What is a good download speed, upload speed on speed test result?

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Running a speed test is a good way to check your internet performance. Looking at the test results, you will know how good your connection is and whether the speed is the same as what your ISP (Internet Service Provider) offers to you.

When it comes to a speed test result, download speed and upload speed are among important numbers showing how fast your internet speed is. But the question here is “what’s a good download and upload speed?”. Well, the answers to this question are right below here. Together with that, we are going to explain to you why download speed and upload speed are different and other facts about them.


Speed test - Download speed and upload speed are measured in Mbps

What is download speed?

Measured in Mbps – megabits per second, download speed shows how much data your computer can get from the Internet in a given second. The data is in the form of videos, images, text, and more. Activities such as streaming videos on Netflix, downloading files, listening to music on Spotify, etc all require you to download data.

Having a faster download speed means that you can receive your files quicker, stream more TV shows and movies at once (and in higher quality) as well as be less affected by other internet users in your household using the connection at the same time. On the other hand, a poor download speed means it will take more time to grab the data from the internet. 

What is upload speed?

In a speed test result, you can see that upload speed is also measured in Mbps. Unlike download speed, upload speed determines how fast you can send data and information from your computer or other devices to another location on the internet. For example, sending files via emails, making video calls with someone, posting videos or images on social network sites, or playing live tournament-style video games all require fast upload speeds to send your data to someone else’s server. 

Upload speed is essential for most internet users, but in fact, some people rely on it more heavily than others. If you are a content creator working with videos, audios, graphics, … with large file sizes, slow upload speeds could take you a lot of time to post your content online or you need to wait for hours to store it on a cloud-based server. 


In speed test result, download speed is normally higher than upload speed

Speed test result: Why download speed is higher than upload speed?

In most cases, download speed is always higher and faster than the upload speed. It means that you tend to see higher Mbps of download speeds as compared to upload speeds on the speed test results.

The difference between the download speed and upload speed is normal. This is because of the fact that most internet users spend more time downloading (including browsing websites, watching videos, listening to music, and a lot more) than they do the uploading. So, the Internet Service Providers have designed their system to give priority to downloading.

Well, if you run an internet speed test and then find the upload speed slower than the download speed, this is probably expected as the connections are designed to provide better speed for downloading than uploading.


Running a speed test is good way to measure how fast the download and upload speeds are

What is a good download and upload speed for you?

The download speed and upload speed are among important factors determining how fast or how good your internet connection is. Generally speaking, the higher Mbps you see on your speed test, the better your connection is.

However, there is no firm answer to the question of how much Mbps of download and upload speed is perfect. This is because the speed that each one of us needs and wants depends on what we use the internet for, as well as how many devices will be connecting to the network at once.

To figure out how much download and upload speeds you need, let’s begin with the question of how you are using the internet. If you just use the internet for basic things such as email, browsing the web, basic video, and music streaming, it’s the light use. For moderate use, it means you use all those basic things adding to one of the activities such as streaming HD video, telecommuting, or online gaming. But when you do all the basic things and two or more “moderate” uses, it’s the high use.

Of course, you always need a much faster speed for high use as compared to light use. If you have moderate use, the download speed of about 25 Mbps or even less than that seems quite ok.

According to the FCC, a good internet connection should have a download speed of 25Mbps or more, while the upload speed shouldn’t be less than 3Mbps. In this range of speed, we can engage in common online activities like uploading videos, web browsing, HD streaming, online gaming, and downloading music. If your Internet speed surpasses the baseline of 25Mbps, it’s considered “fast internet”. And the speed of 100Mbps and higher is considered “high-speed internet”.

Good internet speeds for common online activities

To be more specific, right below here are some guidelines as to a minimum internet speed that should be sufficient for common online activities. After running a speed test, you can compare the results with these following numbers to see if it is enough for your needs.

  • Gaming – You will need speeds of at least 5 Mbps for online gaming for 1 player and 40 Mbps for multiple online gaming.

  • Streaming Video – You will need 3 Mbps for standard video, 5 Mbps for HD video, and 25Mbps for 4K Ultra HD.

  • Streaming Music – An internet speed of 2 Mbps should be sufficient for streaming music.

  • Browsing email – The speeds of 0.5 - 5 Mbps are enough for us to access Gmail and Facebook page.

  • Video calls with Skype or FaceTime – You might need the speed of at least 5 Mbps for good quality calls. 


Both download speed and upload speed directly affect your internet experience. Running a speed test to check your download and upload speeds is a simple way to see if your internet connection is strong enough for you to engage in online activities. Well, in the end, we really hope that this article provided you with useful information.

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