Lag? Here’s How to Fix High Ping on Wifi With 5 Most Practical Tips

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Constantly experiencing high ping while playing your favorite game? This post is just right for you. We’ll list down several common causes of high ping and useful tips on how to fix high ping on wifi to bring back sanity to your gaming.

What is ping?

Ping (aka latency) refers to how fast your computer gets a response after it has sent out a request. A low ping implies a more responsive reaction, particularly in applications where timing is everything. Ping is measured in milliseconds (ms).

What is ping rate?

What is ping rate?

Ping matters most to online gaming. If you have a ping rate of over 150 ms, you will definitely encounter noticeable lag. High ping also affects gameplay, graphics, and your ability to stream content to Twitch. Anything under 50 ms is desirable for professional gamers.

Why is my ping so high?

Experience lag as a result of high ping? Well, it’s such a nightmare for you, an avid gamer.  You probably ask yourself “why is my ping so high all of a sudden?” Though you have a faster internet connection, it doesn’t mean you can transfer data fast. 

There is a host of factors that make your network connection unreliable. And an unreliable Internet connection will result in high ping.

Here are some common causes of high ping:

  • Weak/ unreliable network connection.

  • Applications running in the background are hogging up bandwidth.

  • Your router’s position and its firmware.

  • Too many devices are connected to your network.

  • Internet service provider

Why is my internet ping so high

Why is my internet ping so high

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You’ve known what causes your ping to be high. Now take a look at a few tips on how to stop ping spikes wifi.

How to fix high ping on wifi?

There are numerous different factors that can influence your ping, and I'll assist you to manage these variables first:

Connect to your network via ethernet cable

When it comes to online gaming, a wired connection is usually favorable. Since WiFi connection is susceptible to some interferences such as electronic gadgets, walls, floor, etc. So the best tip on how to improve ping is to straightforwardly connect your computer to your network using an ethernet cable that kills a wide range of impedances and guarantees you get the best accessible speed.

How to fix high ping on wifi

How to fix high ping on wifi

Remove bandwidth hogs

If you’re using your WiFi while you playing games, I would recommend turning WiFi off on every one of the gadgets that can be connected with the network. Another application or gadget on your connection can make the ping spike as they will eat up the bandwidth. So to lower ping, consider turning off WIFI.

Connect to the right server

The delay can be caused by the distance between your location and the server. The further you are from the server, the higher your ping will be. So how to reduce ping time? You should find the closet server create an account there. Luckily, game servers are typically named by their geographic area, so it's not difficult to track down the nearest one. you can likewise contact the game's player support group to find support with relocating your record.

Use a ping booster

One of the most practical tips on how to reduce ping is to use a ping enhancer. 

A great tool for Windows clients is PingEnhancer that fundamentally makes not many changes in the Windows library to build the recurrence of TCP bundle affirmation that improves ping a little.

How to improve ping on pc

How to improve ping on pc

Use a gaming VPN

How to improve my ping? You wonder. Albeit a VPN typically eases back the internet connection, yet it can likewise assist with making the connection clean. There is a possibility your ISP may be throttling your connection or rerouting you through the crowded network. All things considered, you can attempt a gaming VPN. It is reported users improve 70% ping using a gaming VPN.
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