Is 18 Mbps Internet Good for Gaming? Top 8 Best Video Games [Update]

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It can not be denied that Video games have an irresistible attraction and they are developed more and more interesting with tons of new features. However, to experience good playing games moments, players need the fastest Internet connection speed. Is 18 Mbps Internet good for gaming? Today, MySpeed will share with you some ways to reduce ping speed as well as introduce the best video games these days. Let’s dive into the article.  18 mbps internet good for gaming

Is 18 Mbps Internet good for gaming?

How much Mbps is good Wifi? 

How fast is 18 Mbps Internet speed? Is 150 Mbps good Internet speed for gaming? In online games, How much Mbps is good Mbps? What is your current Internet speed? Have you been in a situation like “I have 100 Mbps but Internet is slow”? 

Mbps is a unit indicating data capacity and speed of transfer data. In detail, it measures the network speed of Internet service providers and Internet speed testing tools. Each megabit is equivalent to 1 million bits.

In general, the playing-game process will occur smoothly when ping test results are as low as better and you will need at least the speed of network connection of 10 Mbps. 

However, with 16 Mbps Internet, 18 Mbps Internet, or 20 Mbps Internet speed, you are able to play some simple basic video games such as Game of Bombs,, and Polycraft. 

Of course, a higher speed will be better. Internet 100 Mbps, Internet 150 Mbps, Internet speed 130 Mbps are suitable for some video games like PUBG, DOTA2, or Fortnite.

Is 100 Mbps a good Internet speed? 

Is 100 Mbps a good Internet speed? 

Is 18 Mbps Internet speed good? Is 144 Mbps a good Internet speed? Is 150 Mbps a good Internet speed? Internet 18 Mbps or Internet speed 100 Mbps can be good in some circumstances. 

The reason is that the more the number of users connecting to the same connection, the more data is required. It means that the required Internet speed can also depend on your usage needs. 

Take an example, suppose that 4 members of your family are playing basic online games and watching FullHD movies of all kinds through their PCs. Basically, each member will need around 10 Mbps so that the total speed will be 40 Mbps. 

If the Internet tests show you a result of 18 Mbps Internet speed or 21 Mbps Internet speed, some Internet issues can happen such as stuttering, choppy video or even disconnection. 

Signing up for an Internet package at least 50Mbps package for a little extra, that can ensure somehow there is no lag when people use the Internet at the same time.

Top list of the best video games 

How much Mbps is good Wifi? An Internet speed of 100 Mbps and more will result in more entertaining moments. Do you get such a good speed? Let’s look at the best video games to experience a relaxing time ever. 

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is considered as the sequel to Doom 2016

Doom Eternal is considered as the sequel to Doom 2016

Doom Eternal is considered as the sequel to Doom 2016. Although Doom 2016 had its shortcomings, Doom Eternal 2020 has risen from the depth of hell opening a new vision.

The matches in the game will be fast-paced combat, loud weapons, and terrifying demons. Based on things that existed in the 2016 version, the retro DNA had balanced perfectly these technical improvements and developed them.

The action runs smoothly and it is all about precision and exploiting the enemy's weaknesses. The control mechanism is intelligently designed, allowing the player to quickly switch weapons, switch between different shooting modes.

At present, Doom Eternal is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life takes a lot of attention from normal players and fans 

Half-Life takes a lot of attention from normal players and fans 

Created and developed successfully for many years, the video game Half-Life takes a lot of attention from normal players and fans as well.  With the new version, Half-Life: Alyx is not Half-Life 3, but it’s pretty close and must bring to you unforgettable moments.

This game is a first-person shooter. Therefore, players need to take cover, aim, and learn to reload their weapons fast like it in real life. The gameplay is not as fun as Half-Life 2 when you play the role of a god, while Alyx will make you feel like prey in the hunt of monsters and the Combine. However, it still marks a good impression.

Half-Life: Alyx is available on the PC and requires a VR headset.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The Final Fantasy VII Remake

The Final Fantasy VII Remake

Another version of the legend video game you should try- The Final Fantasy VII Remake. Not only a rehash of the old game, but this game is also a loving retelling of one of the video game’s formative experiences. 

The final Fantasy created a big breakthrough and was considered the first mark in the Japanese role-playing games. Both old fans and a whole new generation of gamers will be dazzled by the updated attractive graphics, expanded story, and overhauled combat system. 

Square Enix had been successful a lot when making this game, with fantastic results. Players who are interested in The Final Fantasy VII Remake can play it on the PlayStation 4.

The Last Of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II offers alluring features

The Last of Us Part II offers alluring features

Is 20 Mbps good Internet speed for the Last of Us Part II? If there are only you or two users on the same network, this speed is considered still fine for playing. However, due to its alluring features, you will need more to play it seamlessly. 

In general, the Last of Us Part II is designed as just a third-person action-adventure game. It owns a strong story and incredible combat. However, the core story alongside the game presents the cycles of violence that trap communities in multi-generational conflicts. 

It is really reckless and most big-budget video games never would do before. Of course, it is successful when still being fun to play and still interesting to watch the sequence of the epic story. The Last of Us Part II is available on the PlayStation 4 at present.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Game Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Game Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Instead of killing, shooting for many thrilling hours, you can be completely relaxed and comfortable with the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As its release, it seems to take control of the Internet. 

Stuck at the home for many days due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people choose this game as a way to amuse themselves. It was exactly what we all needed at that moment. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is still there, facsimiles beautiful beaches and islands to help you enjoy island life. Moreover, Nintendo has given updates coming continuously and is also always ready to sell you a vacation package.

New Horizons moves forward very slowly because it runs on a real-world clock, and you will enjoy so much fun the whole day. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is released on the Nintendo Switch, you can search it and play.

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima will be a video game comfort food

Ghost of Tsushima will be a video game comfort food

If you do not like tight combat with the unique style of Assassin’s Creed, Ghost of Tsushima will be a video game comfort food. The game is designed with an interesting story, you are able to stalk the shadows and kill your enemies with bombs and poison is dishonorable. Is it much easier than facing them head-on?

Players are attracted by its simple beauty, striking colors, and elegant story which are not the same as its competition. Most of the main missions are quite diverse in gameplay, ranging from fighting many other enemies like other action games to engaging stealthy action.

Is 100 Mbps fast Internet? Yes, it is and at this speed, you are able to play Ghost of Tsushima on the PlayStation 4.


The game Carrion 

The game Carrion 

What do you think about becoming a monster? The game Carrion will help you do that. In the game, the player plays the role of a monster that is trapped in a lab somewhere, trying to escape captivity, and then begins to revenge, wreak havoc on its human captors. 

It is a 2-D side-scrolling game similar to Castevlania or Metroid where you get new powers to unlock different parts of the map. Not the hero or a god, now you are a tentacled monster that eats people to regain health.

This brings to you a new vision, becoming a monster and killing humans. Moreover, Carrion has no map and no mission objectives. Players will never know where they are going, how to get there, or what they need to do next in order to advance. All are based on the player’s discrimination. 

Let’s open the Xbox Box One, Nintendo Switch, or PC to play this irresistible game Carrion.

Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition

Kentucky Route Zero game

Kentucky Route Zero game

The core story of Kentucky Route Zero is about a truck driver delivering a box of antiques and ends up taking a road trip into the center of the mythic and haunted American landscape. If you are too bored with action video games, looking for something strange new, this game will be a perfect choice.

Kentucky Route Zero is not a hard game, you just point and click for the whole playing time. Your main interaction will be represented into two forms: guiding your characters around while the player clicks on things in the game, and choosing between dialogue options as the story continues to develop. Even compared to other narrative adventure games, like the Telltale library, Kentucky Route Zero feels stripped down and basic. 

Now, Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition is provided an installment on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Ending words

Now you have the answer to the question “18 Mbps Internet good for gaming?” Do you like any game on our list of the best video games? Do you want to mention other interesting video games, please tell us in the comment below. However, of course, to experience good moments while playing these games, you will ensure your Internet speed is good enough.

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