What is gig wifi? How useful is it? How can you use it effectively?

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You can seamlessly surf the Internet or download resources from the browser with gig wifi.  What is gig wifi? How fast is it? What are its benefits? What to do to use it effectively? This article will explain it for you.

What Is Gig Wifi? 

What is gigabit wifi? It refers to broadband service  with download speeds up to gigabits per second (1,000 Mbps). These speeds are usually only available with a fiber-optic (FTTP) connection, commonly known as a "full fiber" connection. In this case, the connection between the provider, network, and home is entirely through fiber optic cable, not copper telephone lines.

Gigabit wifi has only been used in a few cities for just a few years,  but it's the future of home internet connectivity.

What is gig wifi? How does it work?

What is gig wifi? How does it work?

Benefits Of Gig Wifi

High Reliability

Gig uses fiber-optic cables to transmit data. They’re made of glass and capable of sustaining about 200 pounds of pressure without being damaged. 

Thus, they can help prevent your Internet connection from outside interference, including weather conditions, moisture, fire, and other electronic or radio signals. When setting up Gig wifi, you can constantly access the Internet with high reliability. 

Gigabit speed test 

Gigabit speed test 

Lower Latency 

One of the biggest benefits of high-speed internet is reducing the latency or shortening page load times. Latency is the time between clicking on something and seeing it. 

Thus, it also restricts the wifi jitter when sending the data packages.  What is wifi jitter? Jitter is the variation in latency of voice or video data packets through a communications channel. 

Fast Speed

You may also get faster speed Internet connectivity when you connect your clients to wifi with the Gig feature. You can check how fast the gig wifi is if you run a wifi speed test. Thus, you have a better experience with your voice and data networks. 

If you're doing a lot of live streaming, video conferencing, or online games, gig wifi also improves the upload speed.

Benefits of gigabit wifi

Benefits of gigabit wifi

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Tips For Using Gig Wifi 

Use The Right Router

Ensure you have a Gigabit WiFi router that uses the 802.11ac protocol (can support speeds up to 1.3 Gbps).  

Use gigabit router to get the maximum speed

Use gigabit router to get the maximum speed

Use An Ethernet Cables

Consider connecting your PCs/video streaming devices to the router with ethernet cables. This will restrict the bad effects of interference from other wireless devices at home (smartphones, tablets) on the Internet speeds. 

Ideally, you need a Category 6 Ethernet cable that can support speeds up to 10 Gbps instead of Category 5 cables (up to 100 Mbit / s) that don’t provide gig speeds. 

Consider the Ethernet connection

Consider the Ethernet connection

Choose Router’s Location

The farther you’re away from the wifi router, the slower your wifi will be. To get the best speed possible with wifi, place your router in the central location. 

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If you have Gigabit services available at home, you can understand “What is gig wifi?” and its benefits. Gig wifi is useful to offer the reliable Internet with high speed for you to play games, download the latest apps to your smartphone and enjoy streaming movies. 






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