How to increase download speed in Chrome? Check out these simple steps

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Slow Chrome download speeds are one of the biggest nightmares online. Don't skip this article if you get annoyed by a similar situation, some tips on how to increase download speed in Chrome will be mentioned as below.

Why is my Chrome download speed so slow?

Google Chrome is a free internet browser created by Google. It is used to access online sites. With more than 60% of the web browser market share as of May 2020, it is the most used web browser worldwide.

Free internet browser created by Google

Chrome is one of the most popular and quickest browsers available. However, there may be occasions when it is slowed down by a number of reasons as follows:: 

  • The poor internet connection

  • The VPN server is too far away from you, data packets will take longer to travel between your location and that of the server.

  • Chrome has not been updated to its most recent edition.

  • Having an excessive number of devices connected to a single internet connection

  • In the browser, temporary files accumulate.

So how to increase download speed? Let’s check out our easy tips in the following part. 

How to increase download speed in Chrome?

Close any tabs that aren't in use.

Close the unneeded tabs to increase download speed

This is the easiest tip for how to speed up Chrome downloads. When you have a lot of tabs open and are downloading files, Chrome has extremely little resources to work with. Each open tab puts some load on the internet in addition to using RAM. So let’s close the unneeded tabs one by one to check if the download speed improves.

Enable Parallel Downloading

Enable Parallel Downloading assists you speed up download process


Establishing multiple connections to download a file reduces the pressure on servers, resulting in a faster download. Once these little packets have been downloaded, Chrome automatically merges them into the final download file. Follow these steps to enable parallel downloading in Chrome:

  • Create a new tab in your browser.

  • Navigate to the Chrome flags section.

  • Look for parallel downloading options.

  • Select the item from the dropdown menu and turn it on.

  • Once more, relaunch the browser.

If this feature is slowing down your downloads, turn it off.

Clearing Your Browsing History

Deleting cookies may aid in the download speed

If temporary files collect in the browser, it might create a glitch in the data download process. As a result, deleting cookies may aid in the download speed.

  • Hold down CTRL + H 

  • Clear browsing data is a button that you should click.

  • choose all options including cookies and cached data

  • click on clear data 

Any stored usernames, passwords, and other information will be deleted as a result of this action. If you want to keep it, you may create a new account with no cache data or save cookies in the same Chrome browser.

Extensions should be disabled.

Remove each extension one at a time


In rare circumstances, Chrome addons might interfere with downloads. Try these steps to resolve this issue: 

  • Remove each extension one at a time to test how it impacts download speed. 

  • It's possible that turning off a certain extension can improve download speed. 

  • If that's the case, uninstall the extension from Chrome permanently.

Turned off Chrome's Hardware Acceleration

Turn off "Use hardware acceleration when available" 

The hardware acceleration technique offloads high graphics computations to hardware such as the GPU, allowing the CPU to focus on other tasks. Most of the time, it enhances browser and application speed.

However, this may slow down the download speed. Turn it off if it's already on to see whether it has any affect on download speed. If turning it off causes the download to lag even more, switch it back on. Follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the Settings menu.

  • Go to advanced options by scrolling down.

  • Turn off "Use hardware acceleration when available" in the system settings.

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The ways for how to increase download speed in Chrome is easier than ever if you apply our suggestions. In fact there are many methods that you can use but the ways we have listed are typical methods and have been successfully applied by many people. We are delighted if you have suitable methods for your device.