What is a good ping ms? Virtual employee engagement games

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Is 900 Mbps good for gaming? What is a good ping ms? Virtual games never seem to stop their popularity. Not only professional gamers but also employees get involved in them because they are an effective relaxing way. What are trendy online games for employee engagement? Let’s find out!

What is a good ping?

What is a good ping?

The role of online games for employees

Everything has its two faces and online games do too. Playing games too much is not good at all but we still can not deny its benefits.

For employees, some advantages of online gaming can be easily realized such as:

  • Relax:

After hard working hours, employees need to relax and get a new start for the job. Online games play a role like that.  Players can place all sorrow in one side and find happiness in virtual games. They are able to help employees to destress in-between or after work.

  • Improve memory, brain speed, and concentration:

Immersive games that demand strategy and problem-solving abilities to succeed necessitate players to remember and absorbing a large amount of information. Playing these sorts of games on a regular basis can benefit players enhance their short and long-term memory and help the brain digest information faster.

  • Promotes teamwork:

Multiplayer games allow players to take on a variety of roles, allowing them to learn how to manage a team as a leader or negotiate methods to win as part of a group.

The shared experience may be a fantastic opportunity for employees to collaborate and bring them together.

Especially, during the serious Covid-19 pandemic, collaboration among remote employees is essential. Remote employees face a significant problem because they do not get in touch directly with others as when in the company.

According to studies, remote employees have poorer interactions with their coworkers than those who work in-house. So, there is no surprise that 65% of remote employees have never had a group bonding event.

The role of online games for employees

The role of online games for employees

Understand Ping rate

What is ping ms?

What is ping rate or what is ping on wifi? Ask any gamer, and they'll tell you it's the largest obstacle to their gameplay. That's because when video games lag, the symptoms almost always lead to excessively high ping. 

Ping ms meaning refers to a data packet/ signal sent and returned from a computer to a server. This rate will let you know how long it takes for a packet of data to travel from your computer to a server on the internet and back.

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What does ms mean in ping? 

Ms stands for milliseconds. The round-trip time is measured in milliseconds. Thus, the low the ping, the better it is for your network connection.

In online gaming, it is the network delay between a player's computer (or the client) and either another client (peer) or the game's server.

What is an average ping?

The majority of broadband connections have an average ping time of 100 milliseconds or less. With this rate, you can stream or play video online gaming smoothly without a lag or disconnection. 

However, each basic- internet activity requires a different average ping. Sometimes, 120 ms is still fine if you just play simple games like the micro heroes game or Broodmother game.

Difference between latency and ping

While ping is a signal sent from one computer to another on the same network, latency is the amount of time (in milliseconds) it takes for the signal to return to the computer.

Latency, on the other hand, is a measurement of the whole round trip of that signal, whereas ping is only one way.

What is a good ping speed?

Is 900 Mbps good for gaming? How much Mbps for online gaming? While playing online video games or any virtual gaming, internet speed is always appreciated. Because it influences users’ experience, decides the win-lost in the game.

Whats a good ms ping for gaming?

Is 17 ms ping good?

Is 18 ms ping good?

Is 23 ms ping good?

Depending on what genre of game you play, it will require minimum internet speeds. In general, a speed under 50ms allows users to play from the most basic to the heaviest - graphic online games.

For heavy- graphic games such as DOTA 2, PUBG, or Half-Life, you will need a much faster internet connection speed with the lowest latency to play them smoothly without lag. Thus, gamers always run a speed check for the Internet to measure their current connection speed.

MySpeed- speed check for the Internet

MySpeed- speed check for the Internet

A speed higher than 50 Mbps is considered fast connection internet speed and permits users to play online gaming quite smoothly. Therefore, Is 900 Mbps good for gaming? The answer is yes. With this gaming Mbps speed, remote employees can play online games at a fast speed, quick manipulation and get a better experience

Online games for employee engagement

Now, let’s find out some easy Online games for employee engagement. They can not be esport games, sometimes just simple kid online games still work well in making people closer.

#1. Revealing Quiz

Time: From 10 to 15 minutes

Rules: Start a discussion by taking our Revealing Quiz. Follow the exercises listed below:

Evaluate the fact to the colleague (the more unusual or unexpected the better)

Which would you prefer? (However, use discretion.)

Trivia about a certain theme (base it on a tradition, celebration, Hollywood, etc.)

Purpose: Keep the game clean because the goal of team-building activities for remote employees is to foster camaraderie among your team members.

Revealing Quiz

Revealing Quiz

#2. Photo of your life

Time: From 15 to 30 minutes

Rules: Post a photo about their life such as their dog or cat, their favorite coffee cup, their children, a favorite TV show, or even the scenery from their apartment or house. Then, ask the remote employee to show the meaning of the image they shared.

Purpose: Through photos, colleagues get to know one another and generates a relaxed atmosphere.

Is 15 ms ping good? Is 10 ms ping good? All speed is fine with this easy game. It does not require too much bandwidth to do it.

#3. Virtual games

Time: 30 minutes

Rules: Some popular games are accessible online or may be modified for virtual play, such as:


Video chat charades

Draw the image is a communication game in which someone explains a picture, everyone draws what they hear, and everyone shares their artwork, which results in a good chuckle.

Draw line game

Draw line game

#4. Words with Friends

Time: no limit

Rules: Download the app and assign employees to play matches against one another. Each player is given a tile with a letter on it, and they must mix the letters to form words. The player with the most points wins. (It's an online Scrabble game!)

Words with Friends

Words with Friends

Purpose: Words with Friends is all about allowing workers to cooperate with one another as they create words; even supervisors may participate as a participant.

#5. Three truths and a lie 

Time: From 10 to 15 minutes

Rules: Organize a video conference and invite each distant employee to speak three true facts and one lie fact about themselves.The other employees must guess which falsehood was said, and whoever gets it right wins points.

Purpose: It is a great method to get to know one another, especially about things that are not well known.

 Three truths and a lie is a good game for employees

Three truths and a lie is a good game for employees

#6. Aliens have landed!

Time: From 30 minutes to one hour

Rules: Groups staffs of three or four. Notify everyone that aliens have arrived on Earth and want to learn about your firm. Teams use five unique symbols or images of the firm to tell Aliens. Find the most impressive images of your firm.

Purpose: Promote communication and out-of-the-box thinking even though working from home. The game associates staff with each other and builds concrete team working.

#7. Movie Night

Time: usually 1.30 hour

Rules: Choose and broadcast the movie through a video conference calls. Keep the instant messaging window active so that team members may offer comments while watching the movie.

Purpose: The goal is for team members to share a laugh and bond over the movie while also providing a chance to relax and decompress.

Is 1 ms ping good?

Is 19 ms ping good?

The answer is no.

In this activity, all remote employees should guarantee their connection speed fast enough to watch stream movies. The internet speed should be more than 25 Mbps to watch streaming Netflix smoothly.

Choosing a reliable ISP( internet service provider) can be a good choice because you can be offered good Mbps for gaming and working.

Movie night - interesting team building activity

Movie night - interesting team building activity

#8. Donut conversation

Time: From 15 to 30 minutes

Rules: Donut is a Slack plugin that links up team members at random every 1-4 weeks so employees may bond one-on-one with a non-work-related chat. If team members stay in the same city, they can even meet for coffee or lunch if they get along well!

Purpose: Encourages team members to communicate about anything and everything in order to improve working relationships. It may also be a barrel of laughter!

Donut conversation

Donut conversation

#9. Esport games

Aside from the above suggestions, we still want to introduce some interesting video games. Nice graphics, great technique along with attractive sound, esport games always catch players’ eyes.

To relax and collaborate, colleagues can create a team and play together to do different tasks in games.

This time, questions such as What is good ms ping? Is 37 ms ping good? Is 32 ms ping good? or “Is 900 Mbps good for gaming?” are needed to be concerned more.

It is recommended your network connection should be from 150 - 100 ms in ping. Ideally, ping is under 50ms.

The time for each match depends on what kind of online gaming you play. Normally, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour for each PUBG match and other game as well.

Employees can take advantage of break hours in the afternoon or after work to play the game.

Some famous sports games for multiple players: League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite, Heroes of the Storm, Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, StarCraft I- II , Warcraft III,....

Interesting Esport games

Interesting Esport games

#10. Cosplay Contests

How about a cosplay contest? Are they just for kids? You are wrong.

If your team are humorous people, they will be so much interested in this virtual cosplay contests.

Virtual Cosplay contestsVirtual Cosplay contests

Choose a theme for a dress-up competition and direct your coworkers to make the necessary homemade outfits before the deadline.

In a group chat, ask them to submit photographs of their cosplay personas. Finally, the person who makes the most spectacular outfit wins. The goal here is to encourage your staff with interesting and lucrative incentives, and you will likely discover that their creativity has no bounds.

Wrapping up

Virtual employee engagement games not only relax after hard working days but also bring people together. However, for any kind of online game, it is important to make sure the network connection is fast enough to entertain. Visit MySpeed to learn some tips to speed up your connection.

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