Spectrum Internet Keeps Dropping? EASY Methods to Speed Up Internet

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Your Spectrum Internet keeps dropping? Don’t worry!

We compiled here some of the main reasons behind this annoying problem and provide simple fixes for better Internet experience. Stick to the end of this post and your issue should be gone for good. 

Let’s dive in!

Why does Spectrum Internet keep dropping?

Why does Spectrum Internet keep dropping?

How fast is Spectrum Internet?

Spectrum download speeds can reach up to 940 Mbps, which is much quicker than the 18 Mbps national average for Internet speed in the US. Spectrum employs a system known as DOCSIS 3.1 to achieve extremely fast speeds.

Spectrum Internet speeds

Spectrum Internet speeds

With the help of this technology, more data can be transmitted over the same amount of Spectrum, leading to quicker speeds. In addition to fast connections, Spectrum also provides plans with unlimited data.

As a result, consumers don't have to worry about going over their data allotment when they watch, download, or browse.

Therefore, Spectrum Internet is a fantastic choice for those who require quick speeds and limitless bandwidth.

Reasons why Spectrum Internet keeps dropping

You may wonder “why does Spectrum Internet keep dropping?” Several factors could be at play as follows:

Wrong Wi-Fi network

There may be one, two, or more unsecured Wi-Fi networks with the same name at any given time. Your device might not be able to distinguish the difference between them. 

Issues with connecting to wifi

Issues with connecting to wifi

As a result, it's possible for your device to frequently disconnect from one network and reconnect to another.

In this case, whenever the incorrect network is turned off or encounters bandwidth problems, your device will lose connectivity.

Broken cables

Cables that are damaged, loose, or malfunctioning can cause many problems, including the occasional outages of Spectrum Internet or Cox Panoramic Wifi not working

Besides, if your Internet connection cables are outdated, you will undoubtedly have more than just the problem of the Internet dropping. 

To prevent any problems, regularly replace the Internet cables in your connections.

Network overload

Spectrum Internet keeps dropping?

It goes without saying that network congestion can cause Internet problems, such as frequent dropouts. If your Spectrum Internet has too many connections, you'll have low bandwidth.

To check if your Internet is suffering from any issue or not, you can run a Wifi speed test.

If the testing result indicates that you are having slow Wifi speeds, then configure the network bandwidth.

Network congestion causes Spectrum Internet to drop

Network congestion causes Spectrum Internet to drop

Limited bandwidth may cause problems with video playback, repeated outages, and website launch. 

When other network users are streaming or downloading huge files, the problems will get worse.

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Issues with the Internet Service Provider

There are times when problems with your Internet connection are not your fault. 

Your Internet keeps dropping Spectrum issue could be the result of a problem with your ISP. 

If that's the case, you'll have to wait patiently for your ISP to fix the problem. 

If the problem continues and you're not sure if your ISP is to blame, get in touch with them for confirmation.

Out-of-date drivers and software

Why does my Spectrum Internet keep dropping? Outdated software and drivers could be the culprit of sporadic Spectrum Internet dropout. They also cause a number of wireless problems. 

Outdated drivers lead to Internet connection dropping

Outdated drivers lead to Internet connection dropping 

So, updating software and drivers on your device may immediately fix ‘Spectrum Internet keeps dropping’.

Other causes 

Apart from those causes above, the following could also be blamed for Spectrum keeps dropping Internet:

  1. An issue with the feeder line or node.

  2. You'll likely experience frequent Internet outages if you and a few other neighbors share the same Wi-Fi frequency.

  3. Your Spectrum Internet may continually drop out for reasons as simple as a bad Wi-Fi hotspot or poor hotspot strength.

  4. If your Spectrum Internet is dropping every hour, the issue can be that your network or router firmware is outdated.

  5. You might need to check your ping rates because they could be the root of your hourly Internet outages. 

A ping indicates how quickly data is transferred between your computer and a server in these scenarios. If you observe that the ping rate is excessive, poor Ethernet is likely to blame, which will result in Internet service interruptions.

  1. Another potential reason for Spectrum modem keeps dropping Internet is dust in your computer. If it only affects your device, a buildup of dirt may be making your machine overheat and forcing the system to reset itself frequently.

  2. Your gadget may be to blame for the Internet drops if you haven't rebooted it in a while.

  3. Perhaps your computer is having trouble with IP address renewals.

5 main causes why your Internet keeps disconnecting

5 main causes why your Internet keeps disconnecting

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How to fix Spectrum dropping issues?

If you’re experiencing issues with my Internet keeps dropping Spectrum, try the following simple steps:

Check cables

You must double-check your cables and cable connections if there are any connectivity issues with your Spectrum devices.

The Internet will surely drop out if your router's wire connections are faulty or loose.

Verify that all of your connections are strong and that no wires are damaged. You must replace your cables or hire a professional to mend them if they are even slightly damaged.

Hard reset router

The hard reset is a more sophisticated version of a simple restart. Let's look at how to perform it: 

  • Press the power button once to turn off the device.

  • Unplug the power adapter.

  • Reconnect the power adapter after a little delay.

  • Turn on your device then check the network.

How to reset a router

How to reset a router

Keep an eye on global light. When it lights up, the router is prepared to restart, and the wifi has to be tested. If the outage is still present, let's eliminate any potential interference.

Remove interference

There is no doubt that interference with your Spectrum Internet will cause a variety of other issues in addition to your Internet to go out. Take the following steps to clear up Internet interference:

  • Check to make sure there are no big, heavy, or metallic objects near or on top of the router.

  • Check that your router is not too high or too close to the ceiling.

  • Turn off your smartphone's airplane mode.

  • Ensure that the antennae on the router are widely spaced.

  • Remove any electrical equipment that may be close to the router.

Once you've got everything in order, test your wifi, and if the problem persists, move on to the next solution.

Remove sources of wifi interference

Remove sources of wifi interference

Stop router overheating

When your router overheats, chances are charter Spectrum Internet keeps dropping.

In many cases, if your router has accumulated dust over time, it can overheat. Your router will become clogged with dust and debris and stop functioning.

As a result, you need to regularly clean your router to avoid dust buildup, which eventually leads to overheating.

To see if there is a lot of dust inside the router, try blowing through the ventilation apertures. If there is, it might continually be overheated.

Never clean your router with chemicals or cleaning agents. Instead, clean it with a damp (not wet) cloth. If your router is clean but is still overheating, unplug your router from the power source.

Wait 10 to 20 minutes for it to cool down before connecting it back in if your router is clean but still overheating.

Stop your router from overheating

Stop your router from overheating

Reduce the overload on your network

You'll need to offload the unused cables and devices if your network has a lot of connections. The more people are connected to your network, the slower it will become.

Unplugging each connection individually would be the ideal way to offload your network. 

By doing this, you may determine the maximum capacity your network can support before it exhibits undesirable behavior.

Additionally, you must make sure that no VPN software is installed on any of the connected devices to your Internet.

Relieve the Wifi network & stop VPN

The network may be overloaded since several devices are connecting automatically. How to fix Spectrum Internet keeps dropping? 

The greatest thing you can do is turn off EVERY gadget that is connected to WiFi but isn't actually being used.

You should relieve the Wifi network to fix Internet issues

You should relieve the Wifi network to fix Internet issues

It's also a good idea to check that no WiFi-connected devices are running any VPN software right now. 

Always restart your router, totally uninstall any VPNs, and then check your WiFi afterward.

Shorten the distance

If you're not far enough away from the router, it's conceivable that your device is experiencing WiFi outages. 

Simply move closer to the WiFi-connected router and conduct a test to quickly rule out this possibility.

Reduce the distance between the received devices and the router if disruptions seem to stop when you move closer to the router.

Update router 

Your network Spectrum device may have gone behind with the firmware builds if you haven't upgraded it, which could cause Spectrum Internet keeps dropping out.

Updating router helps fix “Spectrum keeps going out”

Updating router helps fix “Spectrum keeps going out”

You need the Spectrum app, which gives you access to all these parameters, in order to update the router.

To upgrade your router after gaining access to the Spectrum app, follow these instructions.

  • Open the Spectrum app 

  • Head to the “Firmware version” tab.

  • Select “Check for updates”.

  • When the checker is finished, select "Download and apply."

Your router will start an update after that and restart several times while it is being updated. 

Wait patiently until it finishes updating, check your WiFi. If the problems persist, look at the settings.

In case your router is too old, consider getting a new one. There are many excellent Internet routers available, some of which are compiled in our guide to “Best Router for 400 Mbps Internet.”

Disable guest network

The guest network may be to blame when my Spectrum Internet keeps dropping. 

To make things easier, this feature offers a different connection from the one you're currently using. This frequently causes delay in the primary connection.

You will require the online router settings using your router's IP address in order to stop the guest network. To do this, you'll need a Windows computer.

Note: You may determine your router's IP address by entering ipconfig in the CMD (Command Prompt).

Turn off guest network

Turn off guest network

After copying the IP, you should follow the steps below: 

  • Type your router IP address into the browser's search bar.

  • Hit enter, then enter "admin" and "password" to log in on the following page.

  • Select the Network tab once you are in the router's configuration software.

  • Next, select the Guest Network tab and check the relevant boxes all at once.

  • To make the changes effective, press the confirm button at the bottom of the page. 

To ensure a clean boot without an active guest network, it is advised to restart your router before testing your WiFi.

Factory reset Spectrum router

When everything else fails, you should factory reset your Spectrum router, but keep in mind that all WiFi configurations and settings will be lost.

Before moving forward, we advise making a backup so you can quickly restore the settings.

How to reset Spectrum router

How to reset Spectrum router 

To perform a factory reset, you can follow these steps: 

  • Verify that your Spectrum router is operational.

  • Use a pin, paperclip, or the router's tiny reset buttonhole (located on the back).

  • Press and hold the button for ten seconds.

  • After the lights on your router turn off, release the button and wait. 

After the router has been reset, you can immediately configure and test the WiFi. 

Sadly, if it doesn't, you'll need to get in touch with Spectrum and then your ISP for more help.

Use wired connection

This technique is more of a workaround than a remedy, although it might allow uninterrupted Internet use.

Let's look at how to connect an Ethernet cable that is long enough to connect your PC and router:

  • Insert the Ethernet cable's other end into one of the router's bright-yellow slots.

  • Connect the other end to your PC's LAN card.

Invest in a wired connection

Invest in a wired connection

When you're ready, you'll be prompted to create a home network; to finish the wired connection, follow the on screen guidelines. 

Check for network disruptions; if they persist, the problem is not related to the WiFi at all. 

For further information, get in touch with your ISP.

Contact support

The last resort for resolving the problem of Spectrum Internet keeps dropping is to get in touch with the Spectrum customer care employees. 

They'll give you the finest advice if you just explain the situation to them and the troubleshooting steps you've performed.

How much does Spectrum Internet cost?

The answer to this question is based on a number of variables, including the contract's duration and connection speed.

For instance, a higher-speed plan with a download speed of 100 Mbps may cost more than a basic Spectrum Internet plan with a download speed of 60 Mbps.

The cost may also change based on whether the customer signs a one-year or a two-year contract.

However, in comparison to other carriers, Spectrum Internet's pricing is generally relatively reasonable. Spectrum provides tremendous value for its clients with options starting at just $30 per month.

Spectrum Internet plans and prices

Spectrum Internet plans and prices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Why does Spectrum Internet slow down at night?
Are you curious as to why charter Spectrum Internet keeps dropping at night than it is during the day? Not just Spectrum, but other service providers as well, are at fault. Because so many individuals are connecting to the Internet at once, Spectrum slows down at night. While some people may be playing Call of Duty or downloading content, others may be streaming 4K movies.The busiest times for these activities are from 6 pm to 11 pm on weekdays, and they may continue into the small hours on weekends. Of all, everyone deserves the chance to forget about their worries and start new the next day.
How do I stop my Spectrum Internet throttling?
Spectrum can't see your activity if you use a VPN. Spectrum has a reputation for throttling connections that overburden their network with torrenting or streaming.
Can you have 2 Internet accounts in one house on Spectrum?
For each residential address, Spectrum Internet services only permit one active account. Nevertheless, the second Internet service line can be activated under the first account. The issue here is that you cannot split the bills because the second line will be under the parent's account. However, if you'd prefer a new account under your name and the same address, you can register one with a different Internet service provider.


One of these significant problems is when the Spectrum Internet keeps going down. But if you have the knowledge listed above, you can deal with it successfully and return to your experience.

Once again, there will inevitably be times when your Spectrum Internet keeps dropping. These instructions can frequently help you resolve this issue without having to lose out on crucial work.

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