Learn how to increase upload speed on wifi router with this guide

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In most cases, download speed is the most crucial factor that affects your internet performance. Upload speed, on the other hand, is often overlooked. However, it is also a vital factor, and you need to take care of your upload performance. This article will show you how to increase upload speed on WiFi router.

Why do we need a fast upload speed?

For a typical internet user, upload speed is often overshadowed by download speed. They need to watch movies on Netflix, scroll through Facebook and TikTok, and chat with their friend. You will need to upload a message when chatting, but the message is tiny and doesn’t cost much upload speed.

Streamers need fast upload speed

Streamers need fast upload speed

Upload speed is only necessary for certain people. If you are a video editor and constantly need to send videos to your customer, you will feel the importance of upload speed. It will take forever to send the files if your upload speed is too slow.

For streamers, upload speed is also a vital factor. They need a stable connection with a fast upload speed to achieve the best video and audio quality. If the upload speed is around 5Mbps, you can only see giant pixels on the screen because the resolution is reduced to the minimum.

Learn how to improve WiFi upload speed with simple steps

Before learning how to increase WiFi upload speed, you need to know what is more important for your WiFi. 

For a wireless connection, the router is the most crucial factor. If your router is not in perfect condition, your wireless connection can not achieve a reasonable speed. Therefore, you need to take care of your router if you want fast and stable WiFi.

Restart your router regularly

Restart your router

Restart your router

Simple yet effective, restarting your router can bring back your internet from the dead. You should restart your internet device at least once per week to help them perform better.

Some newer routers even have timed reboot options. 

  • You can set your router to restart once a day or once a week, at one chosen time. 

  • You can set the restart time at night and never notice the downtime.

Optimize your router location

Changing your router settings sometimes is not enough. You also need to consider optimizing your router location. The router competes with every other electronic device in your area, and subtle movements can make a huge difference. 

Additionally, the material of objects around the router can also interfere with the wireless signal. For example, metal objects can reflect the WiFi signal, making your connection weaker and unstable.

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Update your router firmware

Update your router firmware

Update your router firmware

Another thing to consider is updating your router firmware. Newer firmware versions can get rid of the known problems and make your internet faster.

To update the firmware, you need to access the router settings via a web browser. Usually, the IP address of your router will be Type that number on your browser address bar and find the update sections in the settings.

Buy a new antenna or WiFi extender

You can buy a new antenna to make your router faster. You don’t need to buy a brand new router; upgrading your antenna can significantly improve your WiFi performance. You will notice that your WiFi signals are much more robust.

Besides upgrading your router with a new antenna, you can also buy a WiFi extender to help WiFi signals reach further rooms of your house. They can significantly improve homes with dead zones or signal degradation.

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How to improve WiFi speed on laptop?

Besides optimizing your router settings, you can also get a better speed by tweaking your laptop. Try these two steps and feel the difference between internet connections.

Clear your temporary files

Sometimes, you need to clear your web history, caches, and cookies. It will make your computer performs better and also increase your upload speed.

Remove malware

Download antivirus

Download antivirus

Malware and viruses can affect both your computer speed and internet speed badly. Therefore, you should make sure you don’t have any computer viruses.

The easiest way to do it is by downloading antivirus software and regularly scanning your computer. There is a range of both free and paid-for antivirus software packages that can offer strong protection.


That’s how to increase upload speed on WiFi router. Of course, we can not show all the methods in only one article. If you want to learn how to make WiFi faster, visit our blog for more detailed instructions and walkthroughs.

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