What is wifi jitter? Possible reasons and ways to reduce wifi jitter

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Jitter is one of the most common problems you will encounter when using the Internet. What is wifi jitter? How many types are there? How evil is it to the Internet network? Let’s learn about its definition, causes, and solutions in this article.

About Definition 

What is wifi? It allows wireless devices to connect to the Internet through radio signals from the router. When your devices use wifi to transfer data packets, the delayed time can cause the jitter. 

What is wifi jitter? Jitter is the alteration in delay between the transmission of data packets. Irregularly spaced or out-of-order data packets reach destinations, resulting in interrupted online games, meetings, and poor streaming experience.

What is wifi jitter?

What is wifi jitter?

Causes Of Wifi Jitter

Poor Network Performance 

One of the most common reasons causing the jitter is poor network performance. When your router or modem has a problem, you can experience the jitter. 

Bad Flatform Quality 

If you determine that it is not the wireless network causing the jitter,  it may be communication software. 

Not most platforms are designed for HD Audio and Video. If you are using older software, this can cause high jitter.  

Network Congestion 

Network congestion occurs when multiple devices are queued to use the same network, like traffic jams. This slows down the connection and causes jitter, delay, and other call quality issues. 

What causes the wifi jitter

What causes the wifi jitter

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Types Of Wifi Jitter 

Total Jitter

Calculated using Bit Error Rate (BER) and a random and deterministic jitter combination. 


Predicted or determined. It is reproducible, finite, and can be periodic. It is either correlated with the data stream (data-dependent jitter) or uncorrelated with the data stream (limited uncorrelated jitter). 


Also known as "Gauss Jitter", it indicates unpredictable electronic timing noise. This is usually due to clock issues or random electronic timing noise.

Effects Of Wifi Jitter 

Video Streaming

Video streaming is one-way because it gets feeds from streaming services, and not the other way around. As a result, you hardly feel the effect of jitter. 

Another contribution to a seamless streaming experience is buffer memory, which can recall cached data. If the service has established a large buffer memory, it compensates for jitter or packet loss fluctuations.

Game Online 

When playing games online, customize your gameplay with the usual jitter on your network. 

However, constant spikes in jitter during a match can affect gameplay and ultimately delay ultimate long-distance shots and fire shots.

Voice Over Internet Protocol 

Using services such as Skype for voice and video calls, especially online meetings, can result in high jitter, problems connecting calls, and frequent disconnections.

Voice over Internet protocol jitter

Voice over Internet protocol jitter

Jitter Wifi Solutions 

Use A Robust Router 

Check your router reviews and ask around. High-speed internet connections are especially needed in homes where many devices are connected to the same wifi network. 

High-end routers combined with high-speed internet connections such as Gig wifi routers are perfect for uninterrupted internet connections. 

Get A High-Speed Internet

A high-speed internet connection can conveniently provide the modest speed required for networked devices. Run a wifi speed test to check the Internet speed regularly for timely jitter solutions. 

Fiber optic internet connection that uses gig wifi is the most preferred connection for the best online experience. What is gig wifi? It is an internet service that provides a maximum connection speed of 1 gigabit per second (Gbps).

How to solve the jitter 

How to solve the jitter 

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When you answer the question “what is wifi jitter?” and how bad it affects your network, you should also check its causes and how to get rid of it. Regular jitter is not a fun experience at all. 

Upgrade your router, or use a high-speed network to eliminate jitter and have a seamless Internet experience.




Rating:4.8 - 50Votes


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