How to Hook Up Arris Modem to Wireless Router in 6 Steps?

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How to hook up Arris modem to wireless router? 

When your Comcast Arris modem is successfully connected to a router, you can allow additional computers in your home to connect wirelessly to the Internet. 

But you're having trouble with it? 

Don't be worried! 

We will walk you through the procedure in 6 simple steps.

Let’s find out!

A guide on how to hook up Arris modem to wireless router

Things to consider before hooking up Arris modem to wireless router

You need to do a few simple preparations before you can connect an Arris modem to your router; otherwise, the connection won't work.

There are two major things to consider ahead.

Check for compatibility

To see if your Arris modem is compatible with the router, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Start your computer and launch your internet browser.

  • Look for the correct Arris modem model

  • Enter "Is my Arris (Model) modem compatible with (Router type)" in the search window of your internet browser.

  • Finally, verify the findings to ensure that your Arris modem is compatible with the network router you intend to connect it to.

If your router is found to be compatible with the Arris modem, you may proceed.

Check for compatibility

Get an Ethernet cable

An Ethernet cable is the next thing you'll need to connect your router and an Arris modem.

This sort of cable is commonly used in network connections and typically offers a single device with direct internet access from the router.

In this instance, an Ethernet cable will be required to connect your Arris modem and router, as this is the only way to link both devices.

Get an Ethernet cable

Note: If you already have an Ethernet cable connected to your computer, you can disconnect it and use it on the Arris modem.

Because your router can accept multiple Ethernet cables, you can connect both your Arris modem and PC to it via Ethernet cable.

How to hook up Arris modem to wireless router?

After you've finished preparing, it's time to discover how to connect your Arris modem to the router.

To help you with this, we've produced the following step-by-step guide.

Arris modem hook up to wireless router

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Disconnect ethernet and power

Locate the Ethernet wire linked to your Arris modem and disconnect it immediately.

Then, unhook its other end, which is linked to your PC, and unplug the modem's power adapter from the power supply.

The modem will sit between your PC and router. We will install the Arris modem in the center.

Disconnect ethernet and power

Unscrew the Coax cable and MP

Connect the coaxial connection to one of the Arris modem inputs. 

If you previously used a modem, disconnect the coax cable and gently remove the MP (modem attenuator pad).

Once ready, connect the coaxial wire to the Arris modem and, if necessary, connect the modem attenuator pad.

Unscrew the Coax cable and MP

Connect Ethernet cable

After disconnecting both ends of the Ethernet cable, reconnect the end that was formerly connected to your PC into the router's internet port. 

Then connect the other end to one of your Arris modem's ethernet ports.

The Ethernet wire should now be connected to the Arris modem from the rear of your router.

Connect the device

Take a second Ethernet cord, insert the first end into the router's accessible slot on the rear, and the other end into your computer.

To avoid downloading new drivers for the cable, use the same PC port that you previously used with the modem.

Connect the device

Deliver power

By connecting them to a power source, you can power both your router and Arris modem.

The devices should be linked and functioning as intended after they are turned ON. This is how to connect an Arris modem to a wireless router.

If it still does not work, keep reading as we will be setting up a new network in the next steps.

Self-activate the modem

Since many people were unsure about how to turn on the modem after everything was connected, it is actually rather simple.

  • Ethernet or WiFi should be used to connect your computer to your router.

  • On your PC, launch any online browser.

  • The activation page will be instantly redirected to you.

  • The steps will help you activate your modem.

If this doesn't work for you, make sure your computer is wired or wirelessly linked to your router.

Your ISP is always available to help if you are still unable to activate the device on your own.

Self-activate the modem

It is important to follow our instructions carefully since an unsuccessful self-installation may lead to many issues.

If you are experiencing Optimum issues, check our Optimum troubleshooting for more details.

How to establish new network with Arris modem?

The next thing you'll run into after getting the activation ready is creating a new network with your new setup.

So, follow the instructions below for further information.

Set up a new network

Once both devices are operational, on your PC, click the Windows button once.

Then, pick "Network and Sharing" > "Set up A New Home Network," and press "Enter."

Set up a new network

Establish new network

Locate your router's settings in the drop-down menu that appears on your PC's screen, then choose it by aiming at it and hitting the left mouse button twice. 

Allow the setup wizard a few minutes to complete setting up your router.

Finalize the new network

Then, continue following the on-screen instructions and make a password to protect your account from being used without authorization.

It's as simple as that to construct a network by connecting the router to your Arris modem.

Finalize the new network

After finishing these steps, it’s advisable to run a Wifi speed test to check your connectivity.

In case of slow Internet speed, you will need to find solutions as to how to make Wifi faster.


If you run into any problems, you can always go back to Step 1. If nothing else works, you can contact Arris customer care and request more assistance. You now understand how to hook up Arris modem to wireless router. With the method above, we hope you find it useful and have no problem conducting it!

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