How to speed up downloads on mac? Try 17 PAINLESS ways

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Encountered slow downloading? 

If yes, take your time to read our list of best tips on how to speed up downloads on mac, you'll be able to verify your suspicion and get to the bottom of your internet woes. 

Sounds interesting right? 

Let's get started!

Speed up downloads on Mac

Speed up downloads on Mac

How to increase download speed on mac

How to increase google chrome download speed?

How to increase download speed on a computer?

Your downloading is probably not as fast as you want and it takes you hours to search for Google and find out the easiest and most effective tips to improve your virtual experience.

Don't get to ghost your internet service provider and leave them. 

Instead, you can try some methods first to improve your performance without shelling out more for your monthly bill.

Believe me and you won’t regret!

Increase downloads on PC

Increase downloads on PC

1. Update your network security

The first useful tip for how to increase download speed on mac is updating your network security. 

Just like updating your Wi-Fi password, improving your internet speed is rather simple. 

One of the common ways is to update your network security periodically. 

Each device connected to your internet takes up bandwidth, this means internet leeches could lead to your poor internet speed. 

Thus, you need to ensure the router's settings adhere to password best practices as guided for the best security. 

This way also applies to how to improve download speed windows 10.

Update your network security for faster downloads

Update your network security for faster downloads

2. Optimize your router's settings

If what you're getting is not as promised, try playing around with your router's settings. 

This is one of the best tips for how to speed up mac downloads and how to increase download speed. 

Some routers allow you to prioritize things like gaming at the expense of speeds for multiple users. 

Improve downloading on computer by relocating the router

Improve downloading on computer by relocating the router

Simply resetting the router to factory conditions could make a huge difference. 

If this does not work, you should try other options like changing the router's fragmentation and RTS threshold settings to a lower setting. 

Performing a download test and seeing the difference. 

Those who are looking for tips on how to speed up downloads on windows 10, try this method as well.

3. Change your Wi-Fi channel

Using a 5 GHz channel router instead of the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi channel is one of the most practical tips on how to speed up downloads on mac

While 5 GHz offers less range than 2.4 GHz, it comes at the expense of faster speeds. 

If your router has a maximum bandwidth of 2.4 GHz, consider changing it to either channel 1, 6, or 11. 


As they are likely to get the least amount of overlap from other things like microwaves.

Increase pc download speeds

Increase PC download speeds by connecting 5Ghz channel

4. Reset your router

Another possible way to fix slow internet speeds is to reset your router. 

Sound interesting? 

Yes, this actually helps in eliminating any dormant problems and improving your downloading. 

Give it a try and see the difference. 

This tip also works well on Windows versions. 

If you’re seeking tips on how to speed up downloads windows 10?, don’t miss out this tip.

You should reset your router

You should reset your router

5. Replace your router

Sometimes, your slow internet speed can be attributed to the router. 

It's possibly too old or too hot. 

The best solution is to change the new one to a download speed test to see if your internet connection gets faster after the change.

Replace router for better downloading

Replace router for better downloading

Interestingly, those ways are also the best answers to some questions like how to increase download speed Windows 10, how to speed up steam downloads, and how to speed up Google downloads.

6. Change to a different website

Some websites just limit their speed download or they can't make downloads faster for particular reasons. 

Even, the website you’re visiting is having an issues of page loading time. 

So, you have no choice but to choose an alternate website or different browsers in which you can download the same large files.

Or that time can be a busy time, you can go back the webite at other times.

Use other internet broswer or visit the website at other time

Use other internet broswer or visit the website at other time

7. Close non-essential tabs

Opening so many tabs opened can cause your connections to be slow. 

Moreover, some tabs running in the background can also hog up more bandwidth.

Therefore, one of the best tips for faster downloading is to close the unnecessary ones.

Close unused tabs/ programs

Close unused tabs/ programs

8. Use a download manager extension

Using a Download Manager tool/add-ons may increase your downloading. 

They even allow you to arrange your downloaded files and prioritize them. 

There are a plethora of them available in individual stores of the browser extensions. 

For example, for Google Chrome, you should install Turbo Download Manager, Free Download Manager, Advanced Download Manager or  Download with Free Download Manager.

Pick a reliable one and experience.

You should take a download manager extension

You should take a download manager extension

9. Close any videos you are watching

Watching a Netflix movie or a YouTube video while also downloading big files can also lead to slow Internet. 

So what is the solution? 

Close these streaming sites and your speed of downloading should be faster. 

Don’t watch Netflix or stream videos while downloading large files

Don’t watch Netflix or stream videos while downloading large files

10. Upgrade your hardware

You’ve used the same router for a long time? 

If yes, it's time to upgrade to a new one. 

Because WiFi standards are always evolving, your brand-new PC may be scaling down to adjust for your router's older standards.

Upgrade your hardware

Upgrade your hardware

Another possible cause of your slow internet is a wireless extender. 

While it can be useful, if it is not connected to your router via an ethernet cable, you will only achieve greater coverage distance at a high-speed penalty. 

Therefore, consider replacing it with a wired model or getting rid of them entirely.

11. Install an adblocker

Honestly, installing an adblocker will not improve downloads but browsing speeds. 

Also, please keep in mind that we and many other websites rely on ad income to fund our operations and pay our personnel.

Use an adblocker

Use an adblocker

However, I agree that they are unpleasant, and many fancy adverts eat a large amount of bandwidth. 

So, if you're downloading anything and surfing at the same time, you might want to use an adblocker for a while.

12. Clear Browser Cache 

To improve your surfing experience, your browser gathers certain files while you navigate the web. 

When you return to a website, the cached files are already there, so your browser simply needs to download any new parts from the web. 

This means your browsing will be faster. 

It is noted that before clearing cache or browser history, you need to ensure that the pending download route is preserved and save the link.

Clear all browser cache to speed up downloads

Clear all browser cache to speed up downloads

13. Change DNS

You can also improve the Internet connection by changing DNS settings. 

When signing up for an internet package, your DNS server is set by the Internet Service Provider. 

However, it is not always the best one and could contain many problems.

If your computer can't rapidly search up IP addresses, it severely slows down browsing.

Luckily, a lot of alternative DNS servers are available out there. 

However, note that some DNS systems feature filtering to prevent access to improper or unwanted websites, so pick the right one.

Change a suitable DNS

Change a suitable DNS

14. Restart your Mac

It sounds like a broken record but rebooting your Mac can fix slow internet and other Internet-related issues. 

If any other device's wireless connection is lightning quick, restart your Mac and reconnect to the network.

Restart your Mac to speed up downloads 

Restart your Mac to speed up downloads 

15. Use browser add-ons

Want to increase downloads on a Mac without downloading any software? 

Use your browser of choice and a special extension especially designed for it.

Web browser plugins and add-ons are programmes that extend the capabilities of your web browser. 

You can use them to, for example, view media content on a web page, receive news and email, download files, block unwanted pop-up windows, and so on.

Thus, your downloads on Mac will be improved.

Some best browser extensions to consider are NavigUp, FasterChrome, etc.

Install browser add-ons to get max speed

Install browser add-ons to get max speed

16. Use third-party apps

There is a whole slew of third-party apps that can accelerate speeds on your PC. 

They are designed to clean junk and free up some disk space on your Mac's hard drive. 

Thus, your Mac performance is improved and faster.

Some powerful ones available include MacKeeper, CleanMyMac 2, Detox My Mac. 

Give one of them a try and see the difference. 

Use a 3rd party app to clean your disk space

Use a 3rd party app to clean your disk space

17. Contact your Internet service provider

If none of the methods above works, contact your ISP to determine the source of the problem and have suggestions for Internet improvement. 

You probably need to relocate a router or upgrade your Internet. 

Make sure to offer them as many facts about your problems as detailed as possible. 

Contact ISP for internet-related problems

Contact ISP for internet-related problems

Reasons why is my download speed so slow

Slow downloading is not a strange case when surfing the Internet. 

It disrupts all online activities of users and network users and makes the user feel very uncomfortable. 

There are several factors affecting your networks and we will discuss some typical ones to know where your home network is causing the problem.

Why is my download speed not what I pay for

Why is my download speed not what I pay for

1. Your older hardware

Why is my wifi download speed so slow? You ask. 

The cause could be your older devices. 

Thus, if you feel your download is slower than usual, run a download speed test. 

This could be attributed to your device life. 

You don't definitely go out and buy the new one, but updating your device is one possible way to fix slow internet. 

The reason is that new devices not only have the latest antennas and sensors supporting fast broadband but also reach wi-fi at larger ranges. 

Older hardware can be a reason for slow downloads

Older hardware can be a reason for slow downloads

2. Your device is infected with viruses

A virus-infected device is the subjective cause of the slow network. 

To address this problem, you are advised to install the most reliable antivirus software (Bkav, Kaspersky) to get rid of all malicious things on your device. 

Also, setting up and installing a firewall system is a great way to protect your device from the attack of viruses from outside the internet.

Viruses & Slow internet connection

Viruses & Slow internet connection

3. Modem device error

Your network modem devices failing is a common case encountered for internet use. 

This error happens when the connection to the modem is fluttering and is slower than usual.

If you touch the modem, it will be very hot, if not repaired, the device will freeze, reduce network access performance, and will lead to no longer provide internet.

Why is my download speed so slow

Why is my download speed so slow

To fix this, you should regularly restart the Modem every 2 days for it to work better. 

It will be less likely to overload the modem, causing constant network drops. 

But if open or close it without improving the situation, quickly contact the supplier to fix it right away!

4. Overloaded network

This is also one of the causes of a slow network, when the number of hits at a time is too much, causing the device to supply the network to overload, leading to a weak and slow network. 

Although connected to wifi, but still cannot access it. 

Because depending on the package you use, there will be a limit on the number of devices that can access at the same time.

An overloaded network causes slow Internet

An overloaded network causes slow Internet

5. Your WiFi is in a bad spot

If you normally keep your router in a cabinet, try to take it out into the open area. 

This allows open space for its signal to have a remarkable improvement in your WiFi. 

The distance from your device to your router could also be responsible for slow Internet. 

So, you're recommended to test your speed when you're closest to your router and when you're farther away from it. 

If any difference is noticed, it's time for you to invest in some WiFi extenders. 

How to improve download speed on PC

How to improve download speed on PC

So we've known what is possibly causing the poor download speed, from which we can choose the most suitable ways to address the problem.

Whatever the reasons, if you notice lower internet speed under normal settings, you should do is run a speed test in the first place.

Run a download speed test

If it constantly takes your computer a long time to boot up? 

Guess what? 

Yes, that can be a sign of a slow internet connection and you probably need an upload download speed test to know how fast your internet is and identify problems causing that slowness, and diagnose what steps you should take to improve it.

Test upload download speed

Test upload download speed

We recommend using MySpeed ​​or other browser extensions to check what you're currently getting. 

With this free tool, you can check your download and upload speed anytime, anywhere within a few seconds. 

You then can compare the test results with the plan for your monthly bill. If the speed you're getting is a fraction of what you're paying for, do you know what to do next? 

Yes, contact your broadband provider and report the problem. 

Read more if you want to know how to increase download speed windows 10.

Final thoughts

One of the most common technical issues is slow download speeds. However, it's not difficult to figure out the culprits behind it and how to SPEED UP downloads on Mac . First, run a  test to know exactly the amount of speed you're getting, and then try those fixes above to see if there is any difference. Do you have any useful tips for how to increase download speed? Please share it with us in the comment below. Cheers!

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