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Wifi is more and more essential in our modern life. However, do you know What is a good wifi speed? How to test wifi speed? Which are the best wifi speed test app tools you should use? Reasons and Fixes for slow WiFi speed. You will find further useful information about Wifi on this page. Let’s check it out!

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Backhaul internet: Need-to-know things about backhaul network

If you want to improve internet performance, you may get "backhaul internet". What is it? What are pros & cons of wired & wireless backhaul? Read the post.
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Modem keeps dropping Internet: Fix modem issues in minutes

Are you annoyed when your Arris modem keeps dropping Internet? Find out reasons & how to fix this disturbance within 9 super-easy tips in this post below.
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What is a Good Wifi Speed Test Result? Here’s What You Need to Know

What is a good wifi speed test result? Not sure if your internet is fast or slow, and how to tell if you’ve got good internet speed test results? Read more here!
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Online wifi speed test: How does a Microwave kill the Wifi signal?

A microwave oven is a daily home appliance, but do you know it is killing your Wifi signal? Conducting an online wifi speed test, you will realize it.
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Wifi speed test online: What factors affect Wifi speed & performance?

People usually use Wifi speed test online whenever they feel wifi slow or laggy. However, some factors affect the test result. What are they?
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