What is a good connection speed download for ps4? Ways to reduce lag

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There are several unwritten realities about internet gaming that all gamers are aware of yet don't express. One of them is that the internet connection and internet lag are always to blame when the team loses a game of Warzone, when you get murdered as soon as you land in Fortnite, or when you allow a last-second goal in Fifa. So, what is a good connection speed download for ps4

How many Mbps do I need for gaming ps4?

Many of you who are playing this online game are searching for a question: what is a good download speed for ps4? PlayStation games are unique in that the console itself has a minimum requirement, which all games must achieve in order to be permitted onto the PlayStation platform. When it comes to PS4 gaming, the minimum download speed and upload speed are around 3 Mbps and 1Mbps respectively. 

For a fantastic online gaming experience with your PS4, the following internet specifications are recommended:

  • Internet download speed: 16 Mbps

  • Internet upload speed: 4 Mbps

  • The ping rate: Always less than 50 ms

How many Mbps do I need for gaming ps4?

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How to reduce lag

Avoid gaming during peak hours.

Avoid gaming during peak hours

When we talk about peak hours, we're referring to the times of day when internet service providers are under a lot of pressure to accommodate all of the different internet users in and around the neighborhood.

The best time for online gaming is when the internet user who wants to spend some time playing online games is aware of when the bulk of people, at least in his or her home or apartment, are not using the internet connection.

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Upgrade your internet connection 

Consider upgrading your internet plan if you have a poor internet speed, a low internet download speed, or a slow internet upload speed. You have two options when it comes to upgrading your internet connection or package:

Upgrade your internet connection

1. Increase your monthly spending and request a better internet plan from your internet service provider. To avoid significant lag during your online gaming attempts, invest more and get a faster internet download and upload speed.

2. Save a little money by opting for a promotional internet package with a lower monthly fee. You might also try to haggle with your internet service provider to obtain further discounts on your monthly internet subscription.