant cloud-based computing

1000 Mbps (1Gbps)


Extreme speed operations with zero interruptions


How business benefits from high-speed Internet

Among various essentials in a business infrastructure, a secure high-speed Internet connection has a particular significance. 

It’s no doubt that a stronger online presence can deliver a positive impact on the growth and the bottom line of a business. 

The smoother and faster the Internet connection you have, the better your business will perform. 

Of course, a stronger and higher-speed Internet connection always costs more, making the operating costs of a business increase. 

That’s the reason why some business owners might be unsure about if investing in a faster-speed Internet service is really a good move for their particular business or not.

Well, if you also doubt the benefits of a fast Internet connection speed, keep reading on to see if it’s worth putting more money on better Internet service.

Increase productivity

The most obvious benefit of a fast connection is, of course, its speed. Thanks to the faster download and upload speed, your employees tend to be more productive. 

Today, a lot of employee positions heavily involve daily Internet use. Of course, slow Internet speed results in productivity loss. And it would be a huge number if the loss is calculated on a yearly basis.

Internet for business

Internet for business

Well, you can think of your marketing team as an example. 

Every day, they need to upload a certain number of photos and videos on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube,…, right? 

Without a good Internet connection, you know that it’ll take more time to complete the task. 

Besides, in case that your marketers use online tools to edit images or create videos, well, a slow Internet speed will affect their work a lot. 

Not only your marketing team but also other positions and tasks like online streaming, emailing, chatting, customer support, and more depend on Internet use. 

High-speed Internet allows employees to move more quickly and smoothly from task to task without being distracted by downtime. 

Allow more effective communication and collaboration

These days, many businesses have teams, with members, working remotely. 

For remote employees and for those who work while traveling, a fast Internet connection is indispensable. 

It allows all the teammates to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with each other using tools like video chat, file transfer, online conferencing, or screen sharing.

While these applications are so useful as they keep your employees stay connected regardless of the physical distances, they require high download and upload speeds.

Working remotely

Working remotely

Also, it’s now so normal for businesses to work with clients, partners, suppliers, and other business associates long-distance due to the ease of Internet access. 

Having fast Internet means that you can improve collaborations through easier, quicker file and information transfer as well as higher-quality video conferencing and teleconferencing. 

Improve employee satisfaction

You know how frustrating and even stressful it can be to wait on a computer that is performing poorly because of slow Internet issues. 

Similarly, your employees can also get frustrated easily when the poor Internet speed hampers their work. 

As mentioned above, a lot of tasks and duties heavily depend on daily Internet use, so with a fast Internet connection (both WiFi vs Ethernet speeds), you will be able to earn your employees’ satisfaction as well as reduce their stress levels at the workplace. 

A fast Internet connection speed

A fast Internet connection speed

Better customer service

Imagine that you are answering a customer call and experiencing bad voice quality adding to long wait times caused by poor Internet service. 

Well, you know that as a customer, no one feels satisfied in this situation, right? 

Similarly, as your customer service officers need to deal with a lot of online queries for the customer every day, a slow Internet connection will just cause delays in giving the responses. 

That means your customer support in this case is not so good. And due to the poor customer service, your customers and clients will likely switch to your competitors. 

Is high-speed Internet essential?

Is high-speed Internet essential?

With a fast Internet speed, you can handle customer queries, respond to, and resolve their complaints a lot more efficiently. 

That’s the reason why it’s said that high-speed Internet is an essential component for great customer service. 

Furthermore, for businesses involving brick-and-mortar stores, offering free WiFi for customers would also be important. 

According to research from Yankee Group, 96 percent of customers prefer stores that offer free WiFi. 

Support multiple users and help increase the potential for scalability 

Chances are that a slow Internet connection can’t be adequate even for small businesses that just have a few employees. 

That is because this connection has still to be shared between several computers and other devices like smartphones, tablets, and more, and then it can quickly become plagued with issues or even unusable. 

Why does the fast Internet matter?

Why does the fast Internet matter?

Besides, for growing businesses that plan to add employees, it’s obvious that you will also need to increase the number of devices connected to your Internet network and using bandwidth. 

In this case, there is a high possibility that your current Internet service is not able to support additional people and usage, right? 

For example, a connection with a download speed of 25Mbps and upload speed of 5Mbps is ideal for 2-4 users or devices using the network for quite basic activities such as web browsing, emailing, transferring large email files, and more. 

Of course, this speed is never sufficient for 8-12 users or devices. 

Well, the ideal speed for that number of users or devices with heavy Internet usage probably is 110Mbps of download speed and 15Mbps upload speed, according to 

Due to these facts, it’s so important to choose an Internet service that offers sufficient broadband bandwidth so that your connection will well support multiple users and devices in your office.  

Save money

Of course, you need to pay more for a higher-speed Internet connection. 

But your investment will reward you with not only the benefits mentioned above but also the amount of money that you can save.

By equipping your office with quality broadband that offers a stable and fast Internet connection speed, you are adding efficiencies to the established business process.

Good Internet speeds

Good Internet speeds

When your employees become more productive with higher satisfaction at the workplace, your customer service gets improved, the internal and external communication and collaboration are better, …

That means the overall operation of your business becomes more and more efficient, right? Is that well worth putting your money on a fast Internet speed?

Besides, there are also other direct savings available with a high-speed Internet connection speed. Take VoIP as an example. 

High-speed Internet access also makes VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone voice service a great option that businesses without fast connection speeds do not have. 

As compared to traditional landline phones, the savings coming from VoIP can amount to up to thousands of dollars, depending on the number of users, phone numbers, and more.

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Yep, you do not need the speed of up to 900 Mbps Internet or 200 Mbps Internet vs 400. But as you can see, it’s good to consider a faster, higher-quality Internet connection for your business thanks to its advantages, right? 

And that’s all for today’s article; hope you found it helpful. Whenever you want to determine how fast your Internet connection is, it’s good to run an Internet test


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