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Download speed is an important factor in the network connection that you can’t ignore. Learn everything from what is download speed, what's a good download speed, what is the difference between upload and download speed, what makes wifi download speed slow as well as How to improve download speed? This info can save you money and time to solve internet issues. Read MySpeed’s article right now. 

[Explained] What is Good Download and Upload Speed ​​for Gaming?

Game lag occurs when there is a delay between the player's action and the game's server response. Slow internet connection or internet outages could be one of the most annoying things a gamer will experience. If your game is slow, the server will not respond immediately so if your opponent's game is faster

Internet FAQs: Does streaming use upload or download speed?

Video streaming is an online activity that a lot of us love to enjoy. Want to know “does streaming use upload or download speed” and ways to ensure smooth internet experiences while watching online videos? If that’s the case, this post is something you want to check out right now!

Is 10 Mbps download speed good for gaming over the internet?

It’s quite necessary to perform internet speed checks before online gameplay. Well, that will help ensure smooth gaming experiences for us. But does online gaming always require high internet speed? Here are myths about online gaming & required internet speed, check them now to know the answer.

What should my download and upload speed be for online study software?

Technologies have been developed dramatically, the demand of using the internet also increases sharply. People use the speed test to assure they have a good internet connection for studying. Online studying is not too strange in modern life today and during the serious Covid-19 pandemic, it becomes a must-do

Why is my internet slow but good website test speed results?

Website test speed is more and more popular to internet users. There are many test tools to help you test the internet speed you are using. IT corporations develop both Speed test website for free or applications for customers convenient to use. In this article, MySpeed will guide you in detail how to quickly check the internet performance

What is a good internet speed for PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch?

In the world of online games these days, Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo are among the most popular games. So, is 25 Mbps download speed good for gaming? Right now, we are about to figure out how much speed we need for playing them.

Upload and download speed explained & learn how to run a speed test?

How to use the internet speed test? The question is repeated quite a lot when users have trouble with the network connection. We all know how frustrating a slow, laggy internet connection can be. It can affect your work, studying, or even entertainment

Is 25 Mbps download speed good for gaming/ streaming/ WFH?

The internet speed depends on what you use the internet for as well as the number of devices connecting with the internet. In general, in order to have perfect game -play moments without no lag, being slow, your internet speed need to satisfy the minimum requirement for online gaming with these internet speeds

Internet Explained: What does download and upload speed mean?

Download speed test results let us know how fast the internet connection is. Understanding the test results really matters when it comes to measuring your network quality.  Free internet speed tests have been a lot more common these days.