What is a wifi extender? How to install it for better wifi signals

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If your wireless router doesn’t provide a large coverage for the whole house, a wifi extender can help. What is a wifi extender? How does it work? Can you use it to help your Internet speed faster? Let’s explore the information in this article. 

What is WiFi extender?

What is WiFi extender?

What Is A WiFi Extender?

What is wifi? It is a wireless technology that uses frequency bands to connect portable devices with the Internet. A wifi extender is a wifi range extender or booster that optimizes your Internet speed. It overcomes the lagging status of the wireless network. 

A wifi extender is available in the wireless and wired devices to support your wifi connection. 

What is a wifi extender?

What is a wifi extender?

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How Does Wifi Extender Work?

A WiFi extender works by first connecting to your current network, then duplicating and rebroadcasting it. This increases the signal's range so that it can cover more area.

Using your computer or phone, you will configure the extender by connecting the router to your WiFi network using an app or website.

The extender should usually be placed halfway between your dead zone and the WiFi router; it should be close enough to the router to allow it to connect to your network, but far enough away from unconnected regions to allow the new signal to be effective.

If you are looking for the best wifi extender to enhance your network connection. Read our previous article Best WiFi extender for Xfinity to get inspiration.

How does a wifi extender work?

How does a wifi extender work?

Wifi Extender's Advantages And Disadvantages


Wifi extender is beneficial to boosting your Internet signals. It gives your devices a perfect connection with a faster speed. You can take a wifi speed test to check how optimal your Internet signal is after setting up a wifi extender. 

Besides, this device is simple to install. You take it from the box and plug it into the electrical outlet. After finishing the installation process, activate it to extend your wifi network range. 

It is also popular and affordable for various users. 


The wifi extender only supports the wireless router. It can not replace the router, so you must place it close to the wifi router’s location to pick up the better signal. 

The connection of the wifi extender with the electric outlet can cause interference between this device and the other electric equipment. 

Choosing the right position for setting up a wifi extender to optimize your Internet connection better also consumes your time. 

Advantages and disadvantages of a wifi extender

Advantages and disadvantages of a wifi extender

Proper Wifi Extender Installation 

Connect Wifi Extender With Router 

Step 1. Plug the WiFi extender into the power source in the same position as the WiFi router.

Step 2. Press the button “WPS” on both the extender and router to connect them with each other (if required) or go to the extender’s website to complete its installation. 

Step 3. Transfer the extender to the necessary location and plug it into the electric outlet after having a sync of a wifi extender with the router.  

You can also apply this installation way to connect wifi extenders with a wifi hotspot. What is a wifi hotspot? It is a physical wireless access point that allows users to access the Internet by using a wireless router to pick up the signals from the providers. 

Choose The Right Wifi Extender Place

Step 1. Place your extender in a suitable position. Note: You should put this device in a place where the router is near enough to receive strong signals. 

Step 2. Connect it with the power outlet 

Step 3. Turn it on to start boosting your wifi router and Internet access. 

How to set a wifi extender up properly

How to set a wifi extender up properly

Difference between WiFi Extender and WiFi Booster

The distinction between WiFi boosters and WiFi extenders is sometimes unclear. Actually, these two words relate to the same kind of hardware: devices made to increase a WiFi network's coverage. 

Yet, it can be challenging to distinguish between the precise meanings of the phrases "booster" and "extender" because various manufacturers may use them interchangeably.

So for a thorough idea, have a look at our comparison below.

WiFi Extender vs WiFi Booster

WiFi Extender vs WiFi Booster


After reading this article and understanding what is a WiFi extender, don’t be in a hurry to remove your old WiFi router. Using a WiFi extender will help your WiFi get better signals. It is an ideal way to save your money instead of buying a new WiFi router.  

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